How to Select Perfect Pot for Your Plants?

(Guide) How to Select Perfect Pot for Your Plants?



When it comes to selecting the perfect pot for your plant there are several steps that ensure that the plant grows properly. The right pot will provide the plant with proper nutrition. And will give the plant ample amount of space for its growth. From root development to proper drainage, everything must be taken into consideration and while we are at it; do not forget the aesthetic appeal of the planter selected.

In this guide, you will find some tips that will enable you to make the pot decisions for your plant. 


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Read on to find out How to Select the Perfect Pot for Your Plants?


Different Types of Pots and How to Use Them


There are different varieties of pots ranging from plastic to terracotta to fancy ceramics. The material is the key. Follow along to know more about pots and how you can use them to ideally maintain your Plants. 

  1. Terracotta Pots
  2. Plastic Pots
  3. Ceramic Pots
  4. Metal Pots
  5. Fiber Clay Pots
  6. Hanging Baskets
  7. Self-Watering Pots
  8. Grow Bags


1. Terracotta Pots:


How to Select Perfect Pot for Your Plants? - Terracotta Pots


When it comes to terracotta, it is a material that comes from clay. As clay terracotta is lant. Ideally, this type of pot is suitable for plants that like the soil dry. As terracotta absorbs water and excess of moisture.



2. Plastic Pots:


How to Select Perfect Pot for Your Plants? - Plastic Pots


If you're looking to find something durable and lightweight plastic comes in mind as it is cheap and durable. It is suitable for a wide range of plants. However, the essential thing to note is that there's a chance of Root rot as the water collects at the bottom of the pot.



3. Ceramic Pots:


How to Select Perfect Pot for Your Plants? - Ceramic Pots


Ceramic Pots come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can play around with colors to create a sensational aesthetic value and a visual appeal. These spots are suitable for plants that like stable moisture levels. They are good for indoor plants.

Check out the Hawaiian ceramic pot with tray.



4. Metal Pots:


How to Select Perfect Pot for Your Plants? - Metal Pots


If you are going with metal pots, think about good drainage. If that is something that you are looking for, choose no more. Metal pots are the answer. However, it can change the temperature of the soil a little bit. They are often used in a more industrial and a Modern aesthetic and visual appearance.



5. Fiber Clay Pots:


How to Select Perfect Pot for Your Plants? - Fiber Clay Pot


Another interesting pot variety to check out is fiber clay pot. Made from clay and fiberglass, this pot is not only lightweight, but also provides durability. They are ideal for plants that need constant moisture levels.



6. Hanging Baskets:


How to Select Perfect Pot for Your Plants? - Hanging Baskets


Hanging baskets like metal or woven materials add a new visual value to the interior space. They can be made up of different materials like plastic or even woven! Their vertical alignment makes them visually unique compared to other types of pots.



7. Self-Watering Pots:


How to Select Perfect Pot for Your Plants? - Self Watering Pots


Have you ever heard about self watering pots? Makes life so easy, doesn't it? Well, these pots come with a reservoir at the bottom that waters the plant by itself as and when the plant needs moisture.  If you are someone who forgets to water your plants, these pots are ideal for you. Plus on the website. You can never go wrong with overwatering or underwatering as it adjusts the frequency to the plant.



8. Grow Bags:


How to Select Perfect Pot for Your Plants? - Grow Pots


Grow Bag pots are designed from fabric or plastic. If you want to keep flowers, if you want to keep vegetables, this is your go to. They provide excellent drainage mechanisms and air circulation.



Things to consider before selecting Pot for Your Plants


Here are some things that you must consider before selecting the pot for your plant. This includes a variety of factors.


  • Size
  • Drainage
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Insulation
  • Aesthetic
  • Durability
  • Cost


  • Size: The size of the pot is of extreme importance as it helps to decide if it's ideally suited for the plant or not. A small pot will allow overcrowding. 


  • Drainage: A pot with drainage holes is of extreme importance as it can provide the right eration for the roots of the plant. Oftentimes the roots rot because of clogging water. 

  • Material: The material of the pot is of extreme importance as it helps decide the overall visual interest and the right amount of moisture that the soil receives.  From ceramic to metal and everything in between there are plenty of options.


  • Weight: The weight of the pot is also important while selecting the placement of the pot. If you are placing the pot on an elevated surface, make sure that the pot selected is lightweight. You might select heavier pots for plants that are placed on the ground.

  • Durability: Durable pots are made with materials that can withstand extremities. Durability is also another considerable factor. For example, plastic pots may be durable in a short run but are not as durable as metal pots.

  • Aesthetic: Lastly, the overall aