17 Different Types of Shrubs

17 Different Types of Shrubs: Verities of Shrubs in India

Explore the Different Verities of Shrubs


Did you know that scientist Theophrastus categorized plants into trees, shrubs, and herbs? Yes. What are shrubs, and what makes them from other plants? Shrubs are medium-sized woody plants that grow higher than herbs but shorter than trees.

Typically, they range in height from 6 to 10 meters. Their stems are fibrous, shaggy (or curly), and branched widely. Stems are flexible, despite their hardness. Due to their unique qualities, shrubs can be used for various purposes. A few shrubs have glabrous stems.

Many have simple, alternating leaves. Shrubs typically have a medium lifespan, with certain species living up to 60 years.

Let’s take a comprehensive look into India's vibrant shrub variety. Explore the different verities of shrubs, along with 17 different types of shrubs.



Types of Shrubs and Their Characteristics:


Shrub Type


Deciduous Shrubs

Leaves shed periodically, usually in the fall. Some examples include Brush Coyote Plant, Copper Leaf Plant, Hibiscus Plant, Peacock Flower Plant, Plumbago Plant and more.

Evergreen Shrubs

Nurture foliage for year-round appeal. Some examples include Plant

Duranta Plant, Gardenia Plant, Glossy Abelia Plant, Nerium Plant and more.


Small, low-growing shrubs, frequently referred to as subshrubs, are typically between one and two meters in height. Some examples include Periwinkle, Lavender and more.

Dwarf Shrubs

Shrubs that are compact in size are appropriate for tiny gardens or containers. Some examples include Dwarf Azaleas, Rhododendrons and more.

Flowering Shrubs

They beautify the landscape with their abundant blossoms. Some examples include Azaleas, Roses, and more.

Hedge Shrubs

Used to form hedges or boundaries, generally with thick foliage and a compact growth habit. Some examples include Arborvitae, Boxwood, and Privet.



17 Different Types of Shrubs


Shrubs play an important role in many landscapes, providing beauty, privacy, and wildlife habitat. These plants are often used as borders, hedges, and foundation plantings. Each type of plant has its own special traits and care guide.

  1. Hibiscus Plant
  2. Copper Leaf Plant
  3. Duranta Plant
  4. Boxwood Plant
  5. Yellow Flame Plant
  6. Azaleas Plant
  7. Dwarf Azaleas Plant
  8. Privet Plant
  9. Peacock Flower Plant
  10. Rose Plant
  11. Nerium Plant
  12. Glossy Abelia Plant
  13. Brush Coyote Plant
  14. Western Sweetshrub Plant
  15. Plumbago Plant
  16. Gardenia Plant
  17. Rhododendrons Plant


1. Hibiscus Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Hibiscus Plant


The Hibiscus plant (genus Hibiscus) is an evergreen shrub that produces big, stunning blooms in a variety of colors throughout the summer and autumn. This plant prefers fertile soil that receives bright sunlight, although it may also be planted inside. This plant prefers water two or three times a week, and the soil needs to dry out between waterings to avoid root rot.



2. Copper Leaf Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Copper Leaf Plant


Copper leaf (Acalypha wilkesiana) shrubs are popular in gardens of all sizes. Its large leaves with red, green, and pale or white variegation set it apart from other garden plants. Copper leaf is often used as a hedge, natural fence, or massed with other foliage varieties. The plant requires regular pruning, well-drained soil, and direct sunlight.



3. Duranta Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Duranta Plant


Duranta is a popular flowering shrub found across India. It looks like a golden dewdrop but has thorny branches. It is often planted as an ornamental plant or hedge. Its pointed, glossy foliage is a lovely eye-catcher. It grows best in bright sunlight. It thrives in humid environments and can withstand droughts. Additionally, it can be used for trimming and shaped into different forms. It also lasts a long time.



4. Boxwood Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Boxwood Plant


Boxwood Plant (Buxus wallichiana), a hedge and topiary plant in India, has 70 deciduous and evergreen tree and shrub species in the family Buxaceae. Due to its leaf form and adaptability, it is popular for ornamental planting. Plus, boxwoods are a basic foundation for many house landscaping projects. This plant is also low-maintenance. It grows well in loamy soil and bright sunshine. Its thin roots need 3 inches of mulch around each plant.


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5. Yellow Flame Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Yellow Flame Plant


Yellow flame (Peltophorum pterocarpum) is a tiny deciduous tree in the Fabaceae family that grows as a perennial. It is also known as yellow poinciana, yellow flamboyant, or copperpod. It needs direct sunlight and moderate water. It is native to Southeast Asia and India. It grows to a height of 10 to 20 feet. Its bright orange blossoms attract butterflies, bees, flies, and hummingbirds.



6. Azaleas Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Azaleas Plant


Azaleas, which belong to the genus Rhododendron, are flowering shrubs that may be either deciduous or evergreen. They range in size from a foot-tall, bushy shrub to a towering, spreading plant. Their simple alternate leaves are typically ovate or lanceolate in shape. Its blooms are funnel-shaped and white, pink, scarlet, purple, or yellow. Azaleas grow well in many conditions. Mostly, they thrive in acidic soils and need consistent moisture.  



