New Year Plant Decoration Ideas for 2024

New Year Plant Decoration Ideas for 2024

Explore New Year Plant Decoration Ideas


Thinking of how to Celebrate New Year? We've got you covered with a new company, with Plants.

Well, Happy New Year folks! This New Year's Eve, try using decor that can either biodegrade or can be reused again. Plants are what come to my mind. 



How to Decorate with plants for the New Year?


Plant Arrangements


Plant arrangements can easily replace the flower arrangements, or can be a great addition to the existing one. I am thinking of anything vertical or horizontal, from vines to petite money plants

While you are at it, there is much to experiment with. This is your shining chance to come up with interesting ideas of your own and surprise your guests. 

Select any assortment of plants that speaks to you. Look at these, to get started. Mixing and Matching is the way to go!


Plants at The Welcome Door 


There is no better way to welcome your guests than with A Warming green hue. But it is advisable to keep in mind the size of the plant that you decide to incorporate as your greeter, to your guests.

Checkout these XL plants and Large Plants, to help you find your ideal co-host. 


Plants at The Centerpiece


This is a great way to be the talk of the town, or the party. Pick out small plants with a modern twist. You can  freely mix it up or group plants from the same family. Try adding a layer of moss, bark or rocks, to give the arrangement more depth and livening. Not only will this create a more polished look but will also exude freshness. 


Pretty Up your Patio 


The patio or your balcony can be a great place for a break from the party's hassle and noise. Add plants and cover them up with light to create a more warming and welcoming space, for breaks and pauses. This is a classic look, that will elevate the overall feel and look of your space. 

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Best Plants to Include in New Year Decoration


Here is a list of must have plants to include in your New Year Decor game:


1. Peace lily

New Year Plant Decoration Ideas for 2024 - Peace Lily


Symbolizing virtue and purity by the color of its leaves. If you plan on displaying healing hope and prosperity, peace lilies can be the way to go! Known as a representation of calmness, order, harmony it is a perfect gift, adding a feeling of warmth. 

Pro tip: Keep Peace lilies in direct sunlight.


Gift a air purifying, long lasting peace lily plant to your employees. It symbolises peace and tranquility, making them a heartfelt gift.


2. Lucky bamboo

New Year Plant Decoration Ideas for 2024 - Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is  A symbol of prosperity and good luck, make a fresh addition to your room with Lucky Bamboos. A touch of divinity and freshness to refresh your guests with an appealing new liveliness, choose the lucky bamboo plant.

Pro tip: Water Sparingly. 


Buy the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. 


3. Jade plant

New Year Plant Decoration Ideas for 2024 - Jade Plant


Adding a Jade Mini Plant feels like bringing a slice of a forest indoors. Also known as Crassula Ovata Mini, this plant is one of the most popular recommendations for anyone looking to try their hands at nurturing succulents


Buy this tiny, succulent that looks like a miniature tree. It has important significance in Vastu and considered as a lucky plant.


4. Snake plant

New Year Plant Decoration Ideas for 2024 - Snake Plant

The snake plant is known to have a swathed aura of good luck and positivity around it. Snake plants are undemanding and are easy to upkeep. For anyone who does not have any plant caring experience previously, adding a Snake plant might be a good place to start. Make a statement with this statement plant. 

Pro Tip: Occasionally, wipe off the large flat leaves of your Snake plant to prevent dust accumulation.


Gift a air purifying snake plant to your employees that amplifies the energy and aesthetic of any space. 


5. Aglaonemas 

New Year Plant Decoration Ideas for 2024 - Aglaonemas


If you plan on welcoming 2024, with the positivity of Feng Shui, keep reading. 

For all the Feng Shui fanatics, this Chinese evergreen charm radiates positivity and certitude— these reds are easy to maintain. Aglaonema is known to purify the surrounding air, as it breathes. 

Pro tip: Keep the plant in filtered light to see its gorgeous coloured leaves thriving. 


Buy our best selling colorful plant Aglaonema pink anjamani for your home.


6. Money Plant Golden

New Year Plant Decoration Ideas for 2024 - Money Plant Golden

The Money Plant Golden gets its name from the bright green leaves adorned by splashes of cream-gold patterns that give the foliage a unique dimension. The legend has it, it brings money and prosperity wherever it thrives. 


Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-maintenance plant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air. It also brings good luck. 

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So, welcome the new 2024, with a touch of green. New year represents the welcome of new hopes, set up in a dreamy season of magic and warmth. What better way to share the warmth by returning the joy of green? Thoughtfully, here was our gift to you. Checkout more at Greenkin

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