11 Best Cactus Plants for Home

11 Best Cactus Plants for Home: Indoor and Outdoor Plants

11 Best Cactus Plants for Home


So you have decided to buy cactus and when buying cactus plants for your home, you will have to consider various other considerations such as sunlight requirements, water needs and frequency, and size of the plant. 



Best Cactus Plant Buying Guide for Home


Good for Plants that thrive in difficult situations. Cacti are wonderful; they are a symbol of resilience that life offers. Trying to find the right pot for your cacti? Try checking out Hawaiian White and Blue Ceramic Planters with Trays for your home.

Buying Cactus Plants have been a staple Decor option for years down the time. Cacti are very forgiving. Easy to maintain, and thriving on neglect these plants are essential starters for beginners. If you are a beginner, you need to get your hands at one of the cacti. Read on the Greenkin’s Guide to know more. 



Why Should We Choose Cactus Plants


We should be choosing cactus plants over other plants when we are starting out our gardening journey. The Cactus plant is a popular choice for a variety of reasons that are fairly obvious.

Firstly if you are known to forget watering your plant then, this  ones for you. The Cactus requires minimal watering, so that makes the plant promisingly beautiful yet low-maintenance.

Cactus Plants come in all kinds of unique shapes and sizes and that helps in adding texture to your houseplant collection. This will result in adding a sort of visual versatility to your indoor spaces.

Not just this but Cacti is known to improve air quality being a succulent variety, so this can help you beat off some pollution and keep homes happy and healthy. 


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Types of Cactus Plant


Cacti like people come in all shapes and sizes. And this is one of the most popular reasons why the plant is a hit! There's so much to play with, textures, colors and sizes. 

So, here's a list of Cacti in queue that'll help you pick out the right plant and freshen up your room:


1. Saguaro Cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Saguaro Cactus


The Saguaro Cactus is also called Carnegiea gigantea. It looks straight out of a movie. Tall and columnar! The plant is an iconic beauty! The plant can be grown indoors, outdoors when given the right environmental conditions it grows spectacularly gigantic. 



2. Barrel Cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Barrel Cactus


Scientifically known as Echinocactus grusonii, the Barrel Cactus is called so because of its  like shape. The plant is a unique looking thick succulent, possessing a distinct surface.



3. Prickly Pear Cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Prickly Pear Cactus


Also known as Opuntia, the Prickly Pear Cactus is recognized by its flat, pad-like segments. The plant also grows vibrant red flowers. It is a beauty unlike any other. 



4. Christmas Cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Christmas Cactus


Schlumbergera or the Christmas Cactus is my particular favorite. The plant grows well in indirect sunlight and is Popular for its segmented, cascading stems that flow out in a bunch. The flowers that the plant produces bloom in colorful vibrancy. 



5. Fishhook Cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Fishhook Cactus


Also called Mammillaria, the fishhook cactus is a small, globular cacti species that produces beautiful and small pink flowers and is often with hooked spines. Interestingly, the typical lifespan of a fishhook cactus is about 50 to 100 years!



6. Golden Barrel Cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Golden Barrel Cactus


The plant is called Mother in law’s cushion. Why? Well, round and spiny, is considered to be symbolic ! A native to Central Mexico the spines of the plant are of golden-yellow color and indeed the plant looks cushiony.



7. Fishbone Cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Fishbone Cactus


The plant is called so because its branches resemble a fishbone. One look at the plant and you will notice how much. The zig zag cactus is a native to Mexico. As the plant is a great way to spice up your indoors it is used for ornamental landscaping purposes. The beautiful pink flowers that the plant produces strike a contrast to the zig zag background.



8. Bunny ears cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Bunny Ears Cactus


The plant is a great way to bring in Cacti home. Low Maintenance and Easy to Care For,  the plant is flat looking with spiky stems getting its name as bunny ears. 


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9.Torch cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Torch Cactus


Long and standing still the plant tells a tale of its resilience that makes it distinct. The torch cactus plant bears beautiful flowers that are white in color and disperse a nice sweet aroma all around. 



10. Ball cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Ball Cactus


Resembling the shape of a ball the plant can be easily grown indoors. Small, compact and easy to care for the plant is a great way to bring in Cacti.



11. Golden rat tail Cactus:


11 Best Cactus Plants for Home - Golden Rat Tail Cactus


The plant has barrels that resemble the tail of a rat. Each barrel is covered with small spines. And as the barrel grows it takes up fascinating shape. The Golden Rat Tail cactus is unique on its own, ready to make a statement. 



Things Consider Before Buying Cactus Plant for Your Home


When you are buying a cactus plant for your space, you must consider the following factors that'll help you maintain the plant properly:


  • Sunlight Requirements: Lighting is of utmost importance to the Cactus Plant. Regulate the  amount of sunlight your home receives to match the amount of sunlight that your chosen cactus needs. Experiment with different areas.
  • Watering Needs: Being a succulent, Cacti generally prefers well-draining, permeable soil and infrequent watering. So, you mustn't overwater the plant. Succulent store sap and the plant in question being a cactus, it is prone to low watering conditions the plant thrives in less.
  • Soil Type: Using a well-draining cactus mix is always a good choice for soil selection. This will help in preventing waterlogged roots. While you are at it, make sure to choose a pot with proper drainage holes.  



Best Cactus Plant for Indoor


While planting the cacti indoors, the best way to think is in terms of the plants’ adaptability to the indoor surroundings and ease of care for you. Include plants such as the Christmas Cactus, they are ideal for most indoor spaces.  While you are at it, you can also try including plants like Zebra Plant, Snake Plant, Jade or Aloe Vera. You must keep in mind that plants like cactus need proper lighting when kept indoors. Watering habits and requirements must be regulated to ensure a successful and thriving indoor cactus.

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Best Cactus Plant for Outdoor 


For outdoor spaces, there are certain plants that will work the best, and for that you should consider the following cactus plants that thrive in plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil that the outdoors have to offer. So, varieties like Saguaro Cactus, Barrel Cactus, Prickly Pear Cactus, Golden Barrel Cactus, Agave and Yucca work the best. The selection must be made keeping in mind the selected varieties should be the ones that are hardy and suitable for outdoor gardens. Pick the varieties that are known to do well in arid outdoor landscapes. As these plants will be receiving a considerably much amount of sunlight. Cactus are a great way to bring in the beauty of a desert home and rejoice in easy plant caring. 





That wraps up our guide for 11 Best Cactus Plants for Home: Indoor and Outdoor Cactus Plants. Planning to bring in good luck and positivity around you? Read the Best Plants According to Vastu 

For all your other house plant needs, follow us at Greenkin.




Q1. Is Cactus Good or Bad for Your House?

Ans. Cactus Plants are generally a good choice for beginners starting their houseplant journey

Q2. Which Cactus Is Good Luck?

Ans. Cactus Plants are known for bringing good luck as their ability to stand strong during difficult situations is what they inspire along.

Q3. Where Should I Keep Cactus at Home According to Vastu?

Ans. Cactus Plants should be kept in north or east direction according to Vastu

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