How to Care for Money Plant Satin

How to Care for Money Plant Satin

Money Plant Satin Care Guide


A household staple now? Humble? Nay. Stylish without going through the anxiety and mess of reckless maintenance? Well, Yes. We're talking about the money plant. So should you! Money Plant Satin oozes luxe and is a unique variety in this commonly found houseplant family. A well distinguished member of the Money Plant family this variety in the commonly found houseplant family.

Money Plant Satin is  unique. It has the typical heart-shaped leaves and vine structure like the other Money Plant varieties.Alternating with the vibrant green these patterns add so much character to the plant.The distinguishing trait that sets the Money Plant Satin apart from the others in this family is the silver-gray variegations on its leaves. Given its appearance, the plant also goes by other names like Silver Pothos and Satin Pothos. 

Wondering how to care for Money Plant Satin? You are in the right place. Read the Greenkin’s Guide to find out. 


It's easy to care for, thrives in moderate light. It's an attractive addition to any space



How to Take Care of Money Plant Satin

How to Care for Money Plant Satin


Here are some tips that'll be helpful while managing basic caregiving for your Money plant Satin: 


1. Sunlight requirements of the Money Plant Satin


When it comes to the Money plant satin, the sunlight requirements of the plant are not very different from the rest of the Money Plant varieties. Money Plant Satin like all other Pothos loves bright to moderate sunlight as long as it is indirect light. While it can survive in low light conditions, to keep the leaves vibrant and healthy, place the plant near a natural light source, like a window. A window is optimal but avoid direct sunlight. But remember that direct light burns the leaves of the plant.



2. Water requirements of the Money Plant Satin


You should know that if your Money Plant Satin is placed outdoors on a shaded balcony it might need to be watered more often than a plant placed indoors. Ideally, you must water the Money Plant Satin once or twice a week ensuring that you do not overwater the plant or let the container sit in stagnant water for a long time. Regulate the watering conditions according to the weather and the season. Avoid overwatering. The yellowing of the leaves on Money Plant Satin is a telltale sign of overwatering. Always check the topsoil to be sure that it is not soggy. 


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3. Temperature requirements of the Money Plant Satin


The Money Plant Satin is not very choosy with its caregiving practices. With the Money Plant Satin it's about its ambient temperature but it does well in moderate temperature conditions in the range of 15 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius. The plant loves warmth and grows well during summer. Checkout Greenkin's Garden in A Box Collection 



4. Humidity requirements of the Money Plant Satin


Money Plant Satin is a humidity-loving plant. If the indoor humidity levels drop, the best way to keep the plant happy will be to give it an occasional spritz of water. Misting is optimally suited with the Money Plant Satin when the heat gets high. 




Is Money Plant Satin easy to care for

How to Care for Money Plant Satin


The Money Plant Satins is an extremely easy and accessible option for anyone who is starting out building their array of houseplants. This is a good start amongst all other Indoor Plants. Money Plant Satin looks different from the common Money Plant types but this one is also a beginner-friendly option like the rest. A little care goes a long way! 


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How to Propagate Money Plant Satin

How to Care for Money Plant Satin


Money Plant Satin is quite easy to propagate. When you have a long vine, make stem cuttings ensuring that each cutting has healthy nodes next to leaves. These nodes are the places where the plant develops new roots when you repot it. You can repot it into a new plant container or root the plant in water and then transfer it to its pot. Selecting the right Pots and Planters is essential as a wrong step may lead to root rot and eventual wilting of the plant. 



Pro tips for your Money Plant Satin


Pro tips for taking care of the Money Plant Satin are as follows: 

  • The question, if it ever occurs is how often should you add fertilizer to your Money Plant Satin? The plant only needs to be fertilized once in two months to maintain a healthy growing vine. Like most houseplants, this one does not need to be fertilized during winter. 

  • Yellowing, drooping and curling of the leaves of the Money Plant Satin occur due to underwatering. Do not let the soil stay dry for a long time, especially during summers. 

  • Got dry leaf tips? Well, the dry leaf tips on Money Plant Satin can indicate a possible drop in indoor air humidity. When this happens remember to occasionally mist your plant to keep it happy. 

  • Lastly, the Money Plant Satin is easy to care for and effective in purifying indoor air but this is a plant you should keep away from the reach of your pets. Consumed in large quantities, the leaves can be toxic to your pooch. 


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That wraps up our Care Guide for the Money Plant Satin. The humble Money Plant has become a houseplant staple in most Indian homes. Since Money Plant Satin grows into a trailing vine, the size of a mature plant really depends on the ambient conditions that the plant is subject to and the kind of pot you provide. If you provide a large pot with a moss pole for the plant to climb, it starts rooting at its nodes and grows into a long vine. When nurtured in a hanging pot, the vines tend to be shorter without the vertical support this climber needs. And therefore the plant adds so much life to your space. For more about Plants, checkout Greenkin

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