13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards

Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards


Looking for natural and safe ways to fix lizard problems at home? You may find lizards to be an invasive and even "pondersome" addition to your environment. However, using plants as repellent is one of the paleontological ideas that can help you get rid of lizards in your home. Can plants help us to avoid lizards? If yes, how will plants help us keep lizards away? Which type of plants help us avoid lizards? Learn here about the 13 best plants to keep at home to avoid lizards.



Can plants help us avoid lizards?


Yes. Plants with certain chemical compositions and other natural repellents help keep pests like lizards at bay. Many scientists have studied the various plants that can be used to create environments that are unwelcoming to lizards and may be harmful to them.

Before learning which plants lizards dislike, we must know what draws them to our houses. Lizards are usually drawn to homes as a way to stay warm when the inside environment isn't ideal, which is usually cold. Along with food, they want to find safe places to lay their eggs and food sources they can trust. As an experiment, modify reptile-frightening objects. This is a simple way to get rid of lizards.


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How Plants Will Help Us Keep Lizards Away


Repellent Scents: Some plants release volatile chemicals that smell good to humans but not to lizards. The smells are released to naturally keep lizards away and create a barrier that they don't want to cross. Lizards have a very good sense of smell, so they can pick up on certain plant smells that make it hard for them to move or find food.

Toxic or Irritating Substances: Some plants can create hazardous or unpleasant substances to repel invaders. When these chemicals encounter lizards, they make them feel different levels of pain, which makes them not want to stay around for long. This is another thing that exists to keep lizards away from people.

Sensory Perception Interference: Some of these plants can make it challenging for a lizard to use his senses to find his way around and possible places to hide. Because of this, lizards will stay away from regions where these plants grow.



Best Plants to Keep Home to Avoid Lizards


1. Lavender:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Lavender


The strong scent of lavender makes it smell amazing to people, but not to lizards. Thus, lizards don't like lavender's powerful smell due to the chemical compounds found in lavender known as linalool, monoterpenes, or esters that may possess insecticidal properties, preventing the infestation of plants, according to some studies. Because of this, the reptile starts moving in the other direction. 

Moreover,  the rich, flowery scent makes it hard for lizards to find prey. The lizards' olfactory response may be overwhelmed by the lavender's potent scent, causing them to panic and lose track of the bug. Lavender doesn't hurt lizards, but it does make them very nervous.



2. Snake plant:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Snake Plant


The leaves of snake plants have saponin glycosides that make them smell awful and hard to hide. Although lizards aren't deadly, these glycosides may prevent them from stinging the plant—a plant that bugs love.



3. Basil:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Basil


Basil has chemicals that may ward off reptiles and insects, especially mosquitoes, but the exact mechanisms are still unclear. These molecules include estragole and linalool. Even though no one knows for sure how these chemicals work, it is thought that they disrupt the insects' brain systems.



4. Spider plant:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Spider Plant


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are discharged from the leaves of spider plants, whereas their sticky mucilage imparts an offensive odor and viscous sap. This strong smell might not appeal to lizards' noses, and the sticky sap can catch insects, which are frequently lizards' main food source.


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5. Peppermint:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Peppermint


Menthol, a chemical found in peppermint, is the main chemical that is thought to keep lizards away. It is well known that menthol has a strong smell. However, the strong smell of menthol in peppermint oil does not bother some bugs or other insects.



6. Rosemary:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Rosemary


Rosmarinus officinalis, or rosemary, is a potential anti-insect agent. This plant has many chemicals, and rosmarinic acid is one of them. This chemical makes rosemary a good repellent for lizards.



7. Marigold:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Marigold


The flowers of marigold contain insecticides and pyrethrin-like chemicals, including thiophenes and terpenes, which give off a distinct aroma. The pyrethrin-like chemicals in marigolds don't make lizards sick, but they do irritate their skin and mucous membranes, which makes them less likely to go to the same place.



8. Garlic:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Garlic


Garlic contains allicin, an insecticidal and antifungal compound that has a characteristic sulfurous aroma. As a result of its strong aroma, this bothers lizards enough to keep them away.



9. Onion:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Onion


The "dead bug" smell comes from allicin (a sulfurous aroma), a chemical found in onions and garlic. Garlic and onions are both made of the same substance. Along with garlic, onions also have a chemical called allicin. Because onions smell so strong, lizards may stay away from the area around the onion plant.



10. Lemongrass:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Lemongrass


Citronsella, one of many chemicals contained in lemongrass, has a distinct aroma that helps to repel lizards or insects. In fact, citronella is also found in a lot of repellent sprays.



11. Bay leaves:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Bay Leaves


Bay leaves have a strong smell because some of their cells contain essential oils (e.g., eucalyptol). The strong smell of essential oil might keep lizards and other bugs away.



12. Chilli:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Chilli


Chili peppers contain strong capsaicinoids. Capsaicinoids are extremely powerful, and if exposed to them, they would cause the TRPV1 receptors that are found in the skin and mucous membranes of lizards to become activated. This would result in the lizard experiencing a painful burn, which would force it to avoid the plant.



13. Coleus:

13 Best Plants to Keep at Home to Avoid Lizards - Coleus


Coleus plants are more commonly grown for their beautiful leaves than for their ability to ward against pests; however, some species do have this effect due to the essential oils they release.


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Plants like those mentioned above are frequently used as an effective, all-natural way to keep reptiles out of your house or workplace. You can keep lizards out of your home or office by keeping it clean, sealing the holes they use to get in (once you know where they endure), and getting rid of as many food sources as you can.

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