How to Decorate with Money Plant

Money Plant Decoration Ideas: How to Decorate with Money Plant

Introduction to Money Plant Decoration Ideas


The money plant, also known as the pothos plant, has become a popular houseplant around the world. However, the money plant is more than just an ancient symbol of fortune and prosperity. These indoor plants are known for their lush foliage, allure, and versatile green trails. You can bring greenery in the form of small or large money plants while simultaneously purifying the air, making it an ideal "space-saving" option. Today, let's explore how money plants are being used as beautiful decor additions in different ways and places.



Is money plant a decorative plant?


Yes, money plants are decorative as well as low-maintenance plants with heart-shaped leaves that can grow in various kinds of conditions, adding to the beauty of the surroundings. The money plant's heart-shaped leaves vary in colour depending on the species. Moreover, these plant's vine beautifies its storage space. Anywhere you put even a single money plant—or group of plants—it creates the look of a miniature indoor tropical atmosphere. With cuttings, you can grow more money plants. And there are many techniques to decorate with them, along with many air-purifying plants, flowering plants, colourful plants and more.



How many money plants can be kept at home?


According to feng shui, there is no limit to how many money plants can be kept at home. You can keep as many as you like. On the contrary, more is better. However, space should be carefully considered, and the plant should receive adequate sunlight and water.



Money Plant Decoration Ideas


Picking up the right spots in your home for placing plants is essential for plant healthy growth and decor. Explore some money plant decoration ideas to complement your living space:


  • Tabletop Companions:


How to Decorate with Money Plant - Tabletop Companion


Placing tabletop plants like the Manjula money plant in an eco pot on your coffee table, side table, or bedside table in any of your living areas will give your home an artistic feel. The potho plants look beautiful even when their foliage cascades along the table, adding to the space's elegance.



  • Hanging Garden:


How to Decorate with Money Plant - Hanging Garden


Bring the outdoors inside with a macramé plant hanger, particularly near a sunny window. It adds a sense of verticality to the space while emphasising the cascading riches of the money plant.



  • Money Plant Live Wall:


How to Decorate with Money Plant - Money Plant Live Wall


A vertical arrangement of money plants in individual pots stacked on top of each other and hung from a wall hook is a great way to bring nature indoors or outdoors (for example, on the balcony or entrance wall of a house) while also adding visual appeal and a touch of greenery. 



  • Shelves Companions:


How to Decorate with Money Plant - Shelves Companion


Arrange money plants or (Goodluck Charm Easy Care Plants Combo) in pots of varying sizes and shapes to create a tiered that adorns the shelves (whether they're bookshelves, makeup shelves, or more). Choosing different Money Plant varieties will add colour pops. 



  • Bathroom Companion:


How to Decorate with Money Plant - Bathroom Companion


Money plants can also beautify your bathroom. Shower humidity is great for these plants. Simply hang a small potted money plant on the windowsill or from the ceiling. Regardless of where you put it, it will add more green to your bathroom. For more decor, you can incorporate money plants with different plants for the bathroom



  • Fill Up Corner Spaces:


How to Decorate with Money Plant - Corner Spaces


Fill up those empty nooks with corner plants of your choice, such as money plants varieties of Gold King, N'Joy, Manjula, Marble, Satin, Golden, Green and Pachira money tree in artistic pots (like ceramic pots or in another planter). What sets apart these plants is their incredible pattern and the stunning colour they provide regardless of where they are placed. 



Best places to display your money plant 


According to Feng Shui for prosperity, placing a money plant in the southeast corner of the residence (the wealth and prosperity zone) is considered particularly auspicious for attracting good fortune and financial wealth.

Moreover, money plants are quite versatile, making them suited for various environments and settings. Here is what you should consider when placing money plants in your indoor or outdoor space:


  • How well-lit is your space? Money plant varieties like the Pachira money tree thrive in well-lit environments. Avoid direct and extended exposure, since the fragile leaves are easily injured.
  • What is the humidity level of your space? Money plant varieties thrive in an atmosphere with moderate humidity. If you live in a dry region and want your plant to thrive, consider spraying the leaves on occasion.
  • How often are you watering the money plants? Remember to water your money plant regularly, depending on the season (or when the top inch of soil in its pot dries) and the temperature outside. The money plant's ideal growth temperature is (18–32°C). 





The money plant is a lovely addition to any home because of its adaptability and visual appeal. With some innovative arranging, you can put the money plant in many places to bring you luck, beauty, and plants' longevity.

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