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Goodluck Charm Combo

Goodluck Charm Combo

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This Good Luck Charm Combo of three plants adds shades of green, golden and cream to your space. This combo has three plants in individual pots with trays.

What You Get:

- Set of 3 Plants:

- Jade Plant (Medium)

- Money Plant (Medium)

- Aglaonema Plant (Medium)

- Set of 3 eco-friendly Pots (6 inches diameter)

- 3 Grow Pots (5 inches diameter)

- 3 Pot Trays

- Fertilizer Pouches for 6 months use

* The Varieties of plants in the combo will be subject to availability

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About Goodluck Charm Combo

A Garden in a Box gives you a specially curated selection of two or more plants which complement each other adding a beautiful dimension to your space. The Good Luck Charm Combo contains three plants in individual pots offering stunning variegated foliage as well as air-purifying capabilities. The box contains:

- Jade Plant: The Jade Plant is an elegant and appealing plant that has a miniature tree-like appearance. Jade Plant has pearl-like oval-shaped fleshy leaves growing on brown thick branches.

- Money Plant: A trailing vine offering variety of green and cream colored foliage. The leaves are glossy and heart-shaped.

- Aglaonema Plant: A gorgeous plant offering a variety of colorful and patterened foliage. The leaves sprout off beautiful and sometimes colorful stems.

If you are looking for good luck plants with beautiful foliage, it is the one to add to your space. The complete care details of the plants could be found on their individual pages.

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