17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas

Peperomia Plant Decor: 17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas

Would you like to add some style to your room?  Elevate your living space with Peperomia plants, which require no upkeep! The graceful, low-maintenance Peperomia plant can liven any indoor or outdoor space.  This genus is pretty small, but it has a lot of different species. 

Discover 17 unique methods to display Peperomia plants, ranging from hanging gardens to terrariums, to add colourful greenery to your living space. 8Peperomias, with their diverse foliage, complement any design seamlessly.


About Peperomia Plant


Peperomia, often known as the baby rubber plant, is a popular and easy-to-maintain houseplant. The tropical peperomia grows as an epiphyte on wood in cloud forests and rainforests. The genus Peperomia is vast, with over 1,000 recorded species. One species of peperomia is guaranteed to be a good fit for your house because there are so many to pick from. Peperomias are planted for their foliage and have a diverse range of looks. They have succulent, thick leaves that store water. Some species have 1-inch leaves, while others have baseball mitt-sized leaves. The leaves are usually deep green, but they occasionally have pearly patterns. Most gardeners observe the rippled peperomia's ruffled and blistered leaves.

Moreover, the flowers of Peperomia are not particularly stunning. A home-grown plant rarely blooms. The lengthy blossoms have tiny, fascinating flowers. The stems are lengthy, but the flowers are small, and the vivid, dark green foliage makes a wonderful background.



Peperomia Plant Specification



Peperomia Plant Specification

Botanical Name

Peperomia obtusifolia

Common Names

Baby rubber plant, pepper elder, radiator plant, emerald ripper pepper


Africa (particularly the Mali Desert), Oceania, regions of Asia (notably Jordan), Central and South America, southern North America, the Caribbean

Plant Type


Growth Habit

Upright or prostrate growth habit

Mature Height

6–12 inches tall and wide when mature

Variety of Habitats

Epiphytic, lithophytic, xerophytic, or geophytic

Plant Characteristics

Small evergreen shrubs or vines with waxy, fleshy, or paper-thin leaves

Ideal Location

Mostly grows best in bright, indirect light. Moreover, certain varieties prefer shade and are sun-sensitive.

Cultural Significance

Considered a “good luck charm” or "friendship plant" 


Non-toxic, Pet-friendly



17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas


The Peperomia plant is an excellent decor choice if you want to add year-round lushness and colour to your indoor or outdoor green decor. The fast-growing plant is easy to care for, looks great, and can thrive anywhere in many creative displays. Let us exchange some creative display ideas:


  1. Hanging Garden
  2. Basket Elegance
  3. Small Terrarium
  4. Forest Of Peperomia
  5. Green Up The Living Room
  6. Bathroom Shelves Decor
  7. Install Peperomia On The Workplace Desk
  8. Companion Planting For The Kitchen Herb Garden
  9. Elegant Aerial Display
  10. Shelf Diversity
  11. Enhance Festive Tabletop Decor
  12. Log Slice Planter
  13. Vertical Garden
  14. Create A Living Exhibit
  15. Small Chandelier
  16. Tin Can Garden
  17. Macramé Garden


1. Hanging Garden: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Hanging Garden


For a unique wall display, hang indoor plants, along with Peperomia Ginny Rainbow on driftwood or corkboard. This space-saving option swaps out boring walls for some lush greenery.



2. Basket Elegance: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Basket Elegance


Place a peperomia in a lined woven basket to create a natural design for your home display while also providing a shade of emerald.



3. Small Terrarium: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Small Terrarium


Create a miniature terrarium in your backyard by combining a variety of Peperomia species in a glass bowl. To create a beautiful indoor garden, arrange the plants creatively and add decorative elements like little sculptures or stones.



4. Forest of Peperomia: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Forest


Place a variety of peperomia plants of all sizes and colours on an empty surface or balcony. This tiny forest will be visually appealing, with a variety of textures and shapes on the leaves.



5. Green up the living room: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Living Room


To create an eye-catching centrepiece for your living room, arrange a group of Peperomia plants on top of the table or in a corner area on shelves. Get a lively and captivating show by combining different kinds of air-purifying plants or Trending 25 Plants.



6. Bathroom shelves decor: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Bathroom


Put some potted Peperomia plants on empty bathroom shelves for a splash of greenery. Their thick leaves give your bathroom decor an organic, natural look. They do well in humid bathrooms, along with other bathroom plants.



7. Install Peperomia on the Workplace Desk: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Workplace Desk


Arrange a collection of small Peperomia varieties on your desk to transform it into a serene and vibrant workroom. Using a variety of types will give your desktop a more interesting and unique look.



8. Companion Planting for the Kitchen Herb Garden: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Kitchen


Transform your window sill into an attractive herb garden by adding some Peperomia plants together with common kitchen herbs like parsley and basil.


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9. Elegant Aerial Display: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Aeriel


Exquisite trailing peperomia species, such as Peperomia Variegated, are incredibly intriguing when displayed in waving containers. They are stunning, whether you place them beside the window for light or opt for a high shelf for a beautiful cascade decor.



10. Shelf Diversity: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Shelf Diversity


Consider arranging a bunch of peperomias and colourful plants to decorate a bookcase. These little beauties will break up and give life to the straight lines of books and the rectangles and squares of little decorative objects. They will also contribute a variety of appealing colours, textures, and patterns.



11. Enhance festive tabletop decor: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Tabletop Decor


Special events and celebrations can inspire themed bouquets. For an extra festive touch, try pairing peperomia plants with some other indoor flowering plants. Use a lovely teacup as a planter for your peperomia to add an innovative touch.



12. Log Slice Planter: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Log Slice Planter


Make a mimic log planter and fill it with a peperomia or other houseplant for a natural, aged appearance. This woody display works well with modern farmhouse or bohemian styles.



13. Vertical Garden


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Vertical Garden


Use a variety of peperomias to create a lovely vertical garden. Combine them with air plants or other low-maintenance species to create a lush, wall-mounted view.



14. Create a living exhibit: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Living Exhibit


Use a stylish glass pot and planter to create a little, self-contained natural environment. Plant a peperomia inside the bottle, and you'll have an interesting living exhibit.



15. Small chandelier: 


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Small Chandelier


Give a new life to an ancient chandelier. Decorate with miniature terrariums containing different Peperomia species.



16. Tin can garden:


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Tin Can Garden



Colour or customise your tin can and plant a peperomia. A collection of cans containing various types and colours of peperomia can enhance its aesthetic appeal.



17. Macramé Garden:


17 Peperomia Plant Display Ideas - Marcrame Garden


Use macramé to display your peperomia plants in a classic yet beautiful style. Vary the hanging distances to make the area more interesting while also providing a bright spot for your green companions to grow.


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Peperomia, known for its huge genus of over a thousand species, provides a diverse range of foliage types suitable for any décor. This plant's popularity originates from its beauty and low-maintenance qualities, which complement modern home design. Peperomias, whether in a vertical arrangement, terrarium, or hanging garden, may add refinement to any surface in the home. To create a lush green appearance, display your peperomia plants in one of the seventeen ways listed above.

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