Meaning and Symbolism of Lotus Flower?

Lotus Flower: What Is the Meaning and Symbolism of Lotus Flower?

Introduction to Lotus Flower


The lotus flower through ancient times has been associated with buddha. The flower is known to symbolise enlightenment across various cultures. In Hinduism, the Lotus flower represents rebirth and purity. Since the flower grows and blooms in adversities, it represents resilience and beauty despite the challenges. Having its roots in muddy waters, The lotus flower represents an aesthetical composer. 

Read on to find out more about the Lotus flower. 



Lotus Flower Characteristics  


Meaning and Symbolism of Lotus Flower? - Lotus Flower Characteristics


The lotus flower is sacred across various cultures, ranging from the Indian to the Egyptian. The flower is an aquatic one, and grows above the surface of the water. Here are some of the characteristics of the lotus flower:



Scientific Name

Nelumbo nucifera

Common Names

Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Indian Lotus, Egyptian Lotus




The plant grows in aquatic environments such as ponds, lakes, and slow-flowing river bodies. 


Native to Asia but is actively cultivated worldwide


Large, rounded leaves held above the surface of water. 

Cultural Significance

Culturally represents property, spiritual growth and resilience. Is associated with rebirth and reemergence.                            


It is a metaphorical representation of transformation and personal growth all across art literature and religion.

Economic Importance

The seeds, rhizomes and the young leaves of the Lotus plant are the edible arts that are used in culinary practices. that I used. This flower is also cultivated for ornamental purposes. 

Medicinal Properties

According to ancient medicinal practices, the Lotus plant can cure diarrhoea, fever and inflammation and is used as a general health tonic. 

Ecological Importance

The lotus plant helps in improving the water quality by upping the nutrients also provides an ecological balance


The Lotus plant grows from the rhizomes. Ideally, the Lotus plant thrives well in full sun and warm temperatures.



Different Meanings of Lotus Flower


Meaning and Symbolism of Lotus Flower? - Meanings


The flower lotus holds various meanings across different cultures and through time and texts. Here is a list of different associations that have been made with the flower:


  1. Being a symbol of purity and enlightenment
  2. Symbolising rebirth and renewal
  3. Representation of strength and resilience.
  4. Representing divine beauty
  5. Symbol of the sun
  6. Representing fertility and prosperity

  • Being a symbol of purity and enlightenment: The lotus flower has been associated with the day of three aspects of human existence, namely the body, the mind and the speech. The Lotus flower symbolises the purity of each realm. The flower is often associated with spiritual awakening, both in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • Symbolising rebirth and renewal: Did you know that a lotus flower blooms and closes everyday? This cyclical ability of the Lotus flower to open and close and add fixed intervals of time symbolises renewal and rebirth.
  • Representation of strength and resilience: The flower lotus is known to bloom in muddy waters. The beautiful flower represents resilience even when the circumstances are difficult, the flower blooms gracefully.  
  • Representing divine beauty: The lotus flower is revered for its divine grace and beauty. Across various forms of literature and art, the flower is assembled and an icon of beauty and grace.
  • Symbol of the sun: In some cultures like Egyptian culture the ancient mythology focuses on symbols of association that relate the Lotus flower to the sun. In other words, the creation. The sun god of Egyptian mythology, Ra was believed to have been created from the waters at the beginning of the creation. Similar to how the Lotus flower emerges.
  • Representing fertility and prosperity: In some cultures, the Lotus flower is associated with fertility. For instance, the Lotus flower in Hinduism is associated with Goddess Lakshmi, symbolising prosperity on one hand and fertility on another. This is often used in rituals and ceremonies that are associated with fertility.


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The Symbolism of Lotus Flower Colors


Meaning and Symbolism of Lotus Flower? - Symbolism

The different colours that the Lotus flower comes from can symbolise different things. The symbol depends upon the context. Relating to art culture or religion, the symbol of the Lotus flower varies. Here is a list of Meanings, that can be derived from the Lotus flower:

  1. The White Lotus
  2. The Pink lotus
  3. The Red lotus
  4. The Blue Lotus

  • The white Lotus: The white Lotus often is a symbol of purity and perfectionism. It represents the highest form of spiritual awakening. 
  • The pink lotus: The pink Lotus flower symbolises the purity of mind and heart. It is often associated with the feelings of innocence and fertility.
  • The red lotus: The red lotus symbolises passion and love. It is associated with the energy of the heart according to Buddhist traditions.
  • The blue lotus: The blue coloured Lotus is associated with sky and water. It symbolises wisdom and consciousness.



Benefits of Lotus Flower


There are several benefits of the Lotus flower, diversely ranging from the application point of view.

  • Home décor
  • Traditional medicinal practices
  • Ornamental uses


  • Home décor: The Lotus flower can be used as a home decor. The flower can be used as a Centrepiece, for the centre table. The bright colours of the lotus flower are very refreshing and stay Considerably fresh for longer hours if kept properly.
  • Traditional medicinal practices: According to traditional medicinal practices, there are several parts of the Lotus flower that can be used to treat diarrhoea or fever. The other parts of the Lotus plant can also be used to treat various diseases.
  • Ornamental uses: The ornamental property of the Lotus plant, Heavily relies on its Graceful flowers. If you have a small pond in your garden, You must consider placing lotus plants to keep the garden ecosystem more alive and lively.

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Home Decor Ideas with Lotus Flower


There are various ways in which one can decorate their homes with the Lotus flower. Here are some of the ways get creative:

  1. Making wall art
  2. Decorate your table centrepiece
  3. Use it in your garden pond.


  • Making wall art: You can make a resin why not using The Lotus flower. Usually This type of wall artist is made by compressing Lotus flowers and boring resin on them. This technique preserves the Lotus flower and turns them into art.
  • Decorate your table centrepiece: You can try mixing and matching various different flowers with the Lotus flower for your table centrepiece. This will help you to create a great combination of style and finnish suited to your taste.
  • Use it in your garden pond: You can use The Lotus flower in your garden pond. The Lotus grows with its rhizomes and floats on the surface of the water, making it look very statically pleasing. Also, keeping Lotus flowers in the pond helps in maintaining the ecological balance of the aquatic body. 


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To wrap it all up, The Lotus flower is a symbol of classic beauty and exquisite grace. The Lotus flower is a timeless classic. Often grown for both the ornamental purposes and having roots in traditional medicine and practices, it is versatile.  The flower is easy to grow and is a representation of resilience. To know more about all things green and plant, follow us at Greenkin.

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