How to grow and care for Pansy Flower plant

Pansy Flower: How to grow and care for Pansy Flower plant

Introduction to Pansy Flowers


Pansy flowers are known for their vibrancy in terms of colours. They are cool weathered plants and are a popular choice for all garden enthusiasts and houseplant cultivators. Pansy flowers thrive in well drained soil. These flowers follow up in a wide Colour contrast. These flowers are known for their versatility and can bring about bright new hues into any existing garden. 

Read on Greenkin’s guide to know more about Pansy Flower: How to grow, and care for Pansy Flower plant.

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What is special about pansy flowers?


How to grow and care for Pansy Flower plant


Pansy flowers are known to be identified by their "faces,". These faces are created by overlapping of petals. Pansy flowers like cooler temperatures and bloom from spring to the autumn season. Not only this but, pansies also come in a wide range of colours and endless arrangement of patterns. Making it fairly easy to form a customised floral arrangement or a garden landscape. 



What does the pansy flower symbolise?


How to grow and care for Pansy Flower plant

Pansy flowers are associated with symbols of thoughtfulness and hearty affection. They are also a testament of remembrance! They are thus a popular choice of gift across various traditions. 

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Symbolically, pansies were also called by the name of "hearts-ease” during the bygone Victorian times. These flowers symbolise unions due to how they look and thus have romantic connotations attached to them. 


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How long do pansies last?


How to grow and care for Pansy Flower plant


Pansy flowers are known to typically bloom for several weeks to months, depending on where they are planted. Depending upon the climatic conditions of the place and care giving practices put together, Pansies are typically a rewarding selection. 



Pansy Flower season in India 

In India, pansy flowers are grown in cooler months. In the northern regions, namely, the Himalayan region and other parts of North India, pansies are typically grown in the winter months. While in South India, the plant is grown in milder climates. Late autumn or early spring is generally considered ideal for growing pansies in India. November to February, is aptly suited for growing Pansy plants in India. 



How to grow Pansy Flower plant at home

If you are planning to bring about the Pansy plant into your home. You can use any of these following methods to grow your plant:

  1. By using seeds
  2. By using the division method
  3. By using plant cuttings

1. By using seeds: Pansy plants can be easily grown from seeds of the existing mature plant. Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Collect seeds from a mature pansy plant. 
  • Allow these seed pods to dry in open air for a few days.
  • Sow these seeds indoors, lightly into the soil during the start of spring or late winters. 
  • Keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate. 

2. By using the division method: Pansies can also be grown through the division method. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Carefully take out the root of an existing mature pansy plant, and divide it into smaller sections.
  • Make sure that each section has a root and a shoot system
  • Replant these divisions back in the soil
  • Allow the soil to germinate post watering thoroughly.
  • Continue caregiving practices.

3. By using plant cuttings: Pansies can also be propagated from stem cuttings. Here are the steps that you must take into account.

  • Take 3 to 4 inch stem cuttings from healthy, mature Pansy plant, with at least one leaf node intact. 
  • Place these cuttings in a potting mix with a proper soil filled pot. 
  • Place the pots in a warm, bright location and keep the soil consistently moist.

By using any of these propagation methods, you will be able to grow your own Pansy plant with minimal effort and easy time. 


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How to care for Pansy Flower plant 


Caring for Pansy flowers is similar to caring for flowers of any other colour, here are a few specific considerations to ensure that the flowers remain vibrant and healthy. 

  • Watering Frequency 
  • Sunlight Requirements 
  • Temperature Requirements 
  • Fertiliser Requirements 
  • Pruning and Maintenance 
  • Pest Control and Regulation

1. Watering Frequency: Pansy flowers like all other flowers bloom well when given proper hydration. Water your plant regularly, and ensure that the plant gets proper nutrients through the soil. Avoid water clogging as it might lead to root rot, so water the pansy plant at their base so the foliage remains undamaged. 

2. Sunlight Requirements: Most pansy flowers Like least 4-6 hours of sunlight per day. Keep the plant in such an area so that its sunlight requirements are thoroughly met. Do not expose the plant to direct sunlight as the scorching heat may Harm the growth of the plant and might burn the leaves and the flowers. 

3. Temperature Requirements: Pansy flowers can tolerate light frost, but extreme cold or heat can harm them. Make sure to place the plant optimally in such temperature levels. Avoid any extremities. Use a frost cloth during cold snaps. 

4. Fertiliser Requirements: Use a balanced, water-soluble fertiliser, every 2-3 weeks for your Pansy plant. Fertilisers should be used as in when required to provide the essential nutrients to the plant. This will ensure a healthy growth and a healthy blooming period for the flowers . Make sure to follow the instructions on the fertiliser package wisely.

5. Pruning and Maintenance: Pruning is most likely essential for plant growth. Not only does it help to maintain a nice appearance of the plant, but also enhances new growth. Trim down on any dead leaves and leggy during pruning 

6. Pest Control and Regulation: Monitor your pansy flowers for signs of pests. If any such pest infestations occur, make sure to treat it using organic or chemical treatments.


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To sum it all up, Pansies are typically a rewarding selection of flowers. If you want to include pansies in your garden make sure to follow all the care giving practices in alignment.  To know more about plants, follow us at Greenkin.

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