Interesting Facts About the Lucky Bamboo Plant

Interesting Facts About the Lucky Bamboo Plant

'Lucky Bamboo' is a centuries-old indoor plant that includes ancient cultures, practices, cultural meanings, and amazing beauty. Did you know that bamboo creates 35% more oxygen than trees? True! 

Let’s explore more about the Lucky Bamboo Plant's captivating world to discover a century-old mythology based on facts. Since there are so many good reasons to keep the Lucky Bamboo stalks, let's explore their magical world.



Characteristics of the Lucky Bamboo Plant




Botanical Name

Dracaena sanderiana

Common Name

Curly Bamboo, Chinese Water Bamboo, Friendship Bamboo, Ribbon Plant


Asparagaceae (Asparagus family)


Central Africa


Lance-shaped leaves on slender stalks

Growth Habit

Can be trained to make spirals, braids, or other creative shapes.

Light Requirements

Thrives in bright and indirect light.

Water Requirements

Can grow in either soil or water. If in water, change the water every week.

Symbolism (Feng Shui)

Brings good luck, wealth, happiness, health, and prosperity.



Facts about the Lucky Bamboo Plant 


Explore some of the most interesting facts on Lucky Bamboo plants globally:


Fact 1 – Cultural Roots: 


Interesting Facts About the Lucky Bamboo Plant - Cultural Roots


Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) has deep cultural roots in China and other Asian countries, although it was originally found in Africa.

Indians call bamboo Kalpavriksha ("divine tree") due to its many uses in human life. Over 5,000 years old, Rigveda mentions bamboo first. It represents constancy, fidelity, integrity, and purity, inspiring emotional and spiritual living.

Due to its cultural significance, Chinese people consider bamboo a friend. In Chinese tradition, Lucky Bamboo also symbolises good fortune, prosperity, and resilience. This is why it has always been an excellent gift in Chinese culture. It can also act as a decorative component in your home, adding both simplicity and beauty. 



Fact 2 – Feng Shui and Symbolic Meaning: 


Following Feng Shui concepts, having Lucky Bamboo around can bring harmony and balance to the space via energy flow (Chi). The Chinese symbol for lucky bamboo is "fu gwey zhu." The word "fu" indicates luck and fortune, "gwey" represents power and honour, and "zhu" means bamboo.

The bamboo plant is associated with many different meanings and messages. The form, number of stalks, and type of lucky bamboo pot you use all have an impact on a certain aspect of your life. The lucky bamboo plant is considered to bring good luck, fortune, and prosperity to its owner. 



Fact 3 – Number Power: 


Interesting Facts About the Lucky Bamboo Plant - Number Power


Lucky Bamboo also relies on the power of numbers. The number of stalks in your plant directly affects the kind of luck you obtain. 

The number of lucky bamboo stalks has different meanings and significance. 

  • One stalk  of lucky bamboo: A symbol of “strength” and "fortune." It is also often given as a business gift.
  • Two stalks of lucky bamboo: A symbol of “love” and "relationships." It is often given to express “love” to partners, friends, and family members.
  • Three stalks of lucky bamboo: This is considered a powerful arrangement symbol of "happiness," “long life," and "wealth." It is the most popular arrangement in feng shui.
  • Four stalks of lucky bamboo: This is not often given, as it is considered impolite. Since the number four sounds like death in Chinese culture.
  • Five stalks of lucky bamboo: This is the symbol of attracting a “healthy vibe” and helping “maintain wellness on all fronts.”.
  • Six stalks of lucky bamboo: A symbol of “success” and "luck." Also, six is a multiple of three (a powerful arrangement symbol in double amounts).
  • Seven stalks of lucky bamboo: This is considered “lucky” and represents the “balance of all aspects of chi energy.”.
  • Eight stalks of lucky bamboo: A symbol of "prosperity," "growth," and "fertility.”.
  • Nine stalks of lucky bamboo: a symbol of "success," "luck," and "well-being," as they triple the good fortune associated with a three-stalk arrangement.
  • Ten stalks of lucky bamboo: A symbol of “completion and satisfaction” associated with the completion of a cycle and achievement.
  • Twenty-one stalks of lucky bamboo: A symbol of “stable wealth," "health," "safety," and “bring seven times (three-stalk arrangement) more happiness and good energy.



Fact 4 – Health and wellbeing: 


Beyond its symbolic value in Chinese culture, Lucky Bamboo provides many beneficial effects. It is a restorative plant capable of purifying the air. It is known to eliminate formaldehyde and benzene from the air, making the environment healthier. Luck probably follows good air quality.



Fact 5 – Visual appeal and low maintenance: 


Interesting Facts About the Lucky Bamboo Plant - Visual appeal and low maintenance


Lucky bamboo requires little care and attention, as a weekly water change and indirect sunlight are sufficient to keep it alive. Due to its beauty and versatility, Lucky Bamboo can be used anywhere. The foliage and long stalks can be displayed in a variety of creative ways, whether alone in a plain glass vase or a majestic container adorned with complex ornaments. Lucky bamboo is available in a variety of sizes and can be pruned to get the desired look.



Fact 6 – Gift of Fortune: 


Giving lucky bamboo as a gift has long been a popular ritual. It is used as a sign of good fortune to wish for wealth, happiness, long-term friendship, and peace. A smart way to convey your sincere thoughts without using words is with this simple yet important gift. 





Lucky bamboo represents resilience and persistence, two traits humans have admired for generations. For thousands of years, the Chinese, Japanese, and others have cherished the Lucky Bamboo plant, which symbolises luck, happiness, and wealth. Whether you get it as a gift or keep it at home, the Lucky Bamboo plant's symbolism and cultural beliefs are amazing. Even if you don't care what a number implies, you can grow Lucky Bamboo for its elegant beauty and natural air purification. Its sturdy stalks and beautiful green foliage make it a great addition to any house, garden, or office!

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