30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden

30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden

A garden filled with colourful plants and flower blooms is a breathtaking sight. What's better than that is a garden that remains full of blooms for an extended period. Long-lasting flowers provide a variety of colours and beauty for months with little effort. For a gorgeous garden all summer long, explore 30 last-long flowers to adore your gardens.


The Best Long-Lasting Flower Plants For Gardens


Explore the 30 best long-lasting flower plants for the garden. Each plant has its characteristics, with different colours and blooming seasons to adore in any garden.


1. Lavandula:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Lavandula


Lavandula, or lavender, produces purple spikes with a distinct scent. This is a common plant for summer gardens that is popular for its smell. Lavender is known for the colour of its spikes. The spikes, which emit a sweet scent, begin to grow on the plants.



2. Peonies:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Peonies


Peonies, also known as Paeonia, are traditionally well-known for their powerful, sweet aroma and exquisite blossoms. Peonies bloom in late spring, making them the ideal way to appreciate the wonderful changing of seasons. Their sturdy stalks maintain the flowers upright from late spring until early summer.



3. Daylily:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Daylily


Daylily (Hemerocallis) plants produce many blossoms in a variety of colours and shapes. Furthermore, the flowers bloom for only one day, whereas the plants generate flowers for several weeks. They are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. Learn more about low-maintenance indoor plants.



4. Stachys Byzantina:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Stachys Byzantina


Stachys byzantina, also known as Lamb's Ear, is a fuzzy, velvety plant that provides tactile interest even when not in bloom. This plant thrives in sunny areas with inadequate soil



5. Catmint:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Catmint


Catmint (Nepeta) is a perennial plant that blooms in masses of purple-blue from spring until autumn. It is easy to care for and grows quickly. 



6. Hosta Plant:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Hosta Plant


The Hosta plant is regarded as a beneficial addition to a shaded yard. Their striking design is highlighted by broad leaves of various colours and exquisite blossoms.



7. Bearded Iris:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Bearded Iris


The bearded iris, also known as Iris germanica, is renowned for its gracefully ruffled blooms, which are frequently found in vibrant and colourful patterns. This plant's striking colour is a favourite among early spring gardeners.



8. Hibiscus Syriacus:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Hibiscus


Hibiscus syriacus, or Rose of Sharon, is a perennial garden favourite. These shrubs produce huge, amazing flowers in hues of pink, purple, white, and blue. The Rose of Sharon, which is native to India and Asia, may be grown in zones three to eight, reaching a height of eight to ten feet and a spread of six to ten feet.



9. Coral Bells:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Coral Bells


Coral bells, which are also called heuchera, are very popular. Their beautiful leaves are just as popular as their lacy flower sprays. These plants grow in precise groups in shades of green, red, and bronze. They have pretty white, pink, or coral flowers that shoot up from the groups.



10. Echinacea:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Echinacea


Echinacea, often known as coneflowers, give a beautiful touch to any garden with their daisy-like blossoms. They are most appealing when in full bloom from late summer to autumn when everything else in the garden has faded. They are drought-tolerant. They require little maintenance if planted in well-drained soil.


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11. Seduum (Hylotelephium): 


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Seduum


Sedum (also known as stonecrop) comes in a variety of forms, from clump-like to upright. Their thick and vibrant leaves are ornamented all year with amazing clusters of star-shaped flowers that bloom from late summer to autumn.



12. Russian Sage:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Russian Sage


Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) is a beautiful plant with slender, blue-lavender flowers that bloom from the middle of summer to the end of autumn. Like other scents, its beautiful scent is quite apparent and strong.



13. Coreopsis:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Coreopsis


Coreopsis, often known as tickseed, blooms from early summer to the first frost, producing lovely yellow and occasionally crimson flowers. It thrives in full sunlight and may need occasional irrigation during dry spells.



14. Achillea:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Achillea


Achillea, popularly known as Yarrow, is a low-maintenance perennial that produces clusters of little daisy-like blooms in a variety of colours on fern-like foliage. Yarrow is a perennial favourite among wildflower gardeners. It blooms from mid-summer to early autumn. Also, it is quite an adaptable outdoor plant



15. False Sunflower:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - False Sunflower


The false sunflower, also known as Heliopsis, resembles the sunflower in its small stature and beautiful yellow-orange petals that shine brightly during the summer and autumn seasons. 



16. Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia): 


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Black Eyed Susan


Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia) is a summer garden flowering plant that isn't complete without its brilliant yellow flowers with black centres. They are easy to care for, resistant to drought, and bloom for months.



17. Sage (Salvia): 


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Sage


Sages (Salvia) come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs. They can be small and bushy, with a striking spike in early summer or a dense dome in the autumn.



18. Blanket Flower:


Blanket Flower (Gaillardia) has daisy-like blooms in warm colours of red, orange, and yellow that look like miniature sunsets. They bloom easily from summer to autumn and tolerate heat and drought well.



19. Shasta Daisy:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Shasta Daisy


The Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum x superbum) is the pinnacle of daisy beauty. Shastas are ideal-cut flowers with a long blossoming life. Additionally, Shasta daisy can brighten many locations due to its adaptability.



20. Tickseed: 


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Tickseed


Tickseed, like coreopsis, has slightly smaller flowers, but it comes in a variety of vivid colours and may thrive on poor soil. This is a great way to create a wildflower garden.



21. Bee Balm:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Bee Balm


Monarda, or Bee Balm, has shaggy, brightly coloured flowerheads that attract hummingbirds and other pollinators. The flowers bloom all summer, adding a splash of colour to the yard. When the leaves are rubbed, they exude a pleasant minty scent.



22. Butterfly Bush:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Butterfly Bush


The butterfly bush (buddleja) has fragrant groups of pink, purple, and white blooms on spikes that are great for attracting butterflies. The plant gets its name from the way it looks. From July to autumn, the butterfly shrub blooms with little care.



23. Potentilla:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Potentilla


Potentilla, commonly known as shrubby cinquefoil, is well-known for adding colour to summer flowering shrubs that have green leaves. The plant is tiny, bushy, and thrives in Zones 4–7.



24. Weigela:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Weigela


Weigela shrubs provide a stunning display with their abundance of elongated bell-shaped blooms in vibrant pink, red, and white hues. Throughout the summer, they continue to bloom, attracting hummers.



25. Clematis: 


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Clematis


Clematis has enormous, star-shaped blooms. They come in a variety of colours and have a long blooming period. Clematis grows well on trellises, arbours, and even walls.



26. Trumpet Vine:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Trumpet Vine


The Trumpet Vine, commonly known as Campsis radicans, is a sturdy climber known for its bright orange or red bell-shaped blooms. These flowers attract hummingbirds. Trumpet vine blossoms bloom for several weeks each summer.



27. Honeysuckle:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Honeysuckle


Honeysuckle, also known as Lonicera, is recognised for its fragrant and twining properties, and it produces clusters of tubular blooms in a variety of gorgeous colours, including pink, red, and yellow.



28. Morning Glory:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Morning Glory


Morning Glory (Ipomoea) is a sturdy, fast-growing annual twiner with attractive, funnel-shaped corollas in blue, purple, red, or white. The gorgeous flowers, which only last a day, add a pop of colour to the lush green leaves.



29. Sweet Peas:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Sweet Peas


Sweet peas, also known as Lathyrus odoratus, are an annual vine that produces butterfly-like blossoms. The sweet pea is not only a lovely and delicate bloom, but it is also delightfully fragrant. The flowers, which are April's birth flower, are the ideal symbol for any April occasion.



30. Dianthus:


30 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Garden - Dianthus


Dianthus, often known as pinks, have a clove-like aroma from their sweet-blooming flowers, which come in a variety of colours ranging from white to various shades of pink to red and bicolors. Dianthus blooms often throughout the season.

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A stunningly colourful and long-lasting flower garden is a mesmerising sight. It takes little work to achieve never-ending beauty. From the fragrant Lavandula to the exquisite peony and the faithful lily, 30 flowers (mentioned above) will keep your garden looking fresh and full of life throughout the summer.

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