Benefits of Companion Planting

What Is Companion Planting & Benefits of Companion Planting

Introduction of Companion Planting


Looking for a smart way to make good use of your space? Like growing dual kinds of houseplants in individual pots? Well, it can be an enjoyable watching site to see different kinds— of “companion planting” thrive together. Interested! But what is companion planting & benefits of companion planting? What are some good companion planting combinations? Let's take a look at some great plant combinations that are just waiting for you to try them!



What Is Companion Planting?


Companion planting is a structured method of gardening that promotes plant or crop growth by planting different plants together. Such a method (planting different plants next to each other) helps maximize productivity from smaller plantings while minimizing disease & pest infestations. 

For those who prefer to experiment, knowing that each unique pairing of greenery has its own benefits & cons is exciting. Choosing companion planting is no easy task. Some plant relationships are beneficial, whereas others are not. These combinations compete for soil nutrients, therefore some plants or crops may not grow well. 

Moreover, growing & adorning indoor plants like Aglaonema, Snake Plants, Anthurium, Palms, Money Plants, Philodendrons & more is common. To make these indoor plants look good, you should make a mixed indoor garden or design. However, certain plants are bad companions & shouldn't be planted together. Learn here some good combinations for companion planting.



What is an example of companion cropping?


Companion cropping, often called intercropping, involves growing two or more crops together for mutual benefit. The Three Sisters planting technique is commonly used as an example of how Native Americans, particularly those from the Iroquois group, worked. The Three Sisters are corn (Maize), beans (leguminous plants that fix nitrogen), & squash (large, spiky leaves that block weeds, keep soil moist, & give shade). This mutually beneficial connection makes the ecosystem more effective for growing things that will last & produce many benefits.

Planting different crops together allows them to benefit from one other's growth, such as pest control, nutrient cycling, & space usage. Instead of companion cropping, indoor growers focus on plant appearance & demands. Because indoor plants have different light, temperature, & water needs, it's necessary to consider them when arranging them.


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Benefits of Companion Planting


  • Visual Balance: Combining plants with different hues, textures, & growth heights can make an indoor space attractive. These combinations can fill the space with life. Vertical plant setups enhance space by displaying varied plant sizes & styles. Coordinating plants with comparable light, watering schedule, & air moisture needs improves maintenance & promotes greenery health. Similarly, choosing groups whose environmental needs are similar makes them stronger plants collectively.
  • Healthy Air Purification: Combining plant groups such as the black Dragon Snake Plant alongside the Moonshine Snake Plant has been suggested to boost ambient air quality while simultaneously modifying humidity levels naturally.
  • Cognitive Benefits of Green Spaces: Biophilic design concepts when integrating nature into enclosed settings are increasingly linked to psychological uplifts like increased tranquility & constant concentration, which boost productivity.



Good Combinations for Companion Planting


1. Lovely Pink Duo: Aglaonema Red Valentine & Aglaonema Anjamani 

Benefits of Companion Planting - Lovely Pink Duo


The Lovely Pink Duo consists of two medium-sized Aglaonema species—the Red Valentine & the Anjamani—each set up in its own pot. Each set comes with two Pot Trays, two Eco-friendly Outer Pots, two Grow Pots (each measuring five inches in diameter), & enough fertilizer pouches to last for six months. The Aglaonema Pink Dalmatian is a beautiful & easy-care plant with green & pink shades, while the Aglaonema Anjamani is a beautiful & easy-care plant with blush pink colors. This matching set will liven up any table or desktop computer or complement any of your spaces.


Buy our best selling colorful plant Aglaonema pink anjamani for your home. 



2. Black n White Snake Plants Duo: Black Dragon Snake Plant & Moonshine Snake Plant

Benefits of Companion Planting - Black and White Snake Plants


The Black n White Snake Plants Duo is a potted plant combination that includes a Black Dragon Snake Plant & a Moonshine Snake Plant. The set comes with two 5-inch circle grow pots, two eco-friendly outer pots, & two pot plates. The Black Dragon Snake Plant is a rare snake plant with dark green, almost black leaves, while the Moonshine Snake Plant has light silver-green centers & thin dark green edges. Both plants are low maintenance. The combination of these two plants creates a stunning visual effect.


