10 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants

10 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants

Introduction to Outdoor Decorative Plants  


Plants help to improve air and our overall psychological health. Keeping plants around us is known to have a calming effect and improves concentration. Decorating outdoors with plants is an effective way to increase the aesthetic appeal of greenery outdoors as well. Decorating outdoor spaces creates a natural and inviting atmosphere. Plants add in a sense of well-being of the mind

Read on to find out 7 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants.


7 Best Outdoor Decorative Plants  


Here are some of the best plants you can grow outdoors to show off your gardening skills and creative personality. Here's seven to start off with:


  1.   ZZ Plant
  2.   Philodendron
  3.  Ferns
  4.  Bamboo Palm
  5. Snake Plant
  6. Peace Lily
  7. Spider Plant


1. ZZ Plant:


10 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants - ZZ Plant


The ZZ Plant is a low-maintenance plant, with glossy, dark green leaves. ZZ plants add a very fresh look into any space.



2. Philodendron:


10 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants - Philodendron


Philodendrons have a theatrical foliage. The various varieties of. Philodendrons are a stunning addition to any plant enthusiast's space.



3. Ferns:


10 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants - Ferns


Ferns add a touch of grace with their feathery fronds.  Ferns are the plants that add a soft and composed look indoors.



4. Bamboo Palm:


10 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants - Bamboo Palm


The Bamboo Palm plant thrives on minimal care and has minimal nourishing necessities. Resilient and easy bamboo palm is a forgiving plant.



5. Snake Plant:

10 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants - Snake Plant


These plants are hardy and known for air purification properties. Known to clear out formaldehyde and benzene in the air, these are easy to maintain and thrive on minimal attention. 



6. Peace Lily:


10 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants - Peace Lily


Peace ace lilies are known for their elegance and Sophistication. They bring sophistication with the shiny gloss of their green leaves and white blooms. 



7. Spider Plant:


10 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants - Spider Plant


Spider Plant is a beautiful plant to hang from hooks or baskets. The plant produces offshoots that look stunning when kept in hanging baskets.


Checkout this Black and White Snake Plant duo

How to Decor Outside of Home Using Decorative Plants 


Plants can be a way to showcase your decorative skills and creative personality. Plants are used for ornamental landscaping and are easy to grow and thrive outdoors if you select the right plants. You can also do overhangs to create a lush green appearance too. 

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Ideas for Outdoor Decoration with Plants  

Here are some of the ways in which you can decorate your home with plants, including the following ways:

  1.   Create a Vertical Garden Outdoors
  2.    Try out different potting arrangements
  3.    Use hanging Baskets
  4.    Make use of pathway planters
  5.    Design a succulent garden
  6.    Pick a colour theme
  7.   Use climbing plants
  8.    Create a fairy garden 
  9.    Have a flowy look 
  10.   Make use of furniture


1. Create a Vertical Garden Outdoors: One good way to go about decor is to create a lush stunning vertical garden on a wall using a variety of plants in hanging pots or wall-mounted containers.


2. Try out different potting arrangements: Arrange colourful pots with different types of plants in various pot sizes to give out a vibrant plant arrangement.


3. Use hanging Baskets: Hanging baskets can be used for Suspending cascading or trailing plants from tree branches  to add a relaxed touch of nature.


4. Make use of pathway planters: Pathway planters are another innovative way to make use of plants to form a hedge or a divide. Fill these pathway planters with beautiful flowers of your choice.


5. Design a succulent garden: Succulent garden is a beautiful way to club together succulents into one little space, with plants having similar nutrient requirements. You might use vintage crates or driftwood for giving out a more modern touch.


6. Pick a colour theme: Picking out a colour theme gives out a more unified and aligned look to the system of houseplants, making plants  look more visually striking. Club together the plants with similar hues to create a theme.


7. Use climbing plants: Plants that trail and climb create a more whimsical and dramatic flair into the overall decor. This will make your space look more forestlike and bohemian.


8. Create a fairy garden: You can also make use of small plants and flowers to create a lush green fairyland garden. Select flowers that attract butterflies and look dainty.


9. Have a flowy look: Make sure that at the end, everything seems in alignment and not out of place. The big and the small plants stay attuned to wherever they should be placed.


10. Make use of furniture: From redesigned tables to repainted chairs and everything in between. Make use of old and new furniture to elevate your outdoors and complement the plants


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How to Care for Decorative Plants  


To care for decorative plants some factors have to be kept in mind. Note the following factors that will help you keep your plants thriving:

  1. Sunlight Requirements 
  2. Adding in Fertilisers
  3. Watering Frequency 
  4. Pruning and Mulching

  • Sunlight Requirements: Plants require different light conditions from direct sun to partial shade.Understand the sunlight needs of the plants you have selected, and place them accordingly. 
  • Adding in Fertilisers: Note the dormancy period of the plant and add the fertiliser during the growing season to promote a fuller growth. 
  • Watering Frequency: Water the plant you are selecting and keep on adjusting the water frequency based on the plant type. 
  • Pruning and Mulching: Pruning helps new growth.Trim dead or damaged parts of the plant regularly to maintain the desired shape and size of the plant. While mulching promotes moisture retention and regulates soil temperature. 





To sum it up these were the 10 Outdoor Plant Decoration Ideas with Decorative Plants. Plants can be an innovative way to make your home more inviting and lively. To know more follow us at Greenkin

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