How to Keep Your Plants Alive While on Vacation

How to Keep Your Plants Alive While on Vacation

Plant Care: How to Keep Your Plants Alive While on Vacation        

Life thrives in care, plants need proper care and support. Here is a compiled wisdom on plantcare that will help you in order to keep you at peace. Plants are life affirming and it is essential to keep them in good health when it comes to affirming our own surroundings sharply. So, what if you decide to go on a vacation. Read on the Greenkin’s guide to understand how to keep your plants alive when you are on a vacation. 




How to Keep Your Plants Alive While on Vacation


We are simply suggesting that taking proper care of plants can be a little bit challenging. So, if you are ready let’s begin. Things can affect plants in a sinister way sometimes, plants can suffer. So, here are certain thing to keep in check to see your plants smiling when you return from vacation due to various reasons:


  1. Underwatering or Overwatering: This problem is extremely common. Stepping into the world of plants. Protecting measures only exist because of terrifying dangers. You certainly understand it, plants need water to grow, and more importantly, just the right amount. You see overwatering more often than not causes root rot and under watering your plant is a recipe for it to brown down dry. Inconsistent watering during your absence might lead to stress or even dehydration for some plants, while others may drown from excessive water.
  1. Pests and Diseases: In order to keep the plants happy pests and diseases must be avoided. Without regular care, plants are more vulnerable to pests and diseases. Check for any signs of infestations or illnesses.
  1. Lack of Sunlight: Sunlight is essential for plants for photosynthesis, usually depending on the species of the plant, sunlight is required. Most plants require ample sunlight and are kept in a shady area during your absence, they may suffer from light deprivation.
  1. Extreme Temperatures: Sometimes all it takes to take care is to avoid extremes, exposure to extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can harm plants. Ensuring that they are in a suitable environment, will aid to the plant health.


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Tips to Keep Plants Alive While You Are on Vacation

How to Keep Your Plants Alive While on Vacation


Here are some tips to ensure keeping the plant healthy, happy and alive when it needs proper care. What is on the outside, is a reflection on the inside. Read on to see if some of these apply to your houseplants


  • A Watering System. A good watering system allows and ensures proper water supply to your plants. While you are away, ensure the plants also have a happy and fun time. Either way, you can set up a dripping system or ask a friend to water your plants regularly. Another option is to invest  in self-watering pots to help regulate moisture levels. But it is also essential, to keep an eye to avoid overwatering of the plant.You can also try using Hydrogel Crystals. Incorporate water-absorbing crystals into the soil to release moisture slowly. I'd still suggest that you should run a test Before Departure. Practise your chosen watering method a few times before leaving to ensure its effectiveness. Establish a regular watering schedule, and be mindful not to overwater or underwater. Check soil moisture before watering.
  • Try Grouping Plants. So, clubbing together like minded, we mean like natured plants is a good idea. You see, work should be made easier and smarter, everyday. Try arranging plants with similar water needs together to simplify care. Makes work easier, doesn't it?  For potted plants, move them indoors to reduce water loss due to wind and sun. Grouping plants together or/and using a humidifier can help maintain optimal humidity levels, especially in dry indoor environments.
  • Mulching. Ever heard about mulching? Well when it comes to houseplants, it becomes easier, mulching is the act of covering the soil with mulches, such as bark, wood chips, leaves, and other organic material. Sio what does muching do? While you are enjoying your vacation, you can leave the plants after applying a layer of mulch to retain soil moisture and reduce evaporation.
  • Prune Before Leaving.Trim excessive growth to reduce water requirements and stress on plants. This will help you control the beauty of the houseplants, and it is a great way to have beautiful and smiling houseplants to welcome you at your home. Trim down the dead or yellowing leaves and spend flowers to encourage new growth. Prune to shape and control size.


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Use a well-draining potting mix to prevent waterlogged roots. Consider repotting if the soil becomes compacted.

How to Keep Your Plants Alive While on Vacation


  • Temperature Control Keeps plants in a stable environment, avoiding extreme temperature fluctuations. Most houseplants thrive in consistent, moderate temperatures.
  • If possible, provide shade to protect plants from intense sunlight.  Consistent Watering and Proper Light Exposure are essential. Understand your plant's light requirements and place them in suitable locations. Naturally, the best thing to do is to Rotate them occasionally for even growth.
  • Choose Easy-Care Varieties. Plant varieties like succulents, do not require much nourishment and care. You can leverage this to your advantage. Think of Money Plants, Jade plants or any other. Opt for houseplants that match your lifestyle. Some plants, like snake plants or pothos, are known for their resilience and low maintenance.

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By incorporating these simple practices into your routine, you can easily maintain healthy and thriving houseplants.




That wraps up our guide to understand how to keep your plants alive when you are on a vacation. If you didn't take preventive measures like setting up a watering system or asking someone to care for them, the plants might not have survived the period of neglect. To prevent these issues, plan ahead and implement strategies like automated watering systems or arranging for someone to care for your plants while you're away. For more interesting plant care tips, follow us on Greenkin

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