Best Wedding Return Gift Plants 2023

Best Wedding Return Gift Plants 2023 - Green Gift Ideas

Is Gifting a Plant Good for a Return Wedding Gift?


Gifting is a thoughtfully commendable and a selflessly reflective act; reviving old friendships and sequestering familial bonds, piecing together every little detail you know about them into something palpable—a present? Afterall, isn’t life all about handpicking? — selecting moments from the plethora of seasons, finding connection and meaning? Easier said than done.

Tired of blocking out your calendars and planning on return gifts for your wedding? We have got you covered. 

But it is very important to keep the person’s preference in mind before giving them a plant: their living space, level of experience in taking care of plants and most importantly, providing subordinate care instructions alongside can be a thoughtful touch!


What does the Plant mean in a Wedding Gift?


Gifting plants is a great way to put your respect and trust in association with the green. Adding a splash of green to our life will by all means replenish any due love and care we couldn’t fill in during the time that passed. My favorite flowering plant is an exotic orchid! Yours might be a Rose. 

Read on to find the Best Plants for Wedding Return Gifts in India 2023



Best Plants for Wedding Return Gifts 


The following is the list of best plants for wedding return gifts. 


1. Aglaonema Pink Anjamani

Best Wedding Return Gift Plants 2023 - Aglaonema Pink Anjamani

For all the Feng Shui fanatics, this Chinese evergreen charm radiates positivity and certitude. If that is where you would like to take your bond forward to, we have got you covered— these reary reds are easy to maintain. Aglaonema is known to purify the surrounding air, as it breathes. 

Pro tip: Keep the plant in filtered light to see its gorgeous coloured leaves thriving. 


Gift our best selling Anthurium Mini Red to your loved ones as Wedding Return Gift.

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2. Money Plant Golden

Best Wedding Return Gift Plants 2023 - Money Plant Golden

The Golden PothosIts or the Money plant Golden have heart-shaped leaves that make this plant a showstopper. And the good news is that it’s also pretty easy to care for. 

Follow our guide to know how to take care of your money plant golden.

The glossy green foliage is the most attractive element of the Money Plant Golden. 

To keep them that way, give the plant a bright spot in your room. But yes, it can also tolerate low-light conditions to some extent. One thing to avoid will be direct sunlight. Too much sun can cause the leaves to turn dry and lifeless. Window sills where the plant gets a lot of indirect sunlight will be the optimal spot for a healthy and thriving Money Plant Golden. 


3. Aglaonema Red Lipstick

Best Wedding Return Gift Plants 2023 - Aglaonema Red Lipstick

The plant is also known by the names Aglaonema Red, Aglaonema Siam Aurora, and Aglaonema Siam and belongs to the Chinese Evergreen variety. As a low-maintenance plant, this one makes a brilliant choice if you wish to add a pop of color to your space.



4. Peace Lily


Symbolizing virtue and purity by the colour of its leaves. If you plan on giving the gift of healing hope and prosperity, peace lilies can be the way to go! Known as a representation of calmness, order, harmony it is a perfect gift, adding a feeling and an aesthetic appeal of a couthy wee tavern to surrounding spaces. 

Pro tip: Keep Peace lilies in direct sunlight. 



5. Calathea Peacock 

Best Wedding Return Gift Plants 2023 - Calathea Peacock

Calathea Peacocks are excellent plants, to feel care and calmness. By adding a fresh touch of green Calathea to your office and bringing in renewal all along. 

Pro tip: To keep them moist and fresh is the key.


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6. Snake Plant Futura Superba

Best Wedding Return Gift Plants 2023 - Snake Plant Futura Superba

The snake plant is known to have a swathed aura of good luck and positivity around it. Snake plants are undemanding and are easy to upkeep. Taking care of plants is often easier said than done. 

For anyone who does not have any plant caring experience previously, having a Snake plant might be a good place to start.

Take a look at this black and white snake plant duo. 

Pro Tip: Occasionally, wipe off the large flat leaves of your Snake plant to prevent dust accumulation. 



7. Anthurium Mini Red

Best Wedding Return Gift Plants 2023 - Anthurium Mini Red

The red heart-shaped structure on the plant often mistaken to be the flower is the spathe and the spike that rises above it bears the tiny flowers. 

These blooms are long-lasting and can drastically elevate the aesthetics of your room.

Pro tip: Direct sunlight burns the leaves. 



8. Oxycardium Brasil

Best Wedding Return Gift Plants 2023 - Oxycardium Brasil

Oxycardium Brasil, also known as the Heartleaf Philodendron, is a pretty little plant known for its exotic heart-shaped leaves. The many shades of green on the leaves and the lively variegations make this plant an eye-grabber, it helps to create a calming effect by lightning the atmosphere.  

Pro tip: The leaves are gentle and prone to get scorched when the plant is exposed to direct sunlight. 

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9. Aglaonema Red Valentine

Best Wedding Return Gift Plants 2023 - Aglaonema Red Valentine

The Aglaonema Red Valentine plant loves receiving bright to moderate sunlight. To keep the plant lively and preserve its natural colors place it in a brightly lit spot also ensuring that there is enough protection from the direct rays of the sun. 

The plant can also survive in corners of the room that are far away from a light source but the leaves might not be in their best colors. 

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Wedding is one of a kind celebration. With friends and family time is etched in golden letters. For an evergrowing hue of happiness and bliss symbolize the surroundings and mark it with a tinge of green. 

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