Seasonal Corporate Plant Gifting Ideas

Seasonal Corporate Plant Gifting Ideas

Introduction to Seasonal Corporate Plant Gifting


Plants at work are great! Gifting plants has become a timeless ritual in a world of eco-friendly or sustainable lifestyle practices options. Plants communicate to people more meaningfully than most gifts, whether for a corporate or personal event. Some companies, like ours (Greenkin), include sustainability in their purpose.

I watch people wrap a plant and give it to someone else with effort, care, and personal value. Moreover, giving plants, whether personal or office, is a simple gesture to wish receivers and their employer growth like thanking employees, and acknowledging important occasions.

And/or giving workplace or client plants could say: "I care about our environment and take sustainability seriously".Well, what about more uniqueness like seasonal corporate plant gifting? A season can help choose plants that communicate the proper mood and thrive in a certain climate. 

This article includes Greenkin corporate plant gifts for summer, winter, monsoon, and spring. Just below this, you'll find information about seasonal corporate plant gifting, including why you should give them, the benefits they provide, the optimum times of year to plant certain types of plants, current trends, care instructions, gifting ideas, and more.


The Benefits of Corporate Plant Gifting for Businesses


Office gifts are consistent symbols of warmth, or the ability to charm someone by a quality or promise. In a world of gifts, plants remain popular. Each plant kind has a culture or symbolic significance that ties it to the sender or recipient. Some of the other benefits of corporate plant gifting for businesses:


  • Gifting helps corporations create their own unique identities. It shows their personality and principles of sustainability.
  • Plants create trellis-level communication lines and giving a plant to a coworker, client, or customer strengthens the relationship. Plant gifts go beyond "Thank you" and give your business a family feel.
  • Versatility makes plants wonderful gifts. Plants suit all recipients and adapt to any setting. For example, potted succulents and other small plants are nice workplace gifts. 
  • Plants at the workplace enhance productivity, creativity and a fresh environment. Since green is a soothing and uplifting colour, its verdant appearance is often a positive. 
  • Unlike flower bouquets or other traditional gifts, plants are everlasting gifts that recipients will always remember when they care for or observe them.


Why Seasonal Corporate Plant Gifting is a Good Idea


Plants are a beautiful corporate gift idea that can help demonstrate appreciation, celebrate achievements, or simply improve the aesthetics of a work environment. When you consider plants for corporate gifts, you need to consider not just the kind of plants but also the season they are gifted in. Four seasons, as we know, shape our climate—summer, winter, monsoon, and spring. And, of course, when you gift a plant in a certain season, it will set the right kind of vibes because every season carries its own symbolism. 

Greenkin has a wide collection of ideal plant gifts for your corporation in the right season. For holidays, business anniversaries, company festivities, and when you just want to say "thank you" to a colleague or client with a plant gift. 


1. Spring Corporate Plant Gifting Ideas


When everything is in full bloom in the spring, that's when plants seem most beautiful. Spring represents new beginnings and fresh beginnings. Spring offers sunshine, warmth, and daylight after the long, dark, cold winter. Nevertheless, plants are a wonderful token of appreciation for a client, business partner, or employee's upcoming professional life phase since they symbolise the hope for renewal and rebirth that spring offers. 

Discover the best spring plants to offer as corporate gifts, including the most trendy spring plant gifting ideas for 2024, how to care for spring plants at work, and innovative eco-friendly spring plant gift-packaging ideas.


Best Spring Plants for Corporate Gifts:


1. Lucky Bamboo Plant:

Lucky Bamboo Plant

This spring is great for lucky-bamboo gifting, India's most gifted corporate indoor plant. The number of stalks influences the lucky bamboo's meaning, but it ultimately symbolises wealth, happiness, and longevity. 

2. Birkin Plant:



The Philodendron 'Birkin' Plant is a beautiful houseplant with glossy, heart-shaped leaves that transform from green to variegated dark green. Its lush foliage represents progress and personal development, making it a lovely corporate spring gift.

3. Broken Heart Plant:

Broken Heart Plant

The "Broken Heart Plant"—named for its striking holes in the leaf blade—would be a lovely gift for anyone starting a new chapter this spring. Many people use the plant's symbolic meaning to heal and strengthen their emotions.


Spring Plant Gifting Trends for 2024


Spring is the best gardening season. A gardening equipment gift set is a great spring trendy corporation gift.  Another is a personalised planter with the corporate logo and message. Biodegradable pots made from waste materials such as coconut coir, olive pits, and bamboo are other excellent trendy choices. The biodegradable planter like a wooden mango planter makes this gift incredibly environmentally friendly. Last, but not least, workshop trends like giving your employees a fresh plant to care for and watching office morale and oxygen levels rise. 


How to Care for Spring Plants in the Office


Plants become energetic and grow in spring. They require additional watering and fertilising. To keep workplace plants healthy and happy in spring, execute the following care tips often and properly.


