Small Plant Ideas for a gift to Every Occasion

Small Plant Ideas for a gift to Every Occasion

Introduction to Small Plant Ideas for a Gift


In this hectic world, we need moments of peace and nature. That's exactly what plant gifts do. They bring nature into your home or office, telling us how important and inspiring it is. Moreover, they make great gifts because they're visually appealing and eco-friendly.

Why not gift a plant this time? Explore the positive attributes of plant gifts and let nature inspire you.  Explore the small plant ideas for a gift (for every occasion). 



Why Plant Gifts Are Always Good


Small Plant Ideas for a gift to Every Occasion


Offering gifts is a wonderful way to express gratitude and affection to one another. There are lots of gifts to give each other, but the best option is to find something unique. That option is to give a plant. There are many reasons why plants are an ideal option:


  • Long-Lasting Benefits: Houseplants make great gifts since they're attractive and beneficial. Plants last longer than flowers or chocolate. 
  • Health Benefits: Plants bring colour and warmth to the area while also establishing a soothing ambience. Additionally, plants have qualities that are beneficial to health. Their ability to both produce oxygen and absorb pollutants makes them beneficial to the quality of the air. This makes them great for homes and offices.
  • Symbolic Benefits: Giving a plant symbolizes good hope, prosperity, and wonderful vibes. Of all, when you give a plant, you give not only the plant but also the entire philosophy behind the gift, which makes it more memorable. Potted plants are preferred as gifts, whether indoors or outdoors. Never forget that an exquisite container is the finishing touch to any plant gift.



Plant Gift Selection and Care Tips


Small Plant Ideas for a gift to Every Occasion


Regular care will keep the plant healthy and maximize its potential. To ensure the plant is suitable for the occasion and receiver, consider a few considerations while choosing it.  The following are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a small plant as a gift:


  • Check if the gift receiver has a beginner or experienced gardener. For example, Aglaonema Pink Anjamani, Oxycardium Brasil, and more are the best low-maintenance plants for beginners.
  • Plant placement matters too. Choose a plant based on the gift receiver area. For example, Money Plant Golden thrives in shaded areas, while Syngonium Pixie likes indirect sunshine and moderate to bright lighting.
  • The plant's size matters too. Choose a smaller or combo indoor plants for apartment gifts. For example, Pink Aglao Twins Duo — a set that includes two beautiful plants in greens and pinks to add colour to your space. The set complements Aglaonema Pink Anjamani and Red Lipstick.
  • Knowing the plant's maintenance needs is crucial after choosing it. Each plant has different water, light, and temperature needs. Therefore, read the label or search on Greenkin for plant care instructions.


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Creating Memorable Moments: Personal Gifts With Small Plants


Small Plant Ideas for a gift to Every Occasion


Plant gifts are a great way to make memories. Add a personal touch and choose a suitable plant to convey your message or love to the recipient. Here are some examples to choose plants based on:


  • Convey Your Message: 


Plants make great ornaments and memorable gifts. Choosing the right plant can express the recipient's taste and personality, creating a special link. 

For example, Ginseng Bonsai is symbolic of “luck” and "success," Aglaonema Suksom Jaipong stands for "happiness," and Snake Plants stand for "peace," "calmness," "tranquillity,” and more. You can also give a gift plant according to the recipient's zodiac sign.


  • Sending A Personalized Present:


Do you want to offer something special? Express your affection with the “Greenkin E-Gift Card”- a relatively simple to send and easy to redeem, with no transaction fees. This way, the recipient can choose plants and planters that complement existing interior designs. 

Plus, sending a plant as a gift with a handwritten note or short message makes it more special. You can also put the plant in a stylish pot that matches the recipient's style. This makes the present more unique and personalized. Additionally, 


  • Creating Cherished Memories:


Plants can help us create cherished memories. Gifting plants for particular occasions and other themes can also make memories. Greenkin has a wide range of plant gift collections based on occasion (like Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Housewarming Gift, Baby Shower Gifts), relationship (like Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Dad), theme (like Good Luck Gifts, Thank You Gifts, Gifts for New Beginnings, Congratulations Gifts) and more

For example, plant or donate a plant or piece of foliage on the occasion of your baby's birth, since “infant and plant grow” together, symbolizing new life.



Some Facts About Gifting Small Plants:


  • If you are looking at small plants for gifts, you should generally look at plants in 4-inch pots, and the maximum height of the plant can be 1 foot. Greenkin small plants make good tabletop plants. And they can be your office desk plants. 
  • If you are gifting, always go for premium ceramic 4-inch pots for small plants for gifting purposes. Never go for plastic pots for gifting purposes. 


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Plant gifts provide beauty, wellness, and symbolism. Consider the recipient's experience, the plant's environment, size, and maintenance before giving a plant. A personal statement, significance, or occasion expressed by the gift plant is a more meaningful gesture. Greenkin offers a wide range of "Plants for Gifting" that can fit with any occasion, member of one's family, or theme. And always, we offer the best.

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