13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home

13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home

Introduction to the Best Summer Flower Plants


Plants that have a variety to offer in terms of flowers, are suitable for summers. Usually, vegetables, and ornamental plants that do well in warm temperatures are aptly suited for summers. From aesthetics to positivity, the presence of greenery and scenical blooms are associated with positive feelings and a sense of well-being. From vibrant colours to lush green foliage the summer plants bring in a sense of exoticity indoors. They upgrade the indoor visual appeal and provide an escape from the heat. From gardens to landscapes.

These plants captivate every bit of the season's spirit. As when the weather gets Warmer, having plants in your garden will encourage you to spend more time outdoors, making the time more fun and ecstatic.

Having a Connection with Nature is important. 

Not just a gardening enjoyment, these plants spread delightful fragrances all around them. Plants like lavender, jasmine and many more. Read on to find out the 13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home



13 Best Summer Flower Plants


Summer flowering plants bring in a sweet touch of  vibrant colours and fragrances to indoor gardens and spaces. The liking for these types of summers especially during winters is because of their symbolic beauty and their ability to provide an enhanced sensory experience, they offer a unique association with nature.

Following is the list of 13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home:


  1. Roses
  2.  Peace Lilies
  3. Sunflowers
  4. Marigolds
  5. Zinnias
  6. Dahlias
  7. Petunias
  8. Geraniums
  9. Hibiscus
  10. Verbena
  11. Cosmos
  12. Coneflowers
  13. Salvia


    1. Roses: 


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Roses


    Roses are a classic delight.  They are a reminder of love and timelessness, the beauty of roses come in a variety of vibrant colours, ranging from romantic red to the tranquil white. The aroma is a great excuse to bring in that calming touch indoors. Adding in 

    sophistication and taste to your summer array of houseplants.

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    2. Peace Lilies:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Peace Lily


    Crowning charm and delicate sophistication peace lilies are graceful and fragrant. The bloom is also a cherished delight when it comes to peace lilies, making them a must have plant for any plant enthusiast.



    3. Sunflowers:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Sunflower


    Nothing says summers, like sunflowers. Sunflowers represent youthful joy. The cheerfulness is very infectious! Bold, bright and yellow, sunflowers are perfect for a cheerful summer time.

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    4. Marigolds:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Marigold


    Marigolds are vibrant and fragrant flowers. They smell of freshness, all along. They are very easy to grow and totally worth the effort. They are a perfect summertime garden rendition.They can be used for sprinkling in sparks of colour.



    5. Zinnias:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Zinnia


    Zinnias are a great way to attract butterflies, as they are known for the spectrum of colours they offer which is likened by both butterflies and humans alike. They will be a surefire way to enhance your garden's beauty.

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    6. Dahlias:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Dahilas


    Sweet and Subtle, are two right words that describe these flowers. Although Dahlias come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are planning to bring home Dahlias for your garden, they will help you in curating a visually sublime and impact during these summer months.



    7. Petunias:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Petunias


    A well known summer fragrance, petunias are usually the definition of freshness and so this versatile and colourful plant offers beautiful flowers. Summerish and breezy petunias can be used as borders or hanging baskets or pots



    8. Geraniums:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Geraniums


    Geraniums are known for their beautiful scent and pinkish colour. It is less powdery when compared to rose. Geraniums are famous for their ability to thrive in the summer heat and bring about vibrancy. They are perfect for pot plantation



    9. Hibiscus:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Hibiscus


    The beautiful bright red and large flowers give hibiscus its gorgeous intonation. They make the plant stand out and showy. Luckily, summers are perfect for Hibiscus to grow and flourish.



    10. Verbena:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Verbena


    Small dainty and colourful, the verbena plant bears flowers in clusters. The plant is a treat to the eyes. They are perfect when kept indoors or can also be used to cover the ground or make flower beds



    11. Cosmos:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Cosmos


    The cosmos flower is probably the most gorgeous flower in this list. It is sweet, beautiful and delicate; it is also whimsical and flaunty. It is a graceful addition to your living space and adds in the touch of all that it represents.



    12. Coneflowers: 


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Coneflower


    Coneflowers as the name suggests are like cones, upward pointing beautifully pink. They look a little like daisy flowers. They are often used in gardens if you want to attract pollinators and maintain a healthy ecosystem in your garden.



    13. Salvia:


    13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home - Salvia


    We might have mentioned Salvia as a go to Christmas decor plant but Salvia has vibrant blooms that are tolerant to drought like conditions and offer colourful vibrancy to your home. They are a go to plant if you want to attract butterflies and hummingbirds this season, making it a delightful summer choice. 


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    Care Tips for Summer Flower Plants 


    While it is fun to make your summer gome look more summerish, it is also important to make this process smooth and swift. In order for that to happen here are some important care tips you must keep in mind to keep your summer flower plants glowing happy and healthy.  


    1. Sunlight Management
    2. Watering Regulation
    3. Soil and Pot
    4. Fertilisation and Mulching 
    5. Pruning
    6. Support 
    7. Pest Control.


    • Sunlight Management: Since these are summer flowers they will always love sunlight for most part of the day to keep themselves happy. So, in general you should provide  for about at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight for the flowers to bloom in full swing. 
    • Watering Regulation: Water the plant regularly such that the soil is consistently moist, however avoid overwatering. It is recommended to water early that will prevent evaporation.
    • Soil and Pot: Use well-draining pot mix for planting your plant for healthy and nourishing growth and select a planter that has drainage holes to prevent water accumulation as it can cause damage to the plant.
    • Fertilisation and Mulching: It will be beneficial for the growth of the plants, if you feed your flowers with a balanced fertiliser. As for mulching, it will help you to retain the soil moisture and regulate soil. 
    • Pest Control: It is important to always keep an eye if any pest  attack occurs. Treat any infestations seen on the plant immediately and promptly. Use an Insecticidal soap or neem oil for fast results. 


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    That wraps up our list of 13 Best Summer Flower Plants for Your Home. Plants are essential to connect us to who we are and bring in the beauty they offer indoors. Our homes are more charming and welcoming when thoughtfully added, made fragrant and green. To know more about Greens and plants follow us at Greenkin 

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