7. Dwarf Azalea Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Dwarf Azalea Plant


Dwarf azaleas, also known as miniature azaleas, are tiny, slow-growing shrubs that are valued for their fragile blossoms and compact stature. It has leathery, dark green to bronze leaves year-round. In late spring and early summer, funnel-shaped pink, red, white, and purple blooms cover plats. Dwarf azaleas can be used in borders, rock gardens, containers, and even bonsai specimens. This type of azalea grows best in acidic soil that drains well and gets some shade for half a day. Regular watering is important, as well as a mild yearly fertilizing.



8. Privet Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Privet Plant


Privet, also known as Ligustrum spp., is a deciduous or evergreen shrub. It is one of the simplest hedges to cultivate and manage. It is able to thrive in a wide range of temperatures. In addition to the quick growth of the plant, the glossy leaves are rather tiny. The flower that blooms is white in color. Plus, privet attracts insects with its little white blossoms and aroma.



9. Peacock Flower Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Peacock Flower Plant


The Peacock Flower (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) is a tall, broad shrub or small tree. Due to its height, spherical shape, and vivid green leaves, it makes a good landscaping plant. It requires bright sunlight and blossoms best in well-drained soil (but it may tolerate many soils). It is relatively drought-tolerant. It makes a semi-formal or informal hedge or border planting in sunny areas. In natural shrubbery, this blooming plant may be group-planted to divide up big lawns.



10. Rose Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Rose Plant


Rose is a perennial, woody-flowering plant that belongs to the Rosaceae family. In addition to the tens of thousands of cultivars, there are around 300 species. They grow as climbing or trailing shrubs with prickly stems. It provides color and serendipity to gardens and landscapes worldwide. They need well-drained soil, bright sunlight, moderate watering, fertilizer, and careful cutting to allow new growth and keep their shape. In many cultures, roses represent love, beauty, and desire.



11. Nerium Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Nerium Plant


Nerium, also known as Kaner, Karubi, Arali, and Rose Laurel, is a beautiful Mediterranean shrub. This resilient evergreen provides dark green foliage and the most magnificent bold white, pink, or dark crimson flowers for lords in temples and houses. It thrives in direct sunlight, appropriate watering, and low temperatures. This plant may be placed along borders to form a jazzy hedge, or with smaller shrubs in a huge grassy area.


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12. Glossy Abelia Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Glossy Abelia Plant


Glossy abelia (Abelia grandiflora) is a beautiful and functional plant. The glossy abelia, which is semi-evergreen and has beautiful dark green foliage, transforms into a glowing bronze in the cold winter weather. It is a thick, multi-stemmed shrub that grows quickly and forms an excellent hedge close to peers. It may turn ratty if left alone, but it tolerates regular pruning. The flowers, which are white with a light pink blush and shaped like a tube or trumpet, bloom in May. They have a very mild to slight fragrance. They have a strong attraction to butterflies.



13. Brush Coyote Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Brush Coyote Plant


Brush coyote (Baccharis pilularis) is a hardy, green plant. It is also known as chaparral broom and bush baccharis. It requires just monthly watering to thrive. It can survive frequent summer watering. Additionally, larger varieties, like "Twin Peak," are used as ground cover, while smaller varieties are used as hedges. Additionally, it is a dioecious plant species that provides nectar resources to predatory wasps, native skipper butterflies, and flies.



14. Western Sweetshrub Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Western Sweetshrub Plant


Western sweetshrub (Calycanthus occidentalis) is a native shrub. It thrives in both full sun and partial shade in a region that becomes extremely damp during the winter in a creek with rich soil. The shrub is most known for its stunning dark red magnolia-like blossoms in early summer. They are highly aromatic and spicy. Its bark and blossoms are often used for producing perfume-making Calycanthus oil. The shrub's huge seedpods indicate winter leaf loss. Caution is advised, as the seeds are toxic. Swallowing it causes incontinence and convulsions.



15. Plumbago Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Plumbago Plant


Plumbago (Plumbago auriculata) is a perennial, evergreen shrub with trailing branches up to 3 feet long that are covered with blue or white blooms. It prefers well-drained soil and flourishes in bright sunlight or moderate shade. Also, it needs regular watering and is frequently mulched during the winter.



16. Gardenia Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Gardenia Plant


Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides) is a popular plant with an appealing aroma. It is an evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green foliage. It usually grows to be 2-3 feet tall, but it may also be cultivated as a tiny tree. It has five beautiful, fringed white petals and little white stamens. It has milky white, rose-like, waxy blooms that may reach a diameter of up to 3.5 inches. Gardenias thrive in colder climates where they receive early light but are shaded in the afternoon.



17. Rhododendrons Plant:


17 Different Types of Shrubs - Rhododendrons Plant


Rhododendrons are evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees with leathery leaves and colorful blooms. They are popular in landscaping and parks. Moreover, China considers them a lovely plant and one of the "Eight Buddhist Symbols". Additionally, the rhododendron is a large, varied genus with two subgenera. These are the rhododendron and hymenanthes subgenera. They live in various kinds of soils, lighting, and weather.


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Shrubs are small- to medium-sized perennial woody plants. Some examples of these types of shrubs include dwarf, evergreen, deciduous, flowering, and hedge shrubs. India has several shrubs. Some examples include hibiscus, copper leaf, duranta, boxwood, yellow flame, azaleas, pearl, peacock flower, rose, nerium, glossy abelia, brush coyote, western sweetshrub, plumbago, gardenia, and rhododendrons. Each shrub has its own care instructions and is versatile in its applications.

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