13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito Repellent Plants: 13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito Repellent Plants


Want to keep your garden free of annoying summer mosquitoes? Who doesn’t? By carefully choosing and arranging plants, you can transform the indoor or outdoor space into an appealing retreat that is free from insects, has a delightful aroma, and is aesthetically pleasing as well. Let's enjoy summer without mosquito bites!

Perhaps the most annoying insects are mosquitoes. But all living things—including mosquitoes—are drawn to environments that meet their basic needs. Of course, that includes some plants! Mosquitoes do not exist solely on the blood of animals, including human blood. The females are the only ones who "bite," and they use the blood to get the energy they need to make eggs (reproduction). While male mosquitoes often rely on plant nectar, sap, and fluids.

Believe it or not, mosquitoes can cause more human pain than any other organism. So, keeping mosquitoes away from you and getting rid of places where they can breed is the best way to stay safe. Other than, why not use a houseplant to keep mosquitoes away? But how and which plants repel mosquitoes? Learn about the 13 best plants for mosquito repellent.



Are plants effective as mosquito repellents?


Yes, some plants naturally keep mosquitoes away through the release of essential oils and other chemicals. Plants produce a wide variety of aromas, some of which humans find pleasant while mosquitoes find repulsive. For example, mosquitoes don't like the smell of mint, and a patch of ground covering mint along your porch will help keep the area mosquito-free.



How Do Plants Keep Mosquitoes Away Naturally?


Learn the natural secrets of mosquito control. Learn about natural ways through planting plants to get rid of mosquitoes and the ways that plants use their aroma and chemicals properties to keep these annoying insects away.

Plants are a great way to keep mosquitoes away. Let us look at the reasons:

  • Aromatic Repellents: Numerous herbs and plants emit essential oils or odors that repel mosquitoes. These oils irritate mosquitoes and hinder them from approaching you. As an insect repellent, many of these plants are crushed and applied topically.
  • Larvicidal Properties: Some plants, like lemongrass and marigolds, release what is known as pyrethrum resins into stagnant water, which disrupts the growth process of mosquitoes, thus reducing the population.


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The Best Mosquito Repellent Plants


Learn about how 13 plants can keep mosquitoes away naturally. You won't get bit by mosquitoes thanks to these plant benefits. These plants repel mosquitoes due to their chemical and aromatic properties, so you may relax indoors or outdoors.

The best mosquito-repellent plants are:


  1. Citronella grass:
  2. Lavender:
  3. Basil:
  4. Marigolds:
  5. Peppermint:
  6. Lemon Balm:
  7. Catnip:
  8. Rosemary:
  9. Bee Balm:
  10. Floss Flower:
  11. Garlic:
  12. Pennyroyal:
  13. Lantana:


1. Citronella Grass:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Citronella Grass


Citronella grass is the most efficient mosquito repellent plant because its lemony aroma masks human scent and repels mosquitoes. Rubbing a few leaves releases their floral aroma, repelling mosquitoes. You can put citronella plants around your yard, porch, or even on the edge of your doors.



2. Lavender:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Lavender


Planting lavender plants around your outdoor living areas will help keep mosquitoes away while also adding beauty to your yard. Lavender plants smell pleasant to humans but not to mosquitoes. It's strange, but its essential oil makes it hard for mosquitoes to find their prey because it confuses their navigation systems.



3. Basil:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Basil


Basil is a great way to keep mosquitoes away because it has strong-smelling chemicals like eugenol and linalool. Moreover, the aromatic chemicals can be extracted by crushing the leaves.



4. Marigolds:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Marigold


Marigolds, with their vibrant flowers, contain a pesticide that is inactive. Pyrethrum is an insecticide that is naturally found in flowers. It kills mosquito eggs in water before they turn into adults.



5. Peppermint:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Peppermint


Peppermint contains menthol, which causes tingling sensations on a mosquito's back. You can keep pests away from your porch by crushing leaves or strategically placing pots around it.


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6. Lemon Balm:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Lemon Balm


Lemon balm is the most effective natural insect repellent. The aroma of a delectable lemon-mint called citronella repels mosquitoes. Additionally, it attracts butterflies and bees, who are pollinators.



7. Catnip:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Catnip


Catnip smells good to cats, but not to mosquitoes. The chemical nepetalactone, which is found in this plant, keeps mosquitoes away. Another option for a quick mosquito repellent is to crush some catnip leaves and apply them to your skin.



8. Rosemary:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Rosemary


Rosemary is widely recognized as the most appealing natural mosquito and other insect repellent among aromatic herb plants. Rosemary has a strong herbal aroma that can mislead mosquitoes by imitating the scent of humans and attracting beneficial insects to the environment.



9. Bee Balm:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Bee Balm


Bee balm is the most attractive natural insect repellent. Bee balm is an attractive plant that serves as a natural pest controller by drawing in wasps and hoverflies, who prey on mosquitoes.



10. Floss Flower:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Floss Flower


Floss Flower is the most attractive, plus it is an aromatic natural insect repellent. This coumarin fragrance repels mosquitoes, making Floss Flower a natural mosquito repellent. Additionally, floss blossoms attract bees and butterflies to your yard.



11. Garlic:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Garlic


Chemical components like allicin and sulfur make garlic the most popular, fragrant natural mosquito repellent. These chemicals generate a strong mosquito-repelling odor when garlic is crushed or chopped. Growing garlic in your garden or potting it indoors will discourage mosquitoes.



12. Pennyroyal:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Pennyroyal


Pennyroyal is rarely recommended for use in mosquito control because it is poisonous if it is consumed. It contains pulegone, a strong insecticide and mosquito repellent, but its toxicity surpasses its benefits.



13. Lantana:


13 Best Plants for Mosquito Repellent - Lantana


Lantana includes lantain, a poisonous insecticidal chemical; however, its mosquito repellency is unknown. You should not use it in areas where dogs or other pets could be exposed to it because it is unsafe for them.


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Using mosquito-repellent plants makes living mosquito-free easy. Additionally, these 13 gorgeous mosquito-repellent plants will enhance your landscape and repel insects, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor areas. So, use nature's insect repellents to get rid of mosquitoes and make your yard look and smell better with little work.

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