The Avatar Connection: Using Indoor Gardens as a Form of Meditation

The Avatar Connection: Using Indoor Gardens as a Form of Meditation

The Avatar Connection: Using Indoor Gardens 


Looking for a meditation practice that's different from everything you've tried? Like "nature-based fictional meditations," or are you more interested in creative ways to be mindful? If so, let's try something frictional.

When you were watching Avatar, didn’t you wonder how it would feel to fly through the bioluminescent forest on Pandora? Didn’t you feel connected? Or how about the floating mountains? They are on the planet. Although it may seem unlikely, you can have this experience in your living room without any advanced technology by just adding plants. Just picture having your own Pandora haven.

Even though it's not quite Pandora, an indoor garden or greenhouse brimming with tropical plants and flowers can give the impression of a private forest. Like the Na'vi, we can try to keep our connection with nature strong by taking care of plants in pots, planting flowers, and creating food gardens. And, despite its humble origins (grocery store plants), my small "jungle" is mine. It’s protected. It’s total, complete relaxation. Right? How do they help in mediation, though? Well, science has some ideas. Continue reading to learn more.



The Science Behind Houseplants

The Avatar Connection: Using Indoor Gardens as a Form of Meditation


Before we begin, it's important to understand the science behind houseplants. Houseplants, like the magical plants on Pandora, release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, which serves to purify the air and soothe the human mind. According to research, exposure to nature, particularly indoor plants, can reduce stress, boost mood, and even increase cognitive capacity.




The Connection To Avatar


If you've seen James Cameron's epic blockbuster Avatar, you'll know that the Na'vi people of Pandora are connected to their environment through a sacred entity known as the Tree of Souls. We can create our own sacred space in our houses, where we live, by having houseplants present. These fountains of lush green remind us of nature and connect us deeply to our environment.


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From Avatar's Bioluminescence to Houseplants: Indoor Garden Meditation with Researched Benefits

The Avatar Connection: Using Indoor Gardens as a Form of Meditation


Why "Avatar"? My opinion is that this idea should be part of the project because the glowing plants in the film offer the Na'vi a stronger bond with their surroundings. Although we lack bioluminescent plants, we can achieve a similar effect using imaginative lighting approaches. Not only will the use of LED grow lights (based on the plant's specific condition) improve plant development, but their glow will also act as a wonderful night light, helping to recreate the experience of wandering through Pandora's enchanting forest.

Second, spending time with your plants can help you achieve meditation. Meditation can be practiced by actively participating in tasks like watering, pruning, or simply observing their growth. There is also some psychological & scientific evidence to suggest that serotonin & dopamine, the brain chemicals responsible for relaxation & happiness, are released in the brain when an individual engages in plant-based activities.

Numerous studies show that having house plants can work as a type of meditation. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology concluded that engaging with indoor plants considerably reduces physiological & psychological stress. Furthermore, studies at the University of Michigan have demonstrated that nature, even houseplants, helps concentration & memory.



Ways to Create a Mediation Practice Connection with Your Customized Fictional Avatar

The Avatar Connection: Using Indoor Gardens as a Form of Meditation


1. Make a smart plant pick:


Choose an indoor plant that symbolizes your personality & way of life. For example, the peace lily, the snake plant, the spider plant, & more are all great house plants because they are easy to care for & get rid of pollution quickly.



2. Listen to your garden:


Undoubtedly, maintain mental clarity while planting & gardening, & transform your gardening experience into a form of reflection. Mindfully focus on the present moment. As you care for your indoor garden, imagine the feel of the soil between your fingers, the smell of the plants, & the sound of the water.



3. Get creative with lighting:


Use creative lighting to set the mood in your yard. As an experiment, try using LED grow lights that look like the bioluminescent plants on Pandora.



4. Calm your nerves with deep breaths (just like the Ikran):


How do these magical plant sidekicks work? Like Tsu'tey communicating with Eywa through seeds & plants to save his tribe, science meets your nose.

Close your eyes & imagine riding a colorful Na'vi Ikran with wind on your face. Feel your stress melt away in the misty morning air. What other stress-relieving things exist? Scents from certain lovely plants can relieve depression & anxiety. It helps with anxiety & is perfect for unwinding after a hard day. Want to relax? Take a deep breath & inhale the fragrance of plants to feel your worries melt away like raindrops on the ground.


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Using your home (room or any space) garden to connect with Pandora may help you unwind. Take a deep breath in and out, and slowly let the sparkling Na'vi light calm you down. Love how Na'vi's music makes you feel like you're in a virtual world? So, try Na'vi music to calm down! To calm your mind and improve your health, do mindfulness or meditation techniques. Don't forget that these are tools. You can change them however you wish for. Meditate while listening to songs with a Pandora theme. Use names from the Na'vi to name your plants! Overall, find your personal "Neytiri" of peace and serenity in the home garden.

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