Buy the stunning succulent snake plant that is low maintenance and emits high oxygen.


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3. Leave a Trail: Money Plant & Philodendron Oxycardium 

Benefits of Companion Planting - Leave a Trail


Leave a Trail is a plant set that includes two separate pots for a Money Plant & a Philodendron Oxycardium. Each set comes with two Pot Trays, two Eco-friendly Outer Pots, two Grow Pots (each approximately 5 inches in diameter), & sufficient fertilizer for six months. The Money Plant is a trailing vine with green or variegated leaves. The Philodendron Oxycardium is also a trailing vine with light green, green, cream, & yellow variegated leaves. The shiny, heart-shaped leaves have a matte look. The pair is a wonderful way to bring exotic-looking plants into your home.


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4. Money Maker Duo: Jade Plant & Money Plant 

Benefits of Companion Planting - Money Maker Duo


The Money Maker Duo is a potted plant duo designed to attract financial success & good fortune into your home or office. Each set comes with two Pot Trays, two Eco-friendly Outer Pots, two Grow Pots (each approximately 5 inches in diameter), & sufficient fertilizer for six months. The Money Plant is a trailing vine with green & variegated leaves, while the Jade Plant is mini-tree-like with thick, fleshy green oval leaves. Giving your home a beautiful touch with these easy-care plants is a great greenery decor idea.


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5. Modern Home Duo: Rubber Plant Burgundy & Fiddle Leaf Fig 

Benefits of Companion Planting - Modern Home Duo


The Modern Home Duo includes two plants, the green Rubber Plant Burgundy & the deep red Fiddle Leaf Fig. The set comes with two 8-inch Grow Pots, two 7-inch Eco-Friendly Outer Pots, two Pot Trays, & fertilizer pouches for six months. Fiddle Leaf Fig is a large-leafed plant with violin-shaped green foliage, while the Rubber Plant Burgundy is a well-liked houseplant with its large, deep maroon-green leaves. These stunningly beautiful, low-maintenance plants are great for giving your modern home a touch of class.


Buy our highest oxygen producing plant with stunning brown/burgundy leaves. A great choice for home decor that is easy to care.



6. Rarest Duo: Philodendron Narrow Escape & Philodendron Prince of Orange 

Benefits of Companion Planting - Rarest Duo


The Rarest Duo includes two indoor plants, such as Philodendron Narrow Escape & Philodendron Prince of Orange. Both plants are unique because their green leaves are serrated & they don't need much care. The set includes two Grow Pots (6 inches in diameter) & two Eco-friendly Outer Pots (7 inches in diameter). Two Pot Trays & a 6-month supply of fertilizer are included with the pots. With its unique look & easy care, the pair of green & orange plants is a lovely addition to any space.


Buy this beautiful indoor plant with green, orange leaves. It instantly enhances the aesthetic of any room with its stunn foliage.



7. Chic Duo: Philodendron Birkin & Philodendron Rojo Congo

Benefits of Companion Planting - Chic Duo


The Chic Duo includes two plants, Philodendron Birkin & Philodendron Rojo Congo, each with its own distinct shade of green, cream, & red. Two Grow Pots with a diameter of 6 inches, two Eco-friendly Outer Pots with a diameter of 7 inches, two Pot Trays, & sufficient fertilizer packets to last for six months are included in the package. Both the Philodendron Birkin & the Philodendron Rojo Congo are exotic houseplants with vivid leaf colors & low maintenance needs, respectively. This low-maintenance plant's vibrant leaf colors will bring a feeling of elegance to your contemporary home.


Buy this popular and our one of the best selling indoor plant. It has beautiful dark green leaves and its a great air purifier.


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Companion planting adds beauty & health to your plants. This eco-friendly style is both productive & aesthetically pleasing. Using plants, you can create a beautiful, demanding garden at home, regardless of your gardening skills.

Get in touch with a Greenkin expert for more information on “Companion Planting” based on special your preferences & needs.

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