Best Gift for Boyfriend on Valentine Day

Best Plant to Gift Boyfriend on Valentine Day

Best Gift for Boyfriend on Valentine Day

Picking the right gift is a task, the one we would like to assist you with at the last minute by giving an idea to what if they don't like it! We know you might not be the perfect gifter, so when it comes to picking the perfect present, consider their hobbies above all else. 

Does your boyfriend like gardeners, for instance, did you go on a park date? He will surely appreciate anything plant-related, right? If you're not quite sure what would spark the most joyous response, opt for the simplest options, like a Hawaiian Yellow Ceramic planter, or wall art frames to compliment his existing houseplants.



Seven Romantic Plants to Gift Your Boyfriend on Valentine's Day


Here is a list of Seven Romantic Plants to Gift Your Boyfriend on Valentine's Day. 


1. Aglaonema Red Lipstick

Best Gift for Boyfriend on Valentine Day - Aglaonema Red Lipstick


For all the Feng Shui fanatics, and part time romantics, this Chinese evergreen charm radiates positivity and certitude. We have got you covered— these plants are easy to maintain. Aglaonema is known to purify the surrounding air, as it breathes. 

Pro tip: Keep the plant in filtered light to see its gorgeous coloured leaves thriving. 


Buy this low maintenance beauty. This plant one of the prettiest houseplant varieties. It adds a pop of colour to your space. 


2. Money Plant Golden

Best Gift for Boyfriend on Valentine Day - Money Plant Golden


The glossy green foliage is the most attractive element of the Money Plant Golden. To keep them that way, give the plant a bright spot in your room. But yes, it can also tolerate low-light conditions to some extent. The Golden PothosIts or the Money plant Golden have heart-shaped leaves that make this plant a showstopper. And the good news is that it’s also pretty easy to care for. 


Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-maintenance plant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air. It also brings good luck. 


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3. Broken Heart Plant

Best Gift for Boyfriend on Valentine Day - Broken Heart Plant


There is no dearth of options for anyone looking for foliage plants. But even those with a large collection of vibrant foliage plants will be intrigued by one plant and that is the Broken Heart Plant. 

For a healthy growth in your Broken Heart Plant, water it one or two times a week. 


Buy this stunning indoor plant with heart shaped leaves. Its unique foliage can enhance the decor of any room.



4. ZZ Green

Best Gift for Boyfriend on Valentine Day - ZZ Green


Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or the ZZ Green as it is fondly called, is a very interesting houseplant. The surprising fact is that caring for the plant is not as complicated as reading its name. It even impresses in the aesthetics department with its dark green oval leaves. 


Buy this aesthetic indoor plant with unique foliage. A air purifying and low maintenance worthy addition to your space.                                                            [/product]




5. Calathea Rufibarba

Best Gift for Boyfriend on Valentine Day - Calathea Rufibarba


Calathea Rufibarba Green is a plant known for its lively green foliage. The long slender green leaves with distinct velvety undersides are the highlights of this plant. With its unique foliage, it instantly brings a tropical vibe to your space.

This stunner originates is native to the Brazilian rainforests and therefore a humid indoor setup makes the perfect environment for the plant.


This plant known for its lively green foliage. With its unique foliage, it instantly brings a tropical vibe to your space.



6. Philodendron Prince of Orange

Best Gift for Boyfriend on Valentine Day - Philodendron Prince of Orange

The Philodendron Prince of Orange is a unique option to consider. The plant also goes by other names like Philodendron Orange Prince and Philodendron Tricolor. In its natural habitat, this plant grows as an epiphyte. 

With the right potting mix and good drainage in the pot, the Philodendron Prince of Orange will require to be watered one or two times a week. 


Buy this beautiful indoor plant with green, orange leaves. It instantly enhances the aesthetic of any room with its stunn foliage.


7. Anthurium Red

Best Gift for Boyfriend on Valentine Day - Anthurium Red

The word Anthurium comes from two Greek words - “anthos”  and “oura” combining which literally translates into the term “tail flower”. 

Looking to add a splash of colour to your romantic life? Then the Anthurium Red is a perfect choice. Dark green foliage, vibrant blooms - everything about this plant makes it a lively addition to any room


Gift this longest-lasting floral plant to your loved ones. It symbolizes love and harmony.

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That wraps up our list of gifts to give your boyfriend. You're Welcome! We hope this Valentine's Day brings you all the love and happiness you desire. For everything else, we are here at Greenkin

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