15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy

15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy

Introduction to Shrubs


Small woody plants with multiple stems are called shrubs, shrubs have a height of less than 13 feet on average. For privacy people plant hedges, usually plants that are evergreen or deciduous are selected to make hedges. In landscaping, hedges are used to create privacy, form boundaries or divisions.

Shrubs offer valued aesthetic appeal and functionality, shrubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Shrubs are known for their versatility and adaptability.

Here's a list of 15 Fast Growing Shrubs that you can plant for Privacy. 



How shrubs give us privacy from neighbours 


Shrubs Flowers are an effective way of providing privacy to your house. 

Shrubs can provide privacy from neighbours in several ways:


  • Height and density of the plant: The tall shrubs with dense foliage are a recipe for forming a visual barrier that blocks the line of vision between your space and your neighbours. Thus, enhancing privacy and enhancing a feeling of discreet seclusion. 
  • Providing a Year-Round Coverage: Thick, dense shrubs provide a coverage that serves year around if the shrubs picked are evergreen, ensuring privacy all around the year. 
  • Making a natural barrier: The shrubs selected are known to make a barrier all around the year, they quite often bind the soil in such a frame that prevents soil erosion. 

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Fast-Growing Shrubs for Privacy 


Here is a list of shrubs that can be used for privacy and forming hedges as they are fast growing and commonly used in outdoor landscaping to form screens:


  1. Leyland Cypress
  2. Privet
  3. Arborvitae
  4. Rose of Sharon
  5. Bamboo
  6. Wax Myrtle
  7. Burning Bush
  8. Japanese Barberry
  9. Viburnum
  10. Nellie Stevens Holly
  11. Carolina Cherry Laurel
  12. Red Twig Dogwood
  13. Chindo Viburnum
  14. American Elderberry

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1. Leyland Cypress:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Leyland Cypress


An evergreen shrub that is used to make screens and hedges. Leyland Cypress is known for its feathery fine foliage.



2. Privet:


 15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Privet


The Privet Plant is a fast-growing shrub that can be easily shaped into a thick hedge. The plant has glossy green leaves and produces white flowers which are ornamental.



3. Arborvitae:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Arborvitae


Arborvitae is a popular shrub choice for hedges because of its rapid growth and dense foliage.



4. Rose of Sharon:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Rose of Sharon


A shrub with showy flowers, the Rose of Sharon plant can be easily pruned into a dense hedge. And due to its flowers the plant is of ornamental value as well.



5. Bamboo:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Bamboo


Certain bamboo varieties are rapidly growing. Although bamboo plants can be a little invasive so avoid varieties of bamboo that clump together.



6. Wax Myrtle:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Wax Myrtle


The plant is a native to South and Central America and the Caribbean. Due to its bushy nature the plant is a popular choice for making hedges.



7. Burning Bush:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Burning Bush


The burning bush plant is a beautiful pinkish red shrub that is bushy as the name says. The plant is ideal to make a dividing hedge that is both ornamental and functional.


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8. Japanese Barberry:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Japenese Barberry


Japanese Barberry is another hedge making shrub which is an exquisite beauty. The plant bears tiny red flowers and is an asian native , found particularly in Japan.



9. Viburnum:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Viburnum


Viburnum plant is known for its evergreen nature and dark foliage. The plant bears flowers and can be used to make hedges.



10. Nellie Stevens Holly:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Nellie Stevans Holly


Nellie Stevens Holly plant are dark tall shrubs that provide full provacy if planted completely close. The plant is dense and bushy.



11. Carolina Cherry Laurel:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Carolina Cherry Laurel


Carolina Cherry Laurel plant is a flowering shrub that belongs to the Rosaceae family. The plant is evergreen so would provide hedging throught the year.



12. Red Twig Dogwood:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Red Twig Dogwood


Red Twig Dogwood plant is a woody red plant that grows 6 to 9 feet tall in height. The plamt likes partial sun and moist soil to grow.



13. Chindo Viburnum:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - Chindo Viburnum


With lusturous dark green foliage the Chindo Viburnum plant is a shrub that is dense. The plant bears clusters of white flowers upon maturity.



14. American Elderberry:


15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy - american Elderberry


American Elderberry is a flowering plant, that is good to mkae small garden hedges. Bushy and ornamentally valued the plant is essentially a native to the North America. 

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Top 3 Shrubs for privacy


The top three shrubs for privacy, considering an ideal mix of fast growth, dense foliage, and adaptability, are as follows:


  1. Leyland Cypress
  2. Arborvitae
  3. Privet


1. Leyland Cypress: Leyland Cypress or the Cupressocyparis leylandii shrub that is known for its dense and tall character. The plant grows in various soil types and so is a reliable choice for making hedges for privacy that grow fast. The plant will provide coverage all year round.

2. Arborvitae: Arborvitae plant is known for its rapid growth and dark dense foliage. The plant can be pruned into any desired shape, a wall or screen. Arborvitae is adaptable to different soil and light conditions.

3. Privet: Privet is another shrub variety that is fast-growing and can be easily trimmed and  pruned into a dense screen hedge. They have glossy green foliage. Privet produces white flowers that are ornamental.





To wrap up that's all about the 15+ Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy. Shrubs are an effective way to increase the beauty of your garden and make privacy oriented screens. To know more about plants and greens follow us at Greenkin.

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