Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants

13 Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants



Gardening is definitely a very fulfilling hobby. Not just the pastime, but people who love to garden are much more connected to themselves. In order to beautify your garden, you must be creative and plant some small indoor flowers to beautify it. Things that are easy to care for and maintain will come in all beautiful colors and shapes. These little plants will not only add in a touch of greenery but would also be flowering beauties in your house plant collection. 

These small indoor flowering plants can add a touch of detailing to your interior design spaces and add in a touch of aesthetic value. 

Read on to find out more about 23 Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants. 

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Best Small indoor Flower Plants  

There are some of the small indoor flowering plants that will add a statical value to your indoor space. These flowering plants offer a variety of different colors. These are 23 beautiful small indoor flower plants to consider including indoors: 

  1. African Violet
  2. Orchid (miniature varieties)
  3. Peace Lily
  4. Geranium
  5. Begonia
  6. Cyclamen
  7. Gloxinia
  8. Kalanchoe
  9. Pansy
  10. Fuchsia
  11. Primrose
  12. Petunia (dwarf varieties)
  13. Impatiens

1. African Violet: 


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - African Violet


African Violets are mini plants. Beautiful flowers with distinct leaves and vibrant blooms strike around in various colors.



2. Orchid (miniature varieties):


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Orchid


Delicate beauties, orchids. These flowers offer an elegant charm. They come in a variety of colors and are timeless classics.



3. Peace Lily:


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Peace Lily


Glossy and white flowers. They are inviting testaments of beauty that are white in color. Not only this beautiful white flowers add a sense of tranquility. 



4. Geranium:


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Geranium


Geraniums are colorful. They have a unique foliage and give out colourful flowers. They have textured leaves.



5. Begonia:


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Begonia


Begonia are known for their showy flowers. With the unique and attracted foliage these plants are adaptable to different light conditions. So are often associated with easy to care plants.



6. Cyclamen:


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Cyclamen


Cyclamen have unique flowers.  These flowers have beautiful petals, and the exquisite leaves have marble like colorful finish.



7. Gloxinia:


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Gloxinia


Gloxinia are large, bell-shaped flowering plants. These plants have vivid hues with leaves of a velvety finish.



8. Kalanchoe:


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Kalanchoe


Kalanchoe are a succulent plant variety. Kalanchoe are beautiful plants with colourful flowers that grow in small clusters.



9. Pansy:


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Pansy


Pansy is a colourful and cheerful flower that are heart-shaped. These flowers will add aesthetic value indoors.



10. Fuchsia:


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Fuchsia


Fuchsia have beautiful pink flowers that are a symbol of youth and creativity. These flowers are in striking shades and are very interesting at taste indoors.



11. Primrose:


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Primrose


These beautiful flowers grow in clusters. They have colourful flowers that are very delicate in nature and look like roses.



12. Petunia (dwarf varieties):


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Petunia


Petunia blooms in a different variety of colours, so they are must have indoors. Make sure you add them to your indoor house plant collection.



13. Impatiens:


Beautiful Small Indoor Flower Plants - Impatiens


Impatiens Produce flowers in large numbers. Arranging from pink to purple white to red. Impatiens help in improving the indoors with their beautiful flowers. 


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Benefits of having a small indoor plant


There are several benefits of having indoor plants. Here are some of the following:

  1. It provides air purification.
  2. They help in reducing stress.
  3. It provides aesthetic appeal.
  4. And it serves several mental health benefits.


1. It provides air purification: Plants help in maintaining indoor air quality. They help in removing formaldehyde and other pollutants from the air. Plus they are a source of oxygen during the day.

2. They help in reducing stress: Plants help in reducing stress. They are Therapeutic and calming. Oftentimes, flowers help in uplifting the mood. 

3. It provides aesthetic appeal: If you are thinking about uplifting the aesthetic appeal of your indoor space, think no further than plants. Not just greenery they also add beautiful colorful pop. A good boost to ambience and decor. 

4. And it serves several mental health benefits: Keeping plants around will offer several mental health benefits. From concentration to creativity plants give a boost to the mood and a swinging benefit to mental health. 

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How to care for small indoor flower plants


If you want to care for small plants indoors, provide adequate amount of sunlight and water. Regulate the water frequency and check on the soil. Avoid over watering as it may lead to rotting of the roots. Make sure that the plant do not get direct sunlight. Place the plant near a window as it will help the plant to receive more indirect sunlight that is shaded. Fertilise, if needed it. Ensure pruning or ,trimming the dead parts of the plant.

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To sum it all, Gardening can be very easy and handy. Small indoor plants that flower offer not only uplift the mood but also add beautiful aesthetic value indoors. Keeping them around Will surely make you happier. To know more about all things green and plant, follow us at Greenkin

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