11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants

11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants: Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants

Some houseplants require higher humidity levels and some direct sunlight whereas some of the plants thrive in any given condition. The best pick is the one that is aptly suited according to your houseplant caregiving practices. There are plants that are often meant to be planted outside your house in your garden, terrace or your balcony or porch because of their requirements for light, water and humidity. If you are someone who often forgets watering your plants, here are 11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants. Plants that thrive in difficult situations easily. Easy to care, low maintenance plants are also easy to propagate.


Introduction to Low-Maintenance Outdoor Plants


People who are living a busy life or are newbie gardeners, are advised to start off with low maintenance plants. So, plants that are growing easily without individual intervention are called low maintenance plants. However it is subjective to your routine and the time you have available for your house plants. Plants like succulents or cacti are less demanding and very rewarding when it comes to giving an aesthetic appeal.

Choosing plants that are low-maintenance is a smart choice for beginners, and newbies who are trying to beautify their outdoor space without excessive effort.

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Best Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants


If you want to bring in low maintenance easy to care plants in your workspace here are some plants you can start off from, fairly easy to maintain these plants, thrive on minimal efforts:


  1. Snake Plant
  2. ZZ Plant
  3. Pothos 
  4. Spider Plant
  5. Succulents
  6. Aloe Vera
  7. Jade Plant   
  8. Lavender
  9. Rosemary   
  10. Geraniums
  11. Bamboo


1. Snake Plant:


11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants - Snake Plants


These plants are an ideal pick for your space as they are hardy and known for air purification properties. The Sansevieria is easy to maintain and thrive on minimal attention as it is tolerant to low light conditions.



2. ZZ Plant:


11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants - ZZ Plant


The ZZ Plant is another low-maintenance option, if you want something with glossy, dark green leaves. ZZ plants require little water and also keep thriving with low light. 



3. Pothos:


11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants - Pothos


The Pothos Plant is also another easy-to-care-for houseplant. The plant is hardy and can thrive in minimal light conditions making it a popular choice for new gardeners and plant lovers. 



4. Spider Plant:


11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants - Spider Plant


Another easy to care plant on the list is the spider plantThe plant is easy to hang from hooks or baskets. The plant produces offshoots that look stunning when left hanging. 



5. Aloe Vera:


11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants - Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera are known for their exceptionally easy to maintain and thriving capabilities. Aloe vera plants have sap in their stems and so does not require much watering. And if you are someone who forgets to go to their plans, it's easy to manage them. 



6. Jade Plant:


11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants - Jade Plant


The jade plant is known as another very popular variety succulent, Plant has leaves which store in water and thus the plant does not require much watering and is flexible in terms of maintenance.



7. Lavender: 


11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants - Lavender


The lavender plant is known for its beautiful subtle fragrant purple flowers, the plant is well suited for containers that are kept outdoors.



8. Rosemary:


11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants - Rosemary


A functional Kitchen plant that is fragrant and has many culinary features. Uses are easy to maintain and Easy to take care of.



9. Geraniums:


11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants - Geraniums


Geraniums are known for their beautiful scent and pink colour flowers. Geraniums are famous for their ability to thrive in nature and beat the summer heat.



10. Bamboo Plant:


11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants - Bamboo Plant


Being a palm variety the plant thrives on minimal care and water regulation. The Bamboo Palm is a small plant.


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How to Care for Outdoor Plants


To care for outdoor plants involves several key aspects that ensure their health and vitality.  From watering needs to sunlight needs, there are several aspects to plantcare here are the following factors that you should watch out while taking care of your outdoor plants : 


  1. Sunlight Requirements 
  2. Watering 
  3. Pruning and Mulching
  4. Adding in Fertilisers


1. Sunlight Requirements: If plants are planted outside, they generally like direct sunlight. Understand the sunlight needs of the plants you have selected, and place them accordingly. Plants require different light conditions from direct sun to partial shade.


2. Watering: It is important to keep the water regulation in check and control. Water to the plant you are selecting and keep on adjusting the water frequency based on the plant type.


3. Pruning and Mulching: Trim dead or damaged parts of the plant regularly to maintain the desired shape and size of the plant. Pruning helps new growth. While mulching promotes moisture retention and regulates soil temperature.


4. Adding in Fertilisers: Add fertiliser depending upon the plant needs and weather conditions. Note the dormancy period of the plant and add the fertiliser during the growing season. 


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That wraps up our guide for 11 Easy to Care Outdoor Plants. Low Maintenance plants are very rewarding. They are a great way to bring home plants for anyone looking to make their homes greener and better. However it is important to watchout for all the factors from sunlight to weather conditions to sustain healthy plant growth. For more guidelines and tips follow us at Greenkin

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