8 Types of Green Flowers

Beautiful Green Flowers: 8 Types of Green Flowers

Introduction to Green Flowers 


It is no secret that green coloured flowers are less common than the vibrant and cheerful counterparts. But the green flowers are still a symbol of charm in botanical and Ornamental usage. Green is the colour of sophistication and tranquillity.

The colour green brings a spirit of freshness and rejuvenation. The flowers that are green and colour range from different palettes of green. Keeping in accord, from deep Emerald to pale lime. We are green flowers while less common still have various floral varieties. If you are a seasonal garden enthusiast or a floral botanassist, Green flowers will bring about their freshness all alike. 

Read on to find out Different types of Green Flowers you can include in your garden. 


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Different types of Green Flowers 


Green flowers might not only come in a different variety and shades of green but also in different various shapes and sizes. This can be a very unique way of adding various textures of similar colour in your garden. Here are some popular types of green flowers you can add into your existing arrangement:


  1. Green Roses
  2. Green Orchids
  3. Green Hydrangeas
  4. Green Chrysanthemums
  5. Green Carnations
  6. Green Anthuriums
  7. Green Zinnias
  8. Green Lisianthus


1. Green Roses:


8 Types of Green Flowers - Green Roses


Green Roses are elegant flowers. It might come as a surprise but roses can also be green. They come in shades from soft pastel to more vibrant deeper hues.  There are a stunning variety of green roses like 'Green Tea' and 'Green Diamond' that range in a wide variety of green tones.



2. Green Orchids:


8 Types of Green Flowers - Green Orchids


Orchids can also come in green colour!  Orchids are known for their exotics and beauty. There are orchid varieties like the 'Green Phalaenopsis' or 'Green Dendrobium' that feature exquisite green petals.



3. Green Hydrangeas:


8 Types of Green Flowers - Green Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are not just blue or pink. Hydrangeas can also be green. Marked by their captivating lush green clusters of flowers, there are green varieties, like 'Limelight' and 'Green Shadow' that can add their charm to any existing flower arrangement. 

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4. Green Chrysanthemums:


8 Types of Green Flowers - Green Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums come in a wide variety of colours and shapes, there are varieties that are particularly known for their green colour like 'Kermit' and 'Green Button,'. If these are added to any existing flower arrangement they offer unique texture and colour variety.



5. Green Carnations:


8 Types of Green Flowers - Green Carnations


Carnations are a populous choice of flowers and have a range in a variety of colours including the colour green. They are a must have in your contemporary floral design arrangement there are some varieties like the  'Green Trick’ Which offer uniqueness.  



6. Green Anthuriums:


8 Types of Green Flowers - Green Anthuriums


Not just pink, Anthuriums can also come in the colour green. With their green glossy leaves and green flowers they bring about a fresh harmony in your flower arrangement. There are varieties like the 'Green Magic' and the 'Green Earth’ that show sparkling green views in your garden.



7. Green Zinnias:


8 Types of Green Flowers - Green Zinnias


Zinnias are known for their beautiful blooms and fresh presence.  With charming varieties like 'Envy' and 'Queen Lime' the plant brings greenliness to your homes with a twist to traditional zinnia hues.



8. Green Lisianthus:


8 Types of Green Flowers - Green Lisianthus


Lisianthus flowers look very much similar to roses. The Lisianthus can be seen in a variety of colours including green. With varieties like the 'Green Rim' and the 'Green Ball' the plant is a popular choice amongst gardeners.

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How to care for green flowers


Caring for green flowers is similar to caring for flowers of any other colour, here are a few specific considerations to ensure that the flowers remain vibrant and healthy. 


  1. Watering Frequency 
  2. Sunlight Requirements 
  3. Temperature Requirements 
  4. Fertiliser Requirements 
  5. Pruning and Maintenance 
  6. Humidity Regulation 
  7. Pest Control and Regulation


  • Watering Frequency: Green flowers  like all other flowers bloom well when given proper hydration. Water your plant regularly, and ensure that the plant gets proper nutrients through the soil. Avoid water clogging as it might lead to root rot, and would completely harm the growth of the plant and no flowers will bloom. 
  • Sunlight Requirements: Most green flowers Like bright and indirect sunlight. Although the choice of sunlight depends upon the plant selected. Keep the plant in such an area so that its sunlight requirements are thoroughly met. Do not expose the plant to direct sunlight as the scorching heat may Harm the growth of the plant and might burn the leaves and the flowers.
  • Temperature Requirements: Green flowers generally prefer moderate temperatures, Note the temperature of the plant selected. Make sure to place the plant optimally in such temperature levels. Avoid any extremities.
  • Fertiliser Requirements: Use a balanced, Fertilizer as in when required to provide the essential nutrients to the plant. This will ensure a healthy growth and a healthy blooming period for the flowers . Make sure to follow the instructions on the fertiliser package wisely.
  • Pruning and Maintenance: Pruning is most likely essential for plant growth. Not only does it help to maintain a nice appearance of the plant, but also enhances new growth. Trim down on any dead leaves and leggy during pruning.
  • Humidity Regulation: It is important to maintain the desired humidity levels of the plant. Try Misting the plants if the leaves get dry. You can also consider placing a humidifier if needed.
  • Pest Control and Regulation: Monitor your green flowers for signs of pests. If any such pest infestations occur, make sure to treat it using organic or chemical treatments.


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To wrap it up, If the plant is given proper care and attention, green flowers are supposed to follow. Not only would green flowers bring a freshness to your garden but would also help you rejuvenate your mood and  your home. To know more about all things green and plant, follow us at Greenkin

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