The Best Plants for Office Lobbies and Reception Areas

The Best Plants for Office Lobbies and Reception Areas



All people as well as employees know nature calms them. Plants, whether a tiny succulent in a picture frame, an enormous fiddle-leaf fig, or an outdoor tree, help create a peaceful, tranquil environment. They appear to "soften" a long, sterile corridor and provide a "monetary level of attention."Moreover, using various gorgeous live plants creates an amazing first impression in the lobby or reception area of the business.

When someone walks into the office, their first impression is of the reception area. This area receives a lot of attention and is relatively high-traffic, making it an ideal place to showcase your company's best qualities. Nevertheless, choosing a green design style (or "biophilic" design) that uses nature's living colour palette demonstrates your company's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Let's examine how office plants could boost the atmosphere in the workplace, along with the best plants to display in office lobbies and reception areas.


Why Plants Are Essential for Office Lobbies and Reception Areas


When people are bored, tired, or too focused on work, a potted plant in office lobbies and reception areas while taking a little walk during a coffee break can provide a calming break. And office plant benefits do so quietly, with their aesthetic appeal and scientific facts. Some of the best examples of plants that offer many health benefits to office lobbies and reception areas are:

  • Therapeutic benefits: Plants in office lobbies and reception areas, as well as in living walls, improve indoor air quality and create a lively, inviting office. With plants in the office, toxins in paint, varnish, carpet, etc. are filtered out. Another benefit is that air purifying plants in office slowly increase air oxygen through photosynthesis, creating a fresh and calming environment.
  • Better concentration, memory, and productivity: Plants improve concentration, unlike technology. A Harvard University study discovered that workers in “green” buildings (those with natural characteristics like plants) have 61% higher cognitive function ratings than those in “non-green” ones. Remember that anything that makes you healthier also makes you more efficient, another benefit for office plants.
  • Sustainable Workplace Practices: The presence of plants in an indoor office lobby and reception area not only demonstrates a company's dedication to environmentally responsible practices but also serves a goal that goes beyond mere decoration.


How To Choose Plants For Office Lobbies & Reception Areas


Office plants are easy to maintain once established. Thus, choosing the right plants and following their care instructions for a long-term health goal are major factors to consider while buying office plants. Another is to make sure your office plants are suitable for their environment. Even in low light, office plants must be sturdy and reliable. As with outdoor plants, regular maintenance and professional advice are best for proper growth. 

Check the following styling factors before buying office lobby and reception area plants:

  1. Select and maintain plants in reception and lobby spaces by dealing with the lighting. Remember that light is for plant survival, not beauty. 
  2. Another is to consider maintenance before choosing plants' aesthetics. The best to consider are low-maintenance plants.
  3. Consider plant space-lighting ratios. This is because choosing a plant for a space with poor indirect light is a constant challenge.
  4. Make sure your new indoor plants don't crowd your workstation. Choose potted, compact plants to appeal comfortably. 
  5. Where you put your plants will determine your workspace's atmosphere. Decide which plant will look best in which place and follow its watering as well as pruning needs periodically. Try not to overcrowd any area with plants, which can make watering and caring for them difficult. 
  6. Last, choose pots that work well with the office decor and highlight the plant's beauty.


Top Plant Choices For Office Lobbies


1. Snake Plants:


Snake Plants

Snake plants (Sansevierias) with tall, upright foliage are ideal for low- to moderate-light offices. Additionally, it can reduce electromagnetic radiation and filter workplace electronics. It also gives any lobby the appropriate greenery and atmosphere.


2. Lotus Bamboo:


Lotus Bamboo

Lotus bamboo has robust, segmented stems with lotus-like leaf bracts that grow well in a water filled pot. It symbolises luck, positivity, wealth, and peace. By filling lobby spaces with lotus bamboo plants, it provides great feng shui benefits.


3. Areca Palm:


Areca Palm

The areca palm, with its long, exotic-looking leaves, inspires visuals of a tropical paradise. To create the ideal lobby environment, this must-have plant is the perfect choice.


4. Peace Lily:


Peace Lily

The peace lily plant is a charming office plant with relaxing white flowers and rich green foliage to add greenery to lobby areas. Plus, it thrives in low light, making it ideal for beginners and experts.


5. Bird of Paradise:


Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is a perennial with stunning orange and blue flowers. Plus, its lush foliage creates a serene lobby ambiance.

6. Chamaedorea Palm:


Chamaedorea Palm

The feather-shaped, rich foliage of the Chamaedorea palm consists of several fronds that clump or grow in dense clusters on slender trunks. With its lush leaf pattern, this palm plant makes a great lobby centrepiece.


Top Plant Choices For Reception Areas


1. Dracaena Dara Singh:


Dracaena Dara Singh

Dracaena Dara Singh plants beautify reception spaces. Its yellowish centre and rosette-like structure—long, pointed leaves growing off a thick stem—give it a vibrant appearance.


2. Colorful Aglaonema Combo:


Colorful Aglaonema Combo

An office reception desk would look lovely with two colourful aglaonema flowering plants, such as an Aglaonema pink anjamani and an Aglaonema red lipstick. Additionally, they require little upkeep.


3. Pothos:



The long, trailing tendrils of pothos plants make them a beautiful addition to hanging baskets or bookshelves in the reception area. 


4. Monstera Deliciosa:


Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa is a gorgeous plant for a reception corner. Due to fenestration, its deep-green leaves have holes and grow towards the edges. 


5. Rubber Plant - Burgundy:


Rubber Plant - Burgundy

Burgundy rubber plants with deep, wine-coloured foliage highlight nature's beauty in reception areas. Its glossy, vibrant leaves create a visual harmony that complements many interior styles. 


Maintenance & Care Tips For Office Plants 


  • Provide the plants with an appropriate amount of light. Make sure all sides get equal light by turning your plant 90 degrees every few weeks. Otherwise, one side will grow quickly and the other will grow slowly.
  • Plants often die from overwatering. Don't let this happen. Give the plants adequate care. First, dry the top inch of soil before watering again. Make sure the pot drains. 
  • Indoor plants best thrive at 18–32 °C (65–90 °F). Plants should be away from drafts and heating and cooling vents. 
  • Tropical indoor plants benefit from humidity. To raise the levels, mist your plants every two days or use a room humidifier. 
  • Give your plants a balanced liquid fertiliser in spring and summer. Be sure to water them. 
  • A habit of pruning and removing untidy (and unhealthy) yellowing leaves is good for plant health and visual space.
  • Watch for pests and diseases on your plants. Fix problems immediately to avoid spreading them.
  • Finally, try to arrange plants in clusters. Not only will they look good together, but their similar microclimates will help maintain humidity.




Adding plants to office lobbies and reception areas creates a tranquil atmosphere. They improve both the surrounding environment via improving indoor air quality as well as enhance productivity and the business's sustainable brand. Large, lush, and strategically placed greenery plants (mentioned above) can transform a reception or lobby's visual appeal.

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