12 Outdoor Balcony Plants

12 Outdoor Balcony Plants: Best Outdoor Plants for the Balcony

Introduction to Outdoor Balcony Plants


A balcony is a platform that projects from the wall of a building that is often enclosed by a railing. Even though a part of your home, this space is still your mini outdoor escape. With so much space to be put into play, you can get creative and add interesting elements in order to enhance the look of your space. As balconies can range from small Juliet balconies to larger ones suitable for seating or gardening, so can an ideal plant selection for them. 

Keeping plants in your balcony offers so many ways to make your home more lively and inviting. Bringing home plants is known to have positive effects on mental well-being, reducing stress.  Not only this but strategically placing plants in your balcony can act as natural screens that can help you provide an extra sense of privacy. 

Lastly, taking care of plants is immensely therapeutic and for all garden enthusiasts it truly offers a break from the daily mundane. 



Best Best Outdoor Plants for the Balcony

Balcony decor can be challenging. The best solution is to note your plant care habits and experience before deciding on the plant you bring home, consider the following plants to bring a piece of lush green to your balcony: 


  1. Snake Plant
  2. ZZ Plant
  3. Peace Lily
  4. Philodendron
  5. Ficus Elastica
  6. Areca Palm
  7. English Ivy
  8.  Spider Plant
  9.  Ferns
  10.  Bamboo Palm
  11.  Pilea Peperomioides
  12.  Monstera Deliciosa


1. Snake Plant or Sansevieria:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - Snake Plant


These plants are an ideal pick for your balcony as they are hardy and known for air purification properties. Known to clear out formaldehyde and benzene in the air, these are easy to maintain and thrive on minimal attention. 

Checkout this Black and White Snake Plant duo.


Buy the stunning succulent 3ft tall snake plant laurentii that is low maintenance and emits high oxygen.



2. ZZ Plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - ZZ Plant


The ZZ Plant is another low-maintenance option, if you want something with glossy, dark green leaves. ZZ plants add a very fresh charm to any space it is incorporated into. 


Buy this resilient and  low maintenance beauty that is a excellent choice for low-light spaces.  It is one of the most desirable houseplants that can tolerate neglect & are colorful & vibrant, much like Leos.



3. Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum: 


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - Peace Lily


Elegant and Sophisticated, peace lilies are known for their ability to bring in an element of fresh tranquility. With the shiny gloss of their green leaves and white blooms. The plant is a great way to bring in positivity around you. 


Buy our hottest selling gorgeous air purifying peace lily for your bedrooms. 



4. Philodendron:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - Philodendron


Symbolically, Philodendrons have been used in art because of their theatrical foliage. You can rely on the various varieties to go for the exact way you want your balcony to look. Various varieties include heartleaf or pothos. 


A great plant for low light areas of your home. It is a great option for gifting and a low maintenance plant.



5. Ficus Elastica or the Rubber Plant:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - Ficus Elastica


Ready to make a statement? A Rubber Plant, large and noticeably present this plant is known to bring in good luck and is very resilient in terms of care it needs to thrive. Easy to grow and vibrant its glossy leaves make it a popular choice for any plant enthusiast. 


Buy our highest oxygen producing plant with stunning brown/burgundy leaves. A great choice for home decor that is easy to care.


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6. Areca Palm:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - Areca Palm


Palms are a surefire way to boost your balcony experience by 4 times. Palms and especially Areca palm will bring in a tropical touch with its feathery, arching fronds. Easy to care and support the plant is a great way to add depth to your space. 


Buy this tall plant for your room’s corners. It helps to boost the air quality and an excellent home decor.



7. English Ivy:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - English Ivy


If you want to bring about cascading greenery to your balcony, think english ivy. Beautiful trailing beauty is used to enhance the visual appeal of greenery and could definitely be added to your balcony. 



8. Spider Plant or Chlorophytum comosum:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - Spider Plant


Spider Plant is a beautiful plant to hang from hooks in your balcony. Easy to care for and easy to maintain, this plant is no trouble at all. The plant produces offshoots that look stunning when kept in hanging baskets.


Buy our bestselling combo of air purifying plants for bedroom. This combo is all you need for healthy sleep and happy mornings! 



9. Boston Fern:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - Boston Fern


Ferns are a great way to bring home a slice of little forest. Graceful, and feathery fronds of the boston fern make the plant an ideal addition if you want to add in a touch of softer look.



10. Bamboo Palm:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - Bamboo Palm


The Bamboo Palm is a compact plant. Being a palm variety the plant thrives on minimal care and has minimal nourishing necessities. In order to add in a touch of the tropics, you can place bamboo palms on your balcony.



11. Pilea Peperomioides or the Chinese Money Plant:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - Pilea Peperomioides


This is a unique addition to your balcony space as the plant has leaves on upright stems. Making it look exquisite and exotic. 



12. Monstera Deliciosa:


12 Outdoor Balcony Plants - Monstera Deliciosa


Monstera Deliciosa is an ideal choice for bohemian interiors with its iconic split leaves, the plant is very popular. It adds a trendy touch to your space and does not require much time to adjust to its surroundings.  


Buy this popular and our best selling indoor plant. Its brightens up the dullest corners of your rooms and a great choice for beginner plant parents.

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This wraps up our guide for 12 Best Outdoor Plants for your Balcony. Balcony is a place where your home finds an outdoor setting while keeping you indoors. Plants like Monstera Deliciosa or Philodendrons are a few examples of what you can keep in your balcony. For more guidelines and tips follow us at Greenkin.

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