Money Plant vs Lucky Bamboo: Which Is Better?

Money Plant vs Lucky Bamboo: Which Is Better?

Lucky Bamboo vs Money Plant a Complete Guide

When it comes to selecting plants for your house it can be a challenge. Money Plant or lucky bamboo, which one should you get? While a money plant can be effectively used in small pots and can even be suspended from railings or hanging baskets a lucky bamboo plant is a compact way to include houseplant into your home or workplace.


Lucky Bamboo is an easy gift idea too. 

Read on to find out what you need as a houseplant, a lucky bamboo plant or a money plant. 

Money Plant / lucky bamboo


Money Plant

Lucky Bamboo







Northern Australia through Southeast Asia into China, Japan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

Central Africa

Care Level

Minimal Care, Easy to Care

Easy to Care Plant

Light Requirement

Bright, Indirect Sunlight. The plant can do well even in low to medium-light places

Bright, Indirect Sunlight


20 to 24 degrees Celsius

18 to 35 degrees Celsius

Common Height

Upto 1.5 feet in containers 

Upto 3- 5 feet in containers

Pot Size Requirement

5 to 6 inches

4 to 6 inches

Air Purifying



Pet Friendly




Yes but upon maturing


Vastu Placement 

Southeast corner

East or Southeast corner 

Best for Room Type

Bedroom, Kitchen, Balcony, Living Room 

Bedroom, Kitchen, Balcony, Living Room 


Benefits of Lucky Bamboo


Money Plant vs Lucky Bamboo - Benefits of Lucky Bamboo


  • Health Benefits

Lucky Bamboo, is a very common and a popular chance with anyone who is starting to keep houseplants and the plant is associated with bringing in positivity and good luck but the plant also has tremendous health benefits as far as keeping the plant indoors is concerned:


  1. Purification of the air
  2. Stress Reduction 
  3. Therapeutic and easy to maintain 


1. Purification of the air: The Plant is known for purifying air and has air infiltrating qualities and hence helps to build a cleaner and better environment.


2. Stress Reduction: The plant reduces stress and thus improves the atmosphere by creating a more calming environment for anyone looking to elevate their indoors and moods.


3. Therapeutic and easy to maintain: The gardening experience and having houseplants around you is a therapeutic experience that is bound to lift up your spirits. Having said that as the Lucky Bamboo is an extremely low maintenance plant it would be considered a good place to start with as a houseplant. 



  • Vastu Benefits


In Vastu, Lucky Bamboo is often considered as the name suggests lucky and thus the plant is a common houseplant choice as is believed to bring positivity and abundance wherever it is kept, at  home or workplace. Here are some of the reasons why you should bring home Lucky Bamboo Plant according to Vastu:

  1.   Wealth and Prosperity 
  2.    Brings in harmony 
  3.    Is rooted in Elemental Balance
  4.   Positivity


1. Wealth and Prosperity: According to Vastu the Lucky Bamboo Plant is also associated with several positive attributes of wealth and prosperity. It is advisable that you place a lucky bamboo plant in the southeast corner of your home to bring financial abundance.


2. Brings in harmony: Having a lucky bamboo plant indoors according to Vastu it attracts financial well being and abundance.


3. Is rooted in Elemental Balance: Bringing home a lucky bamboo plant symbolically which is associated with elements of water and wood and is thought out to bring home balance.


4. Positivity: Not just stability and financial growth the plant is also said to bring in good luck and create a surrounding positive atmosphere too

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Benefits of Money Plant 


Money Plant vs Lucky Bamboo - Benefits of Money Plant


  • Health Benefits


Money plants are the most common choice of indoor plants in India. Money Plant also called Epipremnum aureum. The money plant offers the following benefits in terms of health: 

  1.  Purifying the Air
  2.   Producing Oxygen 
  3.  Reducing Stress 
  4. Controlling humidity levels 
  5. Improved Focus and Productivity 


1. Purifying the Air: Money plants have the ability to remove certain air pollutants  and toxins like formaldehyde and benzene, thus money plants improve indoor air quality.


2. Producing Oxygen: Plants release oxygen during photosynthesis, and this in turn makes the air quality indoors better so the money plant helps in improving respiration by boosting indoor Oxygen.


3. Reducing Stress: Plants are known to be associated with reduced stress levels as having greenery around is known to have psychological benefits.


4. Controlling humidity levels: Money plants help in regulating humidity this in turn helps avoid dry air indoors and can make the air much better for skin health.


5. Improved Focus and Productivity: Plants help in improving focus and are a constantly associated with improving focus and productivity.


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  • Vastu Benefits


According to Vastu, the traditional Indian art of architecture and design the Money Plant is believed to have tremendous functional benefits that can impact you in various ways, here are some to note:

  1. Attracting wealth
  2. Radiating positive energy
  3. Reducing Stress
  4. Bringing in good luck and prosperity


1. Attracting wealth: It is said and believed that plant locations are extremely important according to Vastu and placing a money plant at a certain location attracts abundance. It is advisable that you place a money plant at the southeast corner of your home to attract financial prosperity.


2. Radiating positive energy: The money plant by itself attracts positive energy as it creates a positive environment by purifying the air it is placed in.


3. Reducing Stress: Having indoor plants, such as a money plant, is said to reduce stress. According to Vastu, green plants bring in a calming effect and improve concentration. So, having them around study space or an office is considered positive.


4. Bringing in good luck and prosperity: Vastu Plants bring in good luck and enhance prosperity according to vastu so is also a popular houseplant choice.





To wrap up the comparison list of Money Plant vs Lucky Bamboo: Which Is Better, we conclude choose the plant which is rightly suited to your needs if you want something tiny compact and easy to take care of go for a Lucky Bamboo Plant but if you want to bring in a cascading touch to your home money plant is the way to go. To know more abouts plants and all things green follow us at Greenkin.

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