11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather

11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather

Best Plants for Mumbai Weather


Bombay or Mumbai, a perfect vacay spot with ideal beachy bargains. With distinct wet weather and a heartily cool tropical climate, Mumbai boasts hot and humid weather from March to June. So, while you are in Mumbai, here is a collection of 11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather. Read on to find out Greenkin’s handpicked 11 best plants that will be the perfect addition to your Mumbai Snapshot. 



How to Choose Plants Suitable for Mumbai's Weather

While you are there and busy selecting your garden highlights. We were thinking about how to pick the right plants that thrive in Mumbai's warm and humid climate. Starting right in here’s a suggestion;  be smart and choose practicality over fuss. Plants like hibiscus bring in color and are perfect for Mumbai. Right out opt for varieties similar to hibiscus. You can try your hands and go ahead with  bougainvillea, frangipani, or palms. What’s the catch? Well be considerate for starters. The holy grail of plantcare relies on nourishment. Think about factors like sunlight, water frequency, humidity and temperature requirements and everything in between while picking up the right plants for your Mumbai garden.

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Best Plants for Mumbai Weather

Monsoon season, Summers and Winters. But thanks to Mumbai, the city under coastal influences is the heart of many happy days. Beautiful sea influences the weather. Mild, sultry and warm. 

Here's a list of 11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather: 


1. Hibiscus:


11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Hibiscus


The red delight is a Warming beauty, hibiscus likes warm climates. With vibrant flowers, it loves the warm climate. Malvaceae is the family in which the Hibiscus grows a flowering plant of the genus. The plant being a native to warm and temperate and tropical climates is suitable for Mumbai. 



2. Bougainvillea:


11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Bougainvillea


The beautiful flowers have a story to tell of their own. A plant well suited for the hot and humid conditions, Bougainvillea is an indoor plant that is bound to lift your spirits. The Victorians believed that Bougainvilleas represent passion. The lively pink flowers are a symbol of youth and vitality. So, bring on bougainvilleas and spread the joy! 



3. Frangipani (Plumeria):


11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Frangipani


From shower gels to soap bars, everything these days has added fragrance and aroma of the frangipani or better known as plumeria flowers. The plant brings freshness, calmness and solitude wherever it is kept. Thriving in a tropical climate, producing fragrant flowers, the plumeria plant is your true best friend. Checkout these Hawaiian White and Blue Ceramic Planters with Trays for your Frangipani Plant. 



4. Areca Palm:


11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Areca Palm


The Areca Palm is a strong and resilient palm variety suitable for Mumbai's weather conditions. Areca Palm is a strong and sturdy house plant variety that thrives in all weather conditions. Keeping it upright in Mumbai should not be a problem. In fact, the plant is a great way to add a touch of depth to your houseplant collection and keep on experimenting with a variety of textures. 


Buy this tall plant for your room’s corners. It helps to boost the air quality and an excellent home decor.



5. Aloe Vera:


11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Aloe Vera


Like all other succulents, the Aloe Vera, a plant believed to have its traces in heaven, is a gift to humankind. Requiring minimal care the Aloe Vera plant in North or East direction is kept to bring in good luck. Being a succulent after all, it will do good in Mumbai Climate.


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6. Snake Plant:


11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Snake Plant


Known for its unique style and aesthetic appeal the snake plant is a known charmer. Being easy-to-care-for and incredibly adaptive the plant is suitable for Mumbai Weather and will sustain if given the bare minimum care. 


Buy the air-purifying, easy to care snake plant. Its patterned, tall, upright foliage adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. It also symbolizes good luck and positivity.



7. Peace Lily:


11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Peace Lily


The symbolism of calmness along with bringing life with the innocent charm of the plant is a great way to add depth to your space. Peace lilies are known for their ease to maintain. Who said beauty has to be typical? An easy to grow plant, the peace lily can be easily grown in Mumbai. 


Buy our hottest selling gorgeous air purifying peace lily for your bedrooms. 



8. Philo Pink princess:


11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Philodendron Pink Princess


The PPP or the Philodendron Pink Princess Plant is a beginner-friendly option like the rest of the varieties of the Philodendron group. The plant can also tolerate low temperatures for a short while and needs less care. An indoor beauty, the plant is a great choice for all Mumbai Weather. 


White Princess Philodendron is a hybrid plant, It is slow-growing but has similar care to other Philodendron plants.



9. Spider Plant:


11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Spider Plant


The spider plant. Is a Well-adapted plant. It can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. Keep the plant happy in indirect sunlight and it will promise you a much more beautiful space.  Why is it called the spider plant? Well, for starters the plantlets resemble the spiders. 


It is an excellent air purifier that absorbs toxins and emits abundant oxygen. Buy this low maintenance air purifier today.



10. Money Plant (Pothos):


 11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Money Plant


Tough, Hardy and adaptable, the money plant is a prosperity and good luck symbolism in many cultures. Most popular is the anecdotal lore of the plant bringing in wealth and money. The Money Plant Pothos does well in Mumbai's climate and a slight humid atmosphere just keeps the plant growing in full swing. 


Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-mainplant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air. 



11. Bamboo:


11 Best Plants for Mumbai Weather - Bamboo


The good luck charm, the harbinger of positive aura. Bamboo plants are a must have in your home. The plant is Tolerant to severe humidity and adds a tropical touch to your space. Keeping Bamboo plants in your home wards off any negativity from your surroundings.


Buy the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. 


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That wraps up our guide to what plants you should have in Mumbai. In order to get the plants blooming happy and healthy you must Ensure proper watering and occasional fertilization for optimal growth of your plants. While taking care of the plants can be challenging it can be rewarding and a refreshing activity. Read on more at Greenkin to know more about Greens and plants. 

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