How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion?

How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion?

From bright cherry birthdays to classic anniversaries.  Flowers are for everyone. Elegant, sophisticated and lots of expressions of love and appreciation. From Weddings to sympathetic events Flowers bring about a personal touch.


How to choose the perfect flowers for almost any occasion (Flower selection based on Every occasion)


From birthdays to anniversaries and all things in between. There are some flowers that can be evergreen and a symbol to extend that emotion to the Giver. Flowers exude a unique emotion of personal touch and class. 

While bright and cheerful flowers can be a perfect addition to your birthday present. White pastel flowers such as colorful whites can be an extended symbol of sympathetic friendliness. You can give Flowers on any occasion, ranging from weddings to congratulatory events.  The question is which ones to give for which occasion?

Read on to find out How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion

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List of flowers that are perfect for every occasion


Here is a list of flowers that you can give to your loved ones on any occasion that comes around.

  1. Roses.
  2. Lilies
  3. Baby's Breath:
  4. Alstroemeria
  5. Hydrangeas
  6. Carnations
  7. Sunflowers
  8. Orchids
  9. Gerbera Daisies


1. Roses: 


How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion? - Roses


Roses are an extended symbol of classic elegance. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or just romantic gestures roses are symbols of love and affection.



2. Lilies:


How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion? - Lillies


Lilies are suitable for weddings or even sympathetic admiration. White lilies are a symbol of tranquility, calm and peace and are a graceful addition wherever they are kept.



3. Baby's Breath:


How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion? - Babys Breath


Baby's Breath flowers are often used as filler flowers. They add a unique charm and an exquisite temperament to the book. They are ideal for gifts as in weddings and birthdays. They have a romantic element to it.



4. Alstroemeria:


How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion? - Alstromeria


Alstroemeria is another name of Peruvian lilies.  They can be used as an expression of gratitude and affection. From birthdays to anniversaries, these flowers can be a perfect gift.



5. Hydrangeas:


How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion? - Hydrangeas


From baby showers to weddings, Hydrangeas are versatile and are an extended gesture of support and strength. These are the flowers that you can give to your friends and your loved ones when you want to show them support.



6. Carnations:


How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion? - Carnations


Exquisite long, lasting and an expression of sympathy. From funerals to Mother's Day and even weddings, carnations are an expression of sympathy and support..A perfect flower for your loved ones.



7. Sunflowers:


How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion? - Sunflowers


A symbol of cheerfulness and joy, sunflowers are the flowers that make the receiver happy for sure.There is nothing more uplifting than giving anybody a sunflower. Perfect for occasions like graduations and housewarming. Sunflowers, a perfect way to send across your warming spirit and happiness towards the receiver.



8. Orchids:


How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion? - Orchids


Orchids are an exotic symbol of gratitude From formal events to weddings, orchids are an evergreen addition and evergreen gift due to their color they add a unique pop in aesthetical value.



9. Gerbera Daisies:


How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Almost Any Occasion? - Gerbera Daisies


Gerbera Daisies are Ideal gifts and additions to any congratulatory events and birthdays. These beautiful flowers can also be gifted as a get well soon gesture.


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Here are some of the occasions on which you can gift flowers to your loved ones:


  • Mother's Day.
  • Valentine's Day.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Housewarming parties.
  • Birthdays.
  • Get well soon gift.
  • Funerals


1. Mother's Day: Flowers like lilies or hydrangeas are perfect gifts for Mother's Day. Subtle, sweet and divine! 


2. Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day can also be another occasion where flowers can be a thoughtful gift. So much so that roses have become a staple for Valentine's Day.


3. Anniversaries: Anniversaries are a perfect occasion to give a book of your favorite flowers to extend your love and affection for the couple. Go creative and think out of the box. You can also think about adding flowers like Baby's Breath In your book, it will make it more inviting and creative. 


4. Housewarming parties: Housewarming parties can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to giving gifts. Think about flowers, maybe sunflowers or orchids. Something that suggests warm regards and gratitude.


5. Birthdays: When it comes to cheerful birthdays, you can go creative and crazy at the same time. From sunflowers to orchids and lilies in between. Think about what your friend likes and what message you want to convey to your friend. 


6. Get well soon gift: Flowers are great to give to anybody who is sick. They affirm life and bring in hope in the lives of people. Think of sunflowers or orchids.


7. Funerals: Carnations and lilies are the best flowers that can be given out in funerals.They are fairly subtle white and are a representation of calmness and support.

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To sum it all, here was our guide that would help you choose the perfect flower for every occasion. From cheerful birthdays to classic and romantic events. And there's a bouquet of appreciation for everyone. From Valentine's Day to Mother's Day and even housewarming parties, flowers can never be a wrong option. To know more about all things green and plant, follow us at Greenkin

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