  1. Give plants enough light. Put them near a window or artificial light if needed. 
  2. Water them regularly but sparingly. Check soil moisture before watering. 
  3. Maintain proper humidity, especially in air-conditioned rooms. Use a humidifier if necessary.
  4. Keep fertilising houseplants at least once per month. Water them well afterwards. 
  5. Dust can inhibit photosynthesis, so keep the plant's foliage clean.
  6. Trim-damaged or wilted foliage to boost new growth and appearance. 
  7. When plants outgrow their containers, repotting in the spring season is best.


    Eco-Friendly Spring Plant Gift Packaging Ideas


    Do not use plastic to wrap plants. Instead, use recycled paper or natural fibres. To make a better impression, explain to the recipient how to care for your plants or flowering plants with detailed step-by-step instructions. Whether it's at the recipient's office, home, or garden, this eco-friendly spring plant gift packaging is sure to be an eye-catcher. 


    2. Summer Corporate Plant Gifting Ideas


    Summer's long days and lively energy evoke warmth, optimism, and delight. Sending a sunny-loving plant shows gratitude for the strong relationships and common goals that fuel company expansion. Moreover, when the high-heat globe's climate seems unpleasant, it's an easy way to show green compassion. 

    Explore the best summer plants for offices, find out how to care for them in a business setting, and get creative with personalised summer plant gifts for corporate occasions.


    Top Summer Plants for Office Spaces


    1. Jade Plants:

    Jade Plants

    Jade plants are usually portrayed as a living piggy bank, indicating earned wealth. They also make excellent summer plant gifts for business clients, creating a peaceful greenery atmosphere during the hot, dry months.


    2. Snake Plants:

    Snake Plants

    The snake plant is sturdy, resulting in, the best summer plant gift for office workers. This plant can be cultivated in practically any indoor environment from low to high light settings. The snake plant doesn't need much water and can live without water for lengthy periods without harm.


      3. ZZ Plants:

      ZZ Plants

      ZZ plants produce round rhizomes that store water, making them interesting summer plant gifts for office clients to create a calm, cool greenery space in the dry plant season.


      Unique Summer Plant Gifting Ideas for Clients and Employees



      Maintaining Summer Plants in a Corporate Environment


      Due to the nation's high temperatures (above 40°C), you must pay extra attention to your plants, especially plants that often have dry soil conditions. Some basic ways to maintain summer plants in a corporate environment are:


      • First, arrange potted plants to avoid direct sunlight or away from hot glass windows to avoid scorching. 
      • Most importantly, water deeply and consistently to prevent soil drying. Watering demands vary by plant type and garden size. Also, avoid waterlogging.
      • It Is best to water your plants in the morning to prevent evaporation. Soil has more time to absorb water before the sunrise. If plants feel dry, water again after sunset. Avoid watering in the afternoons since the plant may evaporate before absorbing it.
      • Avoid stagnant water. Summer mosquitoes in India are deadly. Water in saucers or trays under planters can grow mosquito larvae and fungus.
      • Clean and prune plant leaves periodically. Summer can hinder photosynthesizing since we open more doors and windows for fresh air. Thus, clean leaves by wiping leaves with a moist towel. 
      • Summer plants grow faster, so repot them if they reach the top of their pots. 


      Personalised Summer Plant Gifts for Corporate Events


      • Personalise summer plant gifts for corporate events by imprinting the company's logo on pots and a small encouraging or ‘thank you’ note. 
      • Add biodegradable eco-series pots, and planting medium and write a customised note about sustainable methods.


      3. Monsoon Corporate Plant Gifting Ideas


      The return of the monsoon in most regions of the nation represents a long-awaited regeneration. Monsoon season brings soothing showers and lush greenery. Certain monsoon plants are ideal corporate plant gifts in this humid and rainy season. Plants are some of the best choices due to their appearance, ease of care, and positive messages.


      Best Monsoon Plants for Corporate Gifts


      1. Peace Lily:

      Peace Lily

      Gifting a peace lily as a corporate plant is a great way to show your support for a loved one going through a tough time, as the monsoon season is often associated with new beginnings and the plant itself is a symbol of peace and remembrance.


      2. Lotus Bamboo:

      Lotus Bamboo

      Bamboo plants are the most gifted indoor plants in India, and this monsoon is boosting the Lotus bamboo corporate gifting craze. Bamboo symbolises life and longevity, while lotus symbolises purity and good fortune, making Lotus bamboo a powerful symbol of luck and happiness.


      3. Pothos:


      Pothos or Money Plants are popular because they are easy to care for, beautiful trailing monsoon corporate gifts plants. They flourish in shade and symbolise abundance. And there is no nicer office plant or better way to enjoy the monsoon indoors with its cascading effect.


        Monsoon Plant Gifting Trends for 2024


        1. The rainy season plant gift kit trends include instructions for caring for plants that thrive in humid conditions.
        2. Another trend is sustainable awareness activities like planting a plant for a green future, Do-it-yourself Planting activities that are easy to assemble and include basic instructions, encouraging participation in the program, and more. 
        3. Another trend is to package a biodegradable potted plant in burlap or jute instead of plastic. 


          How to Care for Monsoon Plants in the Office


          Indoor plant care has challenges and opportunities during the monsoon season. However, increased humidity and rainfall affect plant maintenance. Humidity can harm plants if left uncontrolled. But with a little more care in the monsoon season, your plants can thrive. If you're new to houseplant care, these tips will help you keep them healthy until the next dry season:


          • Proper drainage, not overwatering, and root rot prevention are essential for houseplants during monsoon season.
          • Check humidity to avoid overwatering plants. Use a dehumidifier or moisture-absorbing materials in plant rooms to lower humidity. 
          • If possible, open the windows. In the monsoon, indoor plants need fresh air and ventilation. 
          • Fungi thrive in damp monsoon weather, so beware. Fungus gnats won't bother your plants if you don't water more during the rain. 
          • Monitor plants on plates or saucers to prevent pest infestation.


          Eco-Friendly Monsoon Plant Gift Packaging Ideas


          When giving plants as gifts, be sure the packaging is sustainable and can hold moisture and humidity. Waterproof, eco-friendly plant packaging relies on biodegradable pots. Try any of these eco-friendly monsoon plant gift packaging ideas: 


          • Put your plant in a 'plantable' container, like coconut coir, which can be planted in the ground after its use.
          • Line your packing box with waterproof material, like natural wax paper or a compostable plastic line.
          • Wrap the pot in biodegradable hessian, which adds a nice touch and can be reused (or repurposed as a weed-choker).


          4. Winter Corporate Plant Gifting Ideas


          Winter is associated with deeper moral meanings, such as symbolises resilience, self-analysis, and rejuvenation. A plant that keeps its leaves in winter symbolises optimism and hope, making it a great corporate gift. Winter also symbolises rest (dormancy), when plants appear dormant but are alive and preparing for spring blooming. Moreover, many plants produce anthocyanins in reaction to environmental stimuli, resulting in bright autumn foliage in winter.

          Discover the best winter plants for corporate gifts, holiday celebrations, indoor care, and VIP client gifts.


          Top Winter Plants for Corporate Gifting


          1. Anthurium Plants:

          Anthurium Plants

          Anthurium plants, tropical flowering plants with varied glossy leaves and heart-shaped foliage, are perfect for winter corporate plant gifts since their vibrant colours blossom throughout the winter, creating a soothing atmosphere. 

          2. Aglaonema Plants:

          Aglaonema Plants

          Aglaonema is also known as Chinese evergreen, a term that notes its efficacy in feng shui. Its evergreen leaves represent innocence, nature, and positive energy. Similar to anthurium plants, this plant also makes a lovely winter corporate plant gift due to its vibrant winter blooms, which have an aura of calmness.

          3. Chamaedorea Palm:

          Chamaedorea Palm

          The Chamaedorea palm's feather-like green leaves, extensively split into segments emerging from slender stalks called fronds, symbolises strength and luck. Due to its relaxing lush foliage in winter, this plant makes an exquisite winter corporate plant gift.


            Winter Plant Gifting for Holiday Celebrations


            Sending houseplants that thrive in cooler climates is a thoughtful way to express 'happy holidays' during the winter season. Festive pots and décor boost the holiday cheer. Consider imprint pots that communicate "a great year ahead" and "Merry Christmas." Using red, green, and gold for this festival is the most traditional.


            How to Keep Winter Plants Thriving Indoors


            Plants are ready for dormancy in the fall season. They must gradually adjust without disrupting their systems. Like in nature, they must feel cooler temperatures, shorter days, and dimmer (low) light and adapt accordingly. Thus, you reduce watering and avoid fertilisation to simulate life cycle fluctuations. Also, dormant plants need less light, whereas active plants in our houses need direct sunlight. However, follow the basic care guide to keep plants thriving indoors in winter:


            • Water only when the soil dries to avoid root rot. 
            • Avoid planting plants near heaters or vents to regulate indoor temperatures. 
            • Winter lowers indoor humidity, so use a humidifier or mist your plants. 
            • Wiping leaves with a moist towel keeps plants dust-free.


            Luxury Winter Plant Gift Ideas for VIP Clients


            • Beautiful, air-purifying, low-maintenance glass terrarium plants make great luxury winter plant gifts for VIPs. These small, interesting ecosystems in glass containers make year-round indoor gardening fun.


            Second, promoting a company's sustainable practices could be achieved by gifting elite luxury holiday gifts like wellness plant combos (Colorful Philos Combo, Big Leaf Calatheas, Tropical Paradise) with gardening kits. Being environmentally and customer-friendly makes a company stand out. A company that leads with nature, life, and "paying it forward" is a great conversation starter if its plants speak for it.
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