Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home

Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home

Introduction to Water Plants


Plants that have adapted themselves to live in Water are water plants. Water bodies like ponds and lakes have a diverse variety of plants growing in them. Water Plants are also called hydrophytes, or aquatic plants. What makes these plants unique is their ability to be able to adapt and flourish underwater. When these plants are fully submerged or are exposed to water clogging, they grow and thrive.  



List of Indoor Water Plants

Water plants are important in aquatic ecosystems because they help in maintaining the balance of their surroundings. Not only are aquatic plants valued for their freshing aesthetics, but also for the tremendous benefits they bring into the sphere of landscaping. 

Greenkin's list of 13 indoor water plants that will help you elevate your home:


  1. Peace Lily
  2. Snake Plant
  3. Spider Plant 
  4. Pothos 
  5. ZZ Plant 
  6. Chinese Evergreen 
  7. Rubber Plant
  8. Boston Fern 
  9. Lucky Bamboo 
  10. Aloe Vera 
  11. Parlor Palm 
  12. Monstera Deliciosa
  13. Fiddle Leaf Fig


    1. Peace Lily:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Peace Lily


    The peace lily plant is an extended symbolism of calmness along with bringing life with the innocent charm of the plant is a great way to add depth to your space. Peace lilies are known for their ease to maintain. Peace lilies can be easily grown in water. Who said beauty has to be typical?


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    2. Snake Plant:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Snake Plant


    Known for its unique style and aesthetic appeal the snake plant is a known charmer. Being easy-to-care-for and incredibly adaptive the plant can also be grown in water.


    Buy the air-purifying, easy to care snake plant. Its patterned, tall, upright foliage adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. It also symbolizes good luck and positivity.



    3. Spider Plant:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Spider Plant


    The spider plant. Is a Well-adapted plant. It can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. Keep the plant happy underwater and it grows thriving.  Why is it called the spider plant? Well, for starters the plantlets resemble the spiders.


    It is an excellent air purifier that absorbs toxins and emits abundant oxygen. Buy this low maintenance air purifier today.



    4. Pothos:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Money Plant


    Money Plant or Pothos can be grown in water and it looks just exquisite. The leaves of the plants flourish and thrive even when submerged in water. 


    Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-mainplant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air. 



    5. ZZ Plant:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - ZZ Plant


    With its significant textured leaves, vibrant fresh look and succulent stems, the ZZ Green Plant is a great gifting idea. Seeking a lucky day? The ZZ Green is acknowledged to bring support and luck surrounding its placement. The plant can be grown in water too. 


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    6. Chinese Evergreen:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Aglaonema Milky Way


    The plant is also known by the names Aglaonema Red, Aglaonema Siam Aurora, and Aglaonema Siam and belongs to the Chinese Evergreen variety. Use glass containers to grow the chinese evergreen plant in water. As a low-maintenance plant, this one makes a brilliant choice if you wish to add a pop of colour to your space and life and the best part is it can still grow under water. 

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    7. Rubber Plant:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Rubber Plant


    Rubber plants thrive with at least six to eight hours of bright, indirect light each day. They can do well in an east-facing window or several feet from a south-facing or west-facing window. They can tolerate soft morning sunlight but should be kept out of harsh, direct afternoon sunlight, which can burn the leaves. They can easily be grown in water by taking a section of the mother plant.


    Buy our highest oxygen producing plant with stunning brown/burgundy leaves. A great choice for home decor that is easy to care.



    8. Boston Fern:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Boston Fern


    Boston fern  is an indoor houseplant that can be easily grown in water. You can grow the plant in empty glass containers. These plants are ideal in hanging baskets, or on plant stands. The plant has a dramatic flair to it, and can grow in the shape of an arching fountain.



    9. Lucky Bamboo:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Lucky Bamboo


    The good luck charm, the harbinger of positive aura. Bamboo plants are a must have in your home. Lucky Bamboos can be easily grown in water. The plant is Tolerant to severe humidity and adds a tropical touch to your space. Keeping Bamboo plants in your home wards off any negativity from your surroundings.


    Buy the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. 




    10. Aloe Vera:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Aloe Vera


    Like all other succulents, the Aloe Vera, a plant believed to have its traces in heaven, is a gift to humankind. They do require special care but aloe vera can surely be grown in water. Aloe Vera is an air purifying plant



    11. Parlor Palm:


     Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Parlor Palm


    Chamaedorea Palm is also popularly known as Parlor Palm and Chamaedorea Elegans, loves high humidity to moderate humidity conditions. Yes, the plant can easily grow in water. Just remember to give them an occasional mist of water when the air starts getting dry and they will make your booth beautiful.


    The best plant to keep in the corners of your room that helps to cleanse the air and is easy to care.



    12. Monstera Deliciosa:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Monstera Deliciosa


    Known to grow as a woody vine in its natural habitat, Monstera Deliciosa one can grow tall and wide. Bring in Deliciosa to your booth and add in the beauty of green. It is possible to grow the plant only in water.The secrets to a healthy and thriving Monstera Deliciosa lies in its occasional pruning


    Buy this popular and our best selling indoor plant. Its brightens up the dullest corners of your rooms and a great choice for beginner plant parents.



    13. Fiddle Leaf Fig:


    Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home - Fiddle Leaf Fig


    Since this is a large plant, you need to give it a large pot with proper drainage and a potting medium that does not retain too much moisture or remain soggy.The fiddle fig leaf can easily be grown in water.


    A great choice for decor that is easy to care.



    How to Decor Home with Water Plants 


    Your home can be decorated with water plants in various ways, you can be creative and try out unique styles and mix and match different textures. Be playful, use colours and explore until you find just right what you are looking for. It is more about making personalised choices, your room should reflect your spirit, what you like doing with your space and most important of all, who you are. 

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    Tips to Decor Home with Water Plants


    When it comes to decorating your space a little guidance comes handy. Decorating your home with water plants can add a refreshing tone and a vibrancy unmatched. Water brings clarity and fluidity to life and so does everything in it. Some ideas are listed below:


    1. Group you Plants
    2. Hang your Plants
    3. Create Water Terrariums
    4. Use Lighting
    5. Play around with Furniture


    • Group your Plants: Start with collecting the like plants together in a cluster, Try assembling different water plants in an order that is distinct. You can also use various colourful pots and planters while trying this.
    • Hang your Plants: If the plant is small and can be hung, try doing that and create a refreshing new alignment of small water plants in glass jar containers, make sure the hold and support is sturdy. Try including plants like Spider Plant or Pothos.
    • Create Water Terrariums: This is a unique way to preserve plants. You can also go around creating a plant terrarium. It is an easy low maintenance and sustainable way to decorate your home with aquatic plants. Start by Incorporating small water plants in glass terrariums or bowls, this will help you create a mini aquatic environment where plants can be placed on tables.
    • Use Lighting: In case you are thinking about using lights, try to be subtle. Go with, as good as LED lighting, it can be used to provide a little bit of highlight to your water plants, especially during the evenings, and it will look absolutely stunning!
    • Play around with Furniture: Furniture can be fun!  You can accentuate the look of a particular plant by the  way it is placed. Contrasting textures and different colours can be used to play around to create sync and harmony .


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    That sums up our quest for Top 13 Indoor Water Plants to Decor Your Home. From Fiddle Fig leaf to Aloe Vera, aquatic plants are a beautiful addition to your home decor. All you need is a planter and some water to make your home come alive. Read on more at Greenkin

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