9 Oldest Plants on the Earth

World's Most Old Plants: 9 Oldest Plants on the Earth

The World's Oldest Plant Species


The word "plant" comes from the Latin word for "small field," and it has been a part of our lives for thousands of years. Plants produce the air we breathe by taking in carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen. In that case, what plants need is the exact opposite of what we breathe out or in. This is a great example of how people and plants depend on each other. To mention only a few examples, plants supply humans with food, building materials, and medicinal herbs.

Well, did you know that some plants are surviving for a very long time and helping keep the Earth's natural balance? Yes, for over 250 million years, certain plants still have existed on Earth. These plants are among the oldest known to exist. Read on and learn about the world's oldest plant species.



9 Oldest Plants on the Earth


1. Seagrass colony (Posidonia oceanica)—Balearic Islands, Spain

9 Oldest Plants on the Earth - Seagrass Colony


A 100,000-year-old Posidonia oceanica forest hides deep in the Balearic Isles of Spain. Below the crashing blue waves, there is a group of seagrass roots called Posidiona oceanica that forms a fake forest and has been traced back up to 100,000 years. Despite climatic shifts and ice ages, the plant continues to persist and thrive from one civilization to the next. It holds on to sea life like a life-giving star for everyone it protects inside its dark, crisscrossing system.



2. ‘Pando’ Quaking aspen colony—Fishlake National Forest, Utah

9 Oldest Plants on the Earth - Pando


Pando is an ancient group of quaking aspens on 106 acres in Utah's Fishlake National Forest, connected by an extensive root system. The world's largest creature of life, Pando, is an 80,000-year-old tree colony that weighs 6,615 tons and has over 40,000 trees that sprout from one root! Additionally, it is the name of one of Earth's most brilliant species. This amazing, everlasting organism is connected because there is just one root system for miles of quaking aspens!



3. ‘Jurupa Oak’ Palmer’s oak colony—Jurupa Mountains, California

9 Oldest Plants on the Earth - Jurupa Oak


The Jurupa Oak, a species of Palmer oak, first emerged in the California Jurupa Mountains over a century ago. In other words, the Jurupa Mountain forest is around 13,000 years old. Its branches are now gnarled, and its bark has become weathered, but it still appears to breathe and mumble. Over the course of its long existence, it has witnessed many changes, including the arrival of Europeans to the Jurupa Mountains, where it provided food and shade in the form of acorns.


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4. Mojave yucca—Mojave Desert, California

9 Oldest Plants on the Earth - Mojave Yucca


The Mojave Desert is extremely arid. However, mojave yucca, which is a large and widespread species, flourishes there. Mojave Yuccas date back twelve thousand years. With minimal access to water, they manage to survive in the arid, hot desert. These plants prove that even in the harshest environments, life may endure and thrive.



5. Huon pine colony—Mount Reed, Tasmania

9 Oldest Plants on the Earth - Huon Pine Colony


The colony of Huon pines on the windy, twisted slopes of Mt. Reed, Tasmania, is believed to be more than 10,500 years old and the oldest known living organism on Earth! Each tree is about 3 years old. Some say that this forest is an endless, impenetrable tapestry of secrets wrapped in a blue haze of mist. The mist whispers stories about when these herbs grew from the first breath of Gondwana, waking up the dead earth.



6. ‘Old Tjikko’ Norway spruce—Fulufjället Mountains, Sweden

9 Oldest Plants on the Earth - Old Tjikko


In Northern Sweden's Fulufjället Mountains, 600-year-old Norway spruce “Old Tjikko” stands tall above the Scandinavian Mountains. The tree's top looks young, yet its roots connect it to a 9,550-year-old tree with annual rings. Moreover, Old Tjikko is one of a kind because it replicates itself by cloning itself. New shoots develop from the roots of dead stems, conveying their genes. This cycle of death and rebirth has let the old tjikko survive many severe winters and symbolizes nature's tremendous healing power.



7. ‘Old Rasmus’ Norway spruce—Härjedalen, Sweden

9 Oldest Plants on the Earth - Old Rasmus


Another tree that resides in Härjedalen, Sweden, is the "Old Rasmus," which is also a Norway spruce. Although not as ancient as "Old Tjiko," the survival of both this Norway spruce and "Old Tjiko" is still exceptional. Both of these living creatures are incredible to contemplate because they have existed on Earth for more than 9,000 years.



8. Antarctic moss—Elephant Island, Antarctica

9 Oldest Plants on the Earth - Antarctic Moss


Antarctic moss is an incredible plant that exists in order to survive in the freezing cold of Antarctica. It grows high up on the shores of Elephant Island. Scientists are astounded by the determination of these lime green covers, which have endured for more than 5,500 years, to survive in the harshest of environments. Antarctic moss is a reminder that life can survive even in the harshest, most empty places on Earth.



9. Bristlecone pine and ‘Methuselah’ Bristlecone pine—White Mountains, California

9 Oldest Plants on the Earth - Bristlecone Pine


The bristlecone pines, with their twisted trunks and silvery bark, are the longevity champions of the White Mountains of California, where the air is thin and the sun beats down. Methuselah, the oldest demonstrated living creature, is estimated to be 4,848 years old, while other bristlecones are over 5,066 years old. These ancient monarchs silently witness the changing seasons, proving life's enduring power.


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The above-mentioned centuries-old plants have seen many changes in the Earth's landscapes over the years, from dry deserts in Namibia to dense tropical woods in Asia. They are a constant reminder that we are all connected to the Earth. As a symbol of life's origin and a sign of respect for their environment, plants are a beautiful addition to any space.

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