15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas

15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas



If you're seeking to liven up an empty or dull wall, consider installing an indoor plant wall. Indoor living walls consist of plants that grow vertically on a structure's interior or exterior with or without soil use. They are a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly way to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, and decorative plants indoors and outdoors. Keeping your design looking as lush and beautiful as the day it was placed doesn't require a green thumb.

Learn how to decorate a dull wall with the best creative indoor plant wall decor ideas. Also, explore how to make your plant wall decor with the basic guidelines of caring throughout the year.



Best 15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 


Using Greenkin Featured Collections of Air Purifying Plants, Low-Maintenance Plants, Pet-Friendly PlantsIndoor PlantsTrending 25 PlantsIndoor Flowering PlantsColorful PlantsCreepers Climbers and more in Greenkin collection, you can build a unique wall panel due to the wide range of colours and textures available. 

Let’s refine your design with minimal energy by hanging your garden in the main places like the living room, bedroom, or home office wall. Learn 15 indoor plant wall decor ideas to liven up your dull wall space:


1. Plant-filled living wall:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Plant Filled Living Wall


The combination of plants with different textures and colours on the living wall gives it a sustainable, slightly natural look. Be sure to provide enough room between plants and growth space if you build a living wall.

Choose plants with similar care requirements because they will be watered, given sunlight, and fertilised at the same time. Climbing and trailing plants like pothos and philodendron make excellent options because they are hardy, versatile, and require no specialised care.



2. Different-sized potted plants on floating shelves:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Different-sized potted plants with floating shelves


Floating shelves provide maximum space and elegance. These highly versatile shelves are ideal for displaying your favourite greenery in any space, including the kitchen and the study. Some floating shelves with potted plants of various sizes optimised both space and design. Choose from X-large plants to small plants to create a dynamic and versatile arrangement that suits your style.



3. Wall Hanging with Decorative Air Plants: 


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Wall Hanging with Decorative Air Plants


Adding air plant wall art to your home is a great way to improve the air quality while also adding style and a touch of modernity. Our remarkable collection of air-purifying plants puts a wide variety of options for houseplants at your fingertips. Imagine bringing the serenity of nature right into your home or business with these breathtaking reflections of nature.



4. Eco series terrarium wall display:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Eco series terrarium wall display


Create a terrarium wall display in your house by growing plants in eco-friendly pots. Fill such a display with Aglaonema or Snake plant to create miniature ecosystems and bring a little fiction into your living space. These wall ideas are great for adding a tiny, organic vibe to confined locations such as restrooms and offices.



5. Different-type moss art:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Different type moss art


Moss wall art featuring a variety of plant species is a great way to add a touch of natural elegance to any room. Plants like Aglaonema, Snake plant or more indoor plants, when added to moss as either a showpiece or an elegant accent, can completely change the vibe of a space.



6. Wall separator ith wall diverse plants:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Wall separator ith wall diverse plants


Make your space more interesting and add some greenery by dividing it with a living wall made of different plant types. Add some greenery and aesthetic appeal to the wall by planting Anthurium Plants, Palms, Money Plants, or Philodendrons. In an open floor plan, you can use the wall to create a smaller, personalised area or to partition off a larger one.



7. Plants in wire baskets:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Plants in wire baskets


Wire baskets are an excellent way to display low-maintenance plants such as pothos, spider plants, and English ivy. Just line the basket with plastic before placing it, and add some wall hooks. Almost any kind of basket works perfectly.



8. Vertical Herb Garden for the Kitchen Wall:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Vertical herb garden for the kitchen wall


Decorate your kitchen or patio with ease by constructing a vertical planter or a cluster of smaller pots. This kitchen wall planter is perfect for growing common culinary herbs like thyme, rosemary, and basil.



9. Wall-mounted felt pocket planters:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Wall mounted felt pocket planters


This hanging plant holder is ideal for individuals seeking a stylish way to showcase and care for their plants. The varied planters, flanged at the top and hung on a hook over the rod, are ideal for ivy, evergreens, and other plants. These will operate well in both indoor and outdoor environments.



10. Living wall art with a frame:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Living all part with frame


Containers and frames (art wall frames) made of wood, cork, metal, plants, and other materials can be used to create living walls that perfectly complement the design and feel of your home.



11. Plant hangers in boho style:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Plant hangers in boho style


Create a lovely, personalised plant hanger. Just rope or cable and artistic ideas. Choose a design that showcases your amazing personality in a handcrafted plant holder! Additionally, hanging macramé planters filled with pet-friendly plants will add a bohemian touch to your decor.



12. Plant-lovers' gallery walls:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Plant lovers gallery walls


Plant enthusiasts can express their passion by displaying plants in galleries. Choose and hang an artistic collage that symbolises your love of all things green, such as hanging planters, vegetable photos, and, of course, plants.



13. Climbing Plant Trellis:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Climbing plant trellis


Consider adding a trellis to provide height and a focal point for a plain fence. For a more vertical effect, attach the vine to the fence and train climbing plants to grow it. Choose a trellis that matches your desired style, and then add a touch of fantasy with spinning fairy lights.



14. Plant Shadow Boxes:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Plant shadow boxes


Attach shadow boxes to the wall and fill them with miniature potted plants or flowers. Arrange the plants inside the boxes to create depth and dimension, creating an intriguing and vibrant sight.



15. Pallet wall garden:


15 Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas - Pallet wall garden


Make a beautiful and eco-friendly pallet wall garden by reusing a wooden pallet and placing several planters or flower pots on it. And then planting herbs, flowers, or succulents around them.



How to Care While Decorating a Wall 


To maintain the health and lifespan of your plants, you must consider a few key elements when caring for the indoor plant wall:


  • Choosing the right plants: Consider the amount of light that penetrates your wall and choose plants that thrive in similar conditions. Choose low-maintenance plants if you're new to gardening or have a busy schedule. For an elegant look, use décor that descends naturally or climbs with help.
  • Understand plant needs: Before decorating, research each plant's needs. This involves knowing how often to water, how much light, and how humid each plant needs. All wall plants should have similar care needs. With this, maintenance will be easier.
  • Monitor plant health periodically: Selecting plants that thrive in the wall's light, humidity, and temperature is crucial to indoor plant health. Understanding each plant's needs and maintaining a regular watering schedule and light level are essential to their health. Routine inspection, preventing disease, pests, and excessive growth, and giving fertiliser help maintain a strong, healthy plant wall. Remove dead or damaged leaves to promote healthy growth and wall aesthetics. Additionally, changes in environmental conditions will require wall adjustments. For the wall's lifespan, a constant care schedule is essential.





Decorating a wall in your home with houseplants is a versatile and visually beautiful way to bring colour and vitality to a bland (or dull) wall. Indoor plants not only enhance the beauty of a space, but they have also been proven to improve mood, increase creativity, reduce stress, and minimise pollutants from the air. Whether you decide on a simple or more elaborate display, incorporating indoor plants into your wall design will make any living space more lively and accommodating. Furthermore, following regular ground care methods helps to ensure that your indoor plant wall remains lush and gorgeous year-round. So stimulate your imagination and use these 15 amazing indoor plant wall décor ideas to bring nature indoors.

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