How to Decorate an Eco-Friendly Ganpati

Eco-Friendly Ganpati Decoration Ideas: Ganesh Chaturthi

How to Decorate an Eco-Friendly Ganpati?


Ganesh Chaturthi is knocking at the door, and we are already in a festive mood! From lucky bamboo to fanciful orchids here’s all you can add to your Ganesh to sprinkle glimmering decor with plants all around. 



Eco-friendly Decoration Ideas for Ganpati 

Eco-friendly Decoration Ideas for Ganpati

We know that you are already planning on switching the regular Ganpati idol for having a more greener way in— an eco-friendly Ganesh idol?

The day that marks the birth of Lord Ganesh indeed should give birth in new ideas of progression. Counting his blessings with a touch of your supreme green style could be just the right balance of modernity and institution.

So how to celebrate eco-friendly Ganesha Chaturthi this year?

Read on to find out more. 



How to celebrate an eco-friendly Ganpati?

Eco-friendly Decoration Ideas for Ganpati


Here are some tips that will help you revive the eco-friendly spirit of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.


1. Switch to Plants 


Plant your way out. What is better than giving and living the gift of rejuvenating liveliness with the welcome of your favourite lord Ganesh. From the good luck bringing Lucky Bamboos and Money plants to the versatile snake plant we have a tasteful list compiled for your reference to add on the eco-friendly spirit of celebration. 

Check these plants to add to your pandal. 


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2. Select Pots for your Pandal


Pots are an added charm to your space and surroundings. Why miss out during decorating your Ganesh Pandal? From Jute to Cotton and idealistically in every size, we've got you covered. Adding a splash of colours to compliment your plant —  you are just a pot away. 

Check out these amazing pots and planters here



3. Sweeten up the Surroundings


Sweets —and in other words, sugary love. Modak! Bappa’s favourite sweet and yours too. We hope you're busy making and distributing them as prasad to friends and loved ones. 

While you were busy we handpicked seven ideas to help you decorate your Ganesh Pandal. 


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4. Light diyas

Eco-friendly Decoration Ideas for Ganpati - Light Diyas


Diyas are symbols of devotion to the supreme. Representing your hopes and aspirations to the deity, not only are Diyas a more eco-friendly alternative to regular lighting but also a more pleasing and creative suit in the process of beautifying your Ganpati idol. 



5. Flowering up the Aroma


The fresh flowers are a prerequisite to lift up your moods in the midst of festivities. From tantalising mogra to heartwarming orchids everything is welcomed when it comes to pandal decor. Not just amazing for their aroma, flowers also bring in the best of Vastu in their surroundings. Where to buy them? Here

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So, that wraps up our list of how to decorate Ganesh Pandal. Talking about the festival, being one of the most interesting and widely celebrated festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi is a grand celebration. With one of a kind pandals and chanting the scriptures the festival touches the hearts of many. As for you, make this Ganesh Chaturthi celebration unique by adding green hues of liveliness to your space. 

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