Plants to Remember: Scenes where Plants Stole the Show!

Plants to Remember: Scenes where Plants Stole the Show!

Famous Scenes where plants stole the show! 

From the plant in Léon to Lord of The Rings, the camphor tree in My Neighbour Totoro or that lemon tree in Waterworld. There were times when the plants were showstoppers.

Do you remember the tree of life in The Tree of Life, and perhaps you remember the tree growing out of the ship at the end of Passengers.

Here's our list of Plants Scenes where plants stole the show! 



Plants to Remember - AGLAONEMA

Mathilda, a 12-year-old girl, is reluctantly taken in by Leon, a professional assassin, the titular character, who likes the plant and as his best friend because it is always happy and doesn’t ask questions. He even saves it from a dangerous situation. Leon, in the movie, does an exceptional job of caring for his favorite plant – an Aglaonema, or Chinese Evergreen plant.




Plants to remember -  THE LAST PLANT – WALL-E

The world has become a barren land and uninhabitable dust bowl, devoid of any green life. Plants are important folks! 

Humanity has moved away and a fruitless quest for a plant to restart life on Earth continues until search robot, Eva discovers what is probably the last plant in the world.

The precious plant then needs looking after so humanity can return to earth. A comforting, if not-so-subtle reminder of the importance of looking after nature and biodiversity on our planet. 

Before that happens, here is a list of Indoor Plants to help you out. 




Plants to remember - WHOMPING WILLOW

Did you know the Whomping Willow is in fact based on a real tree. The tree that was capable of moving its branches like limbs to attack when threatened. 

Now it might have fallen but, a Queen Beech tree in the British county of Hertfordshire, with a little help from CGI, played the valuable and violent tree in the famous Wizarding series, the tree helped to disguise a secret passage from Hogwarts to the Shrieking Shack in the village of Hogsmeade.

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Plants to Remeber - GRANDMOTHER WILLOW

Another willow tree, another story!

This one is a talking spiritual tree that guides Pocahontas and her animal friends throughout their adventure, also acting as an oracle or shaman. Linda Hunt was the tree, we mean, she voiced this willow. Grandmother Willow was a mixture of traditional and digital animation. This isn’t the usual kind of question that arborists have to answer. 





To wrap it up, plants bring an aura of friendliness and positivity, wherever they are put. Check out more at Greenkin

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