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Alocasia Amazonica (Medium)

Alocasia Amazonica (Medium)

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An absolute eye-catcher, Alocasia Amazonica is a dazzler as a plant. Alocasia Amazonica has deep green with contrasting silver-gray veins. The leaves of Alocasia Amazonica are roughly serrated and resemble the shape of elephant ears growing on the tips of the stems. Sized to shipping, our Alocasia Amazonica plant reaches you with room to grow as it becomes part of your home.



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About Alocasia Amazonica (Medium)

An exotic looking plant, Alocasia Amazonica is an absolutely stunning plant to have in your home. Alocasia Amazonica has deep green with contrasting silver-gray veins foliage. Alocasia is native to tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. In its natural habitat, Alocasia Amazonica grows under the canopy of forest trees receiving indirect and dappled sunlight. But Alocasia Amazonica was bred by a Florida greenhouse grower who owned the Amazon Nursery (does not exist now) and named the new hybrid after his business. It was grown as a hybrid between Alocasia Watsoniana and Alocasia Sanderiana. The leaves of Alocasia Amazonica could grow upto 16" long. Alocasia Amazonica has stunning and exotic looking elephant ears shaped leaves which are roughly serrated on the edges. It has a distinct pattern which makes it quite an adorable and sought-after plant by many. Alocasia Amazonica is quite rare to find. It needs some care and attention, but with the right understanding of Alocasia Amazonica's needs, it is a plant that could feature in your space for years.

Also Known As

Alocasia Polly

Keep In Mind

Alocasia Amazonica is toxic if consumed in large quantities

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Planning to buy Alocasia Amazonica (Medium) online? Here is all you need to know.

Alocasia Amazonica does well in bright light, indoors. Protect it from direct sunlight as it could burn the leaves.

Alocasia Amazonica loves warmth and room temperature. It needs protection from extreme temperatures.

Alocasia Amazonica needs to be watered once or twice a week. This could increase during summers and reduce during winters. Prevent overwatering and provide good drainage.

Alocasia Amazonica does well in medium to high humidity conditions. So, in dry weather you might need to mist the plant regularly to maintain the humidity levels.

Alocasia Amazonica would need a mild fertilizer every month

Alocasia Amazonica would need pruning for removal of dried out leaves/stems

Alocasia Amazonica would need repotting every one to two years

Alocasia Amazonica Plant can be propagated via tuber division

Drooping leaves -
Under-watering, Insufficient light

Curled leaves -
Over/Under-watering, Excessive light

Brown leaves -
Low humidity, Excessive light, Bacterial infection, Fungal infection

Alocasia Amazonica are slow growers

Alocasia Amazonica leaf could grow upto 16" long. Alocasia Amazonica also helps in purifying the air

Alocasia Polly

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