Why Plants Are The Best Decorative Items For Living Room

Why Plants Are The Best Decorative Items For Living Room

Have you ever searched for decorative items to liven up your living room? Did you know that Potted Houseplants are the most gorgeous décor items that can completely transform your home? Read this article to understand how you can use plants to decorate your living room.


The most colourful and beautiful indoor plant to decorate your living room with. Its a low maintenance and air purifying plant.


How can Plants be used as decorative items for the living room?


Living rooms present you with a great opportunity to show your love for plants and other natural elements. Plants can add a richness of color and texture to your home. Some plants can create a modern vibe while others can add a tropical vibe to your room.

You can mix and match different plants of different sizes to decorate a living room. For instance, you can place tall plants in the corners of the room, and place medium-sized plants on the tabletops. You can also add small plants on shelves and place certain large plants on stands and use them as section separators.

Since you would be using these plants as decorative items in your living room, use handcrafted pots to accompany the plants. A planter can completely change the final feel you get from the plant.


A bold statement making houseplant. Rubber plant is a gorgeous plant to decorate your living room.


Which Plants are best for decorating a living room?


There are hundreds of plants that can be used to decorate a living room. The choice depends on what feel you want to get from the décor. Certain plants like Aglaonema and Calathea can be used to add shades of red, green, and pink to your living room. If you are looking at flowering plants, then Anthuriums, Orchids, and Peace Lilies are the best decorative items for living rooms.

To decorate your vacant corner, you can buy Monstera Deliciosa, Rubber Plant, Aglaonema Milky Way, China Doll Plant, or Areca Palm, or you can place a tall stand and put a Money plant on top of it for it to give a trailing effect.

If you have more space, you can look at adding small Caladium, Alocasia, Peperomia, and Syngonium as fillers.


A gorgeous statement plant and a great choice to decorate the vacant corners of your living rooms.

Are there any Air Purifying Plants that can be used as decorative items for my living room?


Yes, most of the plants mentioned in this article are air-purifying plants. Palms, Aglaonemas, Calatheas, Rubber Plants, and Money Plants are excellent at purifying indoor air. These plants remove harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air and also reduce particulate matter and dust. Adding such plants in your living room will help in creating better breathable air, reduce respiratory disorders, reduce skin and eye irritation, and create an overall healthier environment within your living room.


The Final Verdict


If you are looking to add decorative items to your living room, have a look at plants potted in handcrafted planters. Plants can add color, texture, and a vibe that can transform your living room into a living garden.

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