Types of Alocasia

Types of Alocasia: Popular Varieties of Alocasia Plant

Types of Alocasia Plant


Alocasias are beautiful. We get it! If you are thinking about boasting large dramatic leaves for your houseplant collection, think no further we got Alocasia, a genus of tropical plants. Green and big. They are commonly called elephant ear plants due to the shape and size of their foliage. Want to make a statement? Being a popular choice as ornamental house plants Alocasia plants are welcomed oftentimes than not for their striking appearance and unique styling features. Being a native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, the plant likes humidity and warmth. No wonder mimicking the same environmental conditions makes it thrive!  You can find Alocasias in houses as indoor houseplants and in gardens

Read on the Greenkin’s guide to find out the types of Alocasia plants. 


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Different Varieties of Alocasia Plant

Several types of Alocasia plants exist, each with distinctive features. Here are a few types:


1. Alocasia Amazonica (African Mask Plant):

Types of Alocasia Plant - Alocasia Amazonica


What gives the plant its name? The answer is in the leaves, considerably large and pointy,  Alocasia Amazonica has arrow-shaped leaves with prominent veins. That said, the plant Alocasia amazonica, is crafted, a popular hybrid cultivar of the Alocasia genus. The dark green leaves have visibly white veins. To make the Alocasia amazonica thrive, it requires well-draining soil, indirect light, and consistent moisture. Add a boost to your home decor style with this indoor plant. This one is perfection! 



2. Alocasia Polly (African Mask Plant):

Types of Alocasia Plant - Alocasia Polly


To sum it up in a word, similar to Amazonica but smaller in size we introduce you to the Alocasia Polly. Glossy shiny leaves and a dark green hue. The Aocasia Polly is often grown as a houseplant, keeping it indoors to appreciate the beauty of its unique and visually appealing foliage. For all plant enthusiasts, providing proper care is essential when it comes to making the plant thrive. From providing bright, indirect light, to keeping the soil consistently moist and everything in between. 

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3. Alocasia Odora (Night-scented Lily):

Types of Alocasia Plant - Alocasia Odara


You must have heard about the night scented lily, the heart-shaped leaves and well, the unique fragrance that it omits is why people should definitely have this plant in their homes. Giant Giant Taro or Night-scented Lily, is another species within the Alocasia genus. An enchanting beauty, the plant is ornamental. It is no secret that the Night scented lily would be visually appealing, but did you know that the leaves grow considerably large in size.

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4. Alocasia Cuprea (Metallic Alocasia):

Types of Alocasia Plant - Alocasia Cuprea

Aesthetically, the plant is noted for its fashionable bronze or copper hue. And so, the plant has derived its name; The Jewel Alocasia or Mirror Plant. The unique metallic sheen finish the plant possesses is a great way to upscale your environment. The unusual nature and appearance is what the charm of Alocasia cuprea is composed of. Ornamentally speaking, popular among plant enthusiasts, bringing in the plant can be a fantastic idea.  A native to Borneo, this plant can be an excellent gift for your loved ones as well.

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5. Alocasia Wentii (Hardy Elephant Ear):

Types of Alocasia Plant - Alocasia Wentii


Why do you think this one is called the Hardy Elephant Ear? The resilience of the plant and the large green leaves are the symbolical extension to its name. The plant is attractive at first, and  typical at second. Belonging to the Alocasia species, the plant is green with prominent veins. 

The Alocasia wentii is a Native to Southeast Asia, the plant has been cultivated as an ornamental plant. Mimicking the native environmental conditions is the key to keep the plant thriving and maintain consistency with sunlight and water levels. 

Similar to other Alocasia species, Alocasia wentii plants are sensitive to waterlogged soil. Overall, the plant is a visually appealing recipe for decorating your indoor space, it is a must have for anyone who appreciates unique foliage in their space.

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 6. Alocasia Regal Shield: 

Types of Alocasia Plant - Alocasia Regal Shield

The last one on the list is the Alocasia Regal Shield. Regality is a distinct character. This spirit is captured by the plant phenomenally, often characterized by its large, shield-shaped leaves and prominent veins like other varieties of the Alocasia family; the Alocasia 'Regal Shield' has striking patterns and variations. The glossy texture and veiny leaves are also found here. Ornamentally it is at par with other plants of the Alocasia species. 

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Water the Alocasia Regal Shield consistently, regulating watering in such a way that you are able to allow the soil to dry out slightly in between the watering sessions. Do not worry when you find the leaves dropping, understand that the Alocasia 'Regal Shield' may go through a period of dormancy. This dormancy period causes the leaves of the plant to drop but new growth spurts under proper care and the plant comes alive.



That wraps up our guide for Alocasia plants. The Alocasia offers a diverse range of varieties, each with unique leaf shapes, sizes, and colors. Popular types include Alocasia Amazonica, Alocasia Polly, Alocasia Odora, and Alocasia Cuprea. These plants are known for their striking aesthetics and make captivating additions to indoor or tropical gardens. Follow us at Greenkin to learn more about plants and gardening!

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