7 Best Plants to Gift on World Smile Day 2023

Top 7 Plants to Gift for World Smile Day 2023 - Greenkin

Plants to Gift on World Smile Day 2023


Give the world a smile gift today! People all over the world enjoy World Smile Day on the first Friday of October. This is a celebration that happens every year to spread joy & happiness through random acts of kindness. 

"World Smile Day" was founded by the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation after Ball died in 2001 with the motto "Improving this world, one smile at a time" to inspire people to share joy by doing something kind for someone else. Harvey Ball, a business artist, also made the Smiley Face in 1963.

So, let's celebrate World Smile Day 2023 by gifting ourselves or our loved ones a plant that will serve as a constant reminder to smile. Having plants offers benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal, such as purifying the air we breathe reducing tension levels, moderating humidity & absorbing excess carbon dioxide.

Explore which symbolic plants make wonderful World Smile Day 2023 gifts.



World Smile Day 2023: Top 7 Best Plants to Gift 


Smile with a plant & double the fun! The following are the top 7 plants to give as gifts on World Smile Day:1


1. Aglaonema:

7 Best Plants to Gift on World Smile Day 2023 - Aglaonema


Chinese Evergreen or Aglaonema is a drought-resistant perennial plant with short roots. It's a rare & everlasting plant with purifying & enduring effects on its environment. Its colorful leaves are perfect for brightening up a contemporary living room, workplace, bedroom, or study. Aglaonema can thrive in low light & tolerate wet & dry environments, making them excellent for forgetful plant owners.

Among its many varieties are the harlequin, milky way, 'O' rose cochin, pink Anjamani, Dalmatian, lipstick, ruby, suksom, Super white Aglaonemas & more.


Buy our best selling beautiful aglaonema pink anjamani plant that brings luck and prosperity. it is the perfect gift choice for anyone!



2. Calathea Sanderiana

7 Best Plants to Gift on World Smile Day 2023 - Calathea Sanderiana


The pinstripe plant, also called Calathea Sanderiana or the Prayer Plant, is a beautiful species of the genus Calathea. It is a rare & unusual tropical plant with dark green leaves with pink & white stripes. Its beauty makes it an excellent houseplant or gift for someone you want to make smile.


Gift this beautiful with stunning foliage plant. This plant adds a touch of elegance and beauty to your space as well as purifies air. 



3. Anthurium

7 Best Plants to Gift on World Smile Day 2023 - Anthurium


Flamingo flowers or Anthurium are plants that stay green all year round & have heart-shaped leaves that bring a cheerful atmosphere to any room. These exotic plants are not only visually appealing but also have the ability to purify air, which is why they are often chosen as thoughtful gifts. 

Anthurium comes in a wide range of colors & varieties, including chocolate, mini-red, pink, red, & more. It is the most commonly given flower or plant on World Smile Day 2023 because it represents love & friendship.


Gift your loved one an Anthurium mini red. It symbolizes love, happiness and positive energy. In a senior's room will not only liven up the area but will help purify the air. 


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4. Peace Lily:

7 Best Plants to Gift on World Smile Day 2023 - Peace Lily


The Spathiphyllum Plant, commonly known as Peace Lily is a plant that features elegant white flowers resembling the shape of a cobra hood. Although it is not a true lily, this plant from the Araceae family is drought-resistant & requires little care. The most striking thing about the flower is its spathe, which is a white closed shell that looks like a white sign of surrender. Peace flowers symbolize peace, innocence, purity, & renewal, making them an ideal gift on World Smile Day.


This plant is well-known to bring peace and harmony into your home. It is a great gift for someone who loves plants but has limited space. it helps to clean the air & easy to care.



5. Broken Heart Plant:

7 Best Plants to Gift on World Smile Day 2023 - Broken Heart Plant


A heartbreak, perhaps? No. The Monstera Adansonii, or "Broken Heart plant” is native to Central America & a member of the Araceae family.  Its heart-shaped leaves with captivating fenestration (holes) maximize exposure, to sunlight while aiding water drainage during rainfall. However, it's worth noting that its leaves are smaller & more compact compared to the Monstera Deliciosa variety. The plant's adaptability & ease of care make it an attractive & durable decoration for any space.


Gift this beautiful indoor plant that has an unique foliage with air purifying characteristics. The plant's adaptability & ease of care make it an attractive & durable decoration for any space.



6. Calathea Peacock:

7 Best Plants to Gift on World Smile Day 2023 - Calathea Peacock


Calathea Peacock, also known as Calathea Makoyana belongs to the Marantaceae family commonly referred to as the Maranta or Prayer Plant family. Like a Prayer Plant, it gracefully folds its leaves every night providing a perspective, on its captivating patterns. The olive green design of this plant & its stunning green leaves resemble the feathers of birds adorned with artistically painted stripes. Also, Calathea symbolizes a "new beginning" & is the best Smile Day gift.


Gift this beautiful Calathea Peacock with stunning foliage. This plant adds a touch of elegance and beauty to your space as well as purifies air. 



7. Money Plant Golden:

7 Best Plants to Gift on World Smile Day 2023 - Money Plant Golden


Money Plants, also known as Golden Pothos, Devil's Ivy, & Devil's Vine, are houseplants that purify the air, promote a healthy lifestyle, & act as anti-radiators. Their heart-shaped leaves provide families love, laughter, & happiness, healing broken relationships. The five leaves of a money plant are symbolic of the five aspects of Feng Shui. It is believed that positioning the plant towards the southeast would bring its owner financial success, a happy marriage, & a calm disposition.


It is known to bring good luck, prosperity and positive energy into your home. It is one of the most low maintenance plant.


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The Takeaway


On World Smile Day, giving someone a houseplant is a great way to spread pleasure & happiness that can last for months or even years. It will also serve as a reminder of the importance of small acts of generosity & the long-term impact of a genuine smile.

So, check out Greenkin for the best home plants to enjoy World Smile Day 2023. Greenkin wishes you a wonderful World Smile Day 2023!

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