Easter Flower Gifting Idea

Easter Flower Gifting Idea: 7 Best Flowers for Easter Gifting

Introduction to the Idea of Gifting Flowers or Flowering Plants for Easter


Easter is also known as Pascha, or Resurrection Sunday. The Bible's New Testament describes Jesus' resurrection as arriving on the third day after his burial after his Roman crucifixion at Calvary, circa 30 AD. It follows Lent (sometimes called Great Lent), a forty-day season of penance, prayer, and fasting, and it is the culmination of Jesus' sacrifice. Thus, Easter Day is a celebration that symbolizes “rebirth” and “new beginnings,” as well as the arrival of spring. One beloved tradition during this time is giving flowers or flowering plants as gifts to loved ones. Flowers have always been linked to Easter due to their colors and delightful fragrances, which perfectly capture the essence of the season. So, whether it's a flower bouquet or a potted flowering plant, these floral gifts serve as a way to express love, gratitude, and renewal on Easter Day.

Let's delve into the significance of gifting flowers, why people give flowers on Easter, and which flowers or flowering plants are best to give as gifts on Easter. Let its beauty and symbolism enhance their Easter celebrations.



What is the significance of gifting a flower?


Gifting a flower or flowering plant on Easter holds symbolism. Offering these gifts represents the concept of rebirth and renewal that Easter embodies. It is a “gesture” filled with hope, new beginnings, and the inherent beauty accompanying the changing seasons. Moreover, flowers and flowering plants have the power to “bring joy and brighten up” any space, making them an ideal gift for celebrating this occasion.



Why do you give flowers on Easter?


People give flowers or flowering plants on Easter to express their "love," "gratitude," and “desire for renewal” on this day.

For centuries, it has been a cherished tradition to give gifts on Easter, symbolizing “rebirth” and “new beginnings." By presenting these gifts, people not only honor the religious significance of Easter but also “spread joy” and "beauty,” among others. Flowers and flowering plants have the ability to “uplift spirits” and “bring positivity," making them a perfect choice for celebrating this occasion.


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The Best Flowers to Give as a Gift on Easter Day


Explore the meaning of the best flowers to give as a gift on Easter Day. Each flowering plant conveys a unique message and communicates beautifully without saying a word. Here are some of the potted flowering plants to give as Easter gifts:

  1. Peace Lily White Stripe Plant
  2. Anthurium Pink Plant
  3. Anthurium White Plant
  4. Anthurium Mini Red Plant
  5. Anthurium Chocolate Plant
  6. Peace Lily Golden Plant
  7. Ground Orchid Purple White Plant


1. Peace Lily White Stripe Plant:


Easter Flower Gifting Idea - Peace Lily White Stripe Plant


The Peace Lily White Stripe is a good choice for an Easter gift because of its white blooms, which represent “purity” and “new beginnings." Its lush green foliage also symbolizes “hope” and "renewal," making it a meaningful and beautiful present to share with loved ones on this day.


An Adorable plant, Peace Lily White Stripe add a lot of flair to your space [/product]



2. Anthurium Pink Plant:


Easter Flower Gifting Idea - Anthurium Pink Plant


The Anthurium Pink Plant is another option for an Easter gift. Its pink flowers symbolize “love” and "affection," adding warmth and joy to any celebration. Additionally, its glossy green leaves signify “resilience” and "strength," making it a thoughtful and uplifting present for loved ones during this season.


Buy this stunning and one of our best selling indoor plant. It has long lasting beautiful pink flowers. It also symbolises love and good luck.



3. Anthurium White Plant:


Easter Flower Gifting Idea - Anthurium White Plant


The anthurium white makes for a gift during Easter. This floral choice not only captivates with its beauty but also carries profound meanings that align perfectly with the themes of Easter. Its graceful white flowers symbolize “purity” and “new beginnings," perfectly capturing the essence of this occasion. Moreover, the plant's lush foliage adds a touch to any space, making it an exceptional and heartfelt present for loved ones on Easter.


Gift this long lasting floral plant that symbolises love and good luck. Its long-lasting white flowers enhances the beauty of any space.                                     [/product]



4. Anthurium Mini Red Plant:


Easter Flower Gifting Idea - Anthurium Mini Red Plant


For an Easter gift, consider the Anthurium plant variety called Anthurium Mini Red Plant. Its vibrant red flowers represent “love” and "passion," infusing warmth and energy into any environment. Additionally, its compact size makes it ideal for spaces or as a centerpiece on the Easter table.


Buy this beautiful and best selling anthurium mini red. It has long lasting attractive red flowers and symbolises love and good luck.



5. Anthurium Chocolate Plant:


Easter Flower Gifting Idea - Anthurium Chocolate Plant


Looking for a delightful Easter gift? The Anthurium chocolate plant is a choice. Its deep chocolate brown-maroon foliage resembles chocolate treats, adding a touch of sweetness to any setting. This plant requires maintenance, making it perfect for those with busy schedules.


Buy this gorgeous indoor plant with brown chocolate coloured flowers. Anthurium Chocolate is a NASA-certified air-purifying plant.               



6. Peace Lily Golden Plant:


Easter Flower Gifting Idea - Peace Lily Golden Plant


The Peace Lily Golden is a great choice for an Easter gift. Its elegant white flowers symbolize “purity” and "peace," making it a meaningful present for this holiday. This plant does not add beauty to any room. It also improves the air quality, creating a healthier living environment.



7. Ground Orchid Purple White Plant:


Easter Flower Gifting Idea - Ground Orchid Purple White Plant


The Ground Orchid purple white is a perfect option for an Easter gift. Its green-colored foliage and lavender-pink blooms add a touch of elegance and liveliness to any space. These plants are known for their resilience and low maintenance, making them suitable for both experienced gardeners and beginners.


A beautiful flowering plant to grow at your home.



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Easter is a celebration of joy that represents beginnings and the arrival of spring. Gifting flowers or flowering plants on Easter Day carries symbolism, symbolizing the rebirth and renewal that this holiday embodies. These plants have the power to bring joy and brighten up any space, making them an ideal gift to celebrate this occasion.

Some great options for Easter gifts are the Peace Lily White Stripe, Anthurium Pink, Anthurium White, Anthurium Mini Red Plant, Anthurium Chocolate Plant, Peace Lily Plant, and Ground Orchid Purple White. Each flowering plant has its own unique symbol. When you give these plants as gifts, you not only celebrate the importance of Easter but also bring happiness and beauty to those receiving them. So, surprise your loved ones with this Greenkin enchanting plant.

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