Best Bohemian Plants

20 Best Bohemian Plants: Plants for Bohemian Interior Design

What is Bohemian Interior Design?


A character for the design of a bohemian apartment or an interior space is in the mix of idyllic setting of free spiritedness, eclectic, and colourful style. In the making of the setting of a bohemian-inspired interior are the elements of relaxation and rejuvenation that will bring you closer to nature. A variety of colours and textures go into play while designing a bohemian inspired space. 

Read on the Greenkin’s guide to find out the right plants and other decor items for your Bohemian Apartment.



10 Best Bohemian Plants


  1. Spider Plant
  2. Snake Plant
  3. Fiddle Leaf Fig
  4. ZZ Plant
  5. Pothos
  6. Monstera Deliciosa
  7. Succulents
  8. Alocasia
  9. Air Plants
  10. Bamboo Palm 


1. Spider Plant or Chlorophytum comosum


10 Best Bohemian Plants - Spider Plant


The Spider plants are known for their resilient and easy to care for nature, laid back and chill, making them perfect for a laid-back bohemian atmosphere. Why is it called the spider plant? Well, for starters the plantlets resemble the spiders. The arching leaves are sensational.


It is an excellent air purifier that absorbs toxins and emits abundant oxygen. Buy this low maintenance air purifier today.



2. Snake Plant or Sansevieria trifasciata


10 Best Bohemian Plants - Snake Plant


Also known as Mother-in-law's Tongue, the plant is a beauty on low maintenance; it spices things up and adds a little bit of dramatised flair to your bohemian decor. The good thing is that the plant can easily thrive in various light conditions.

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Buy the air-purifying, easy to care snake plant. Its patterned, tall, upright foliage adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. It also symbolizes good luck and positivity.



3. Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus lyrata


Best Bohemian Plants - Fiddle Leaf Fig


In all essentiality, the large, glossy leaves of the fiddle leaf fig make it a popular choice for interior decor. As for bohemian look and feel, this plant adds a tropical statement and bohemian aura. It can serve as a focal point of being a statement.


A great choice for decor that is easy to care.



4. ZZ Plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia


Best Bohemian Plants - ZZ Plant


The ZZ plants are known for their glossy, dark green leaves, uniquely modern and undoubtedly stylish. The plant is a must have in anyone looking to go bohemian indoors this season. 


Buy this aesthetic indoor plant with unique foliage. A air purifying and low maintenance worthy addition to your space.



5. Pothos or Epipremnum aureum


Best Bohemian Plants - Money Plant


Pothos is known for the cascading vines it grows in and the unique yet so familiar heart-shaped leaves, it  adds whim and brings a little bit of wild and untamed indoors. 


A beautiful duo of two distinct looking plants offering shades of green and cream.



6. Monstera Deliciosa


Best Bohemian Plants - Monstera Deliciosa


Also known by its iconic name the Swiss cheese plant, Monstera Deliciosa is an ideal choice for bohemian interiors with its beautiful green perforated leaves, the plant is a crowd pleaser. On the whole, what makes the plant special is the touch of jungle it brings to the home making it look all the way more gorgeous .


Buy this popular and our best selling indoor plant. Its brightens up the dullest corners of your rooms and a great choice for beginner plant parents.


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7. Succulents


Best Bohemian Plants - Succulents


From Aloe to Haworthia, and various other varieties of succulents in between, what they do well is that they add a definite texture and a you-are-in-the-desert vibe to your bohemian design scheme. Thoughtfully you can consider Placing them in colourful pots and planters to enhance the look, design and feel of your space. Checkout this Hawaiian White and Blue Ceramic Planters with Trays for your succulents.



8. Alocasia or African Mask Plant


Best Bohemian Plants - Alocasia


Known for their large, green and dramatic leaves, the Alocasia plants are your go to if you want to bring a tropical and exotic feel indoors and turn your apartment or space into a beachy and  bohemian interior. Alocasias like bright, indirect sunlight and would definitely make a statement in your interior decor.


Buy this exotic rare plant with unique a foliage. It has stunning arrowhead-shaped leaves with deep green leaves and pale green veins.               



9. Air Plants or Tillandsia


Best Bohemian Plants - Air Plants


Another versatile way to make your space look all the way more bohemian is  Air plants as they do not require soil to grow. Think of placing these beauties in hanging planters, or you might also consider keeping them all the while on driftwood to add that bohemian touch you are looking for.



10. Bamboo Palm or Chamaedorea seifrizii


Best Bohemian Plants - Bamboo Palm


The Bamboo palms are an excellent way for bringing a touch of tropics to your home, being a relatively low maintenance plant, the bamboo plant survives in all conditions and is easy to take care of. These plants thrive fairly in indoor spaces. 


Buy the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. 


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Bohemian Decor Ideas

In addition to plants you can bring in the following items to keep the bohemian flair going and to zip it all in together. Here are some items that will help you take a moment away for your other essentialities to bring in the look. 


  1. Vintage items and findings. 
  2. Decor with artistic touch
  3. Cultural Textiles 
  4. Wooden furniture 
  5. Playing with Textures and Colours
  6. A must have swing
  7. Thinking about Patterns

Let's expound a little bit.


  • Vintage items and findings: Boast your collection of vintage and well preserved items and finds that are handy. It will enhance the look and feel of your space, giving it more creative expression and tonality.
  • Decor with artistic touch: Say it with fun from tapestries to artwork or anything DIY you want to put on display, go ahead and mix and match. Keep on experimenting with artwork that matches the plant work. Checkout Greenkin’s collection of Wall Art Frames.
  • Cultural Textiles: Macramé, crochet, and natural fabrics are the fabrics of the season if you're considering a fabulously chic bohemian space. So, go ahead and savour some local finds at your local markets to bring out the boho spirit home.
  • Wooden furniture: Furniture plays an important factorial role in bringing all things together. So select furniture wisely. Think about chairs and tables. Or if you're just beginning you can take a chance and start small. Get a wooden plant stand crafted out of Mango wood to elevate your small plants. Get inspired and experiment. 
  • Playing with Textures and Colours: Include different species and foliages that will bring in fun and texture to your space and would create a charming touch to your bohemian design scheme.
  • A must have swing: Any Bohemian Apartment is incomplete without a swing that makes you go in relax mode, and brings out the laid back self. The popular choice is a knitted crochet swing that makes it more wild and forest-like all the way more.
  • Thinking about Patterns: The patterns that you select for the theme of the bohemian aesthetic is also important, considering that it is the bohemian look that you are after to select patterns like crochet and earthy. 


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To sum it up Bohemian Interior Design is not just a trend it can be a part of lifestyle. Including plants like succulents or palms indoors are a healthy way to uplift moods and increase the greenery around. To know more about the green, follow us at Greenkin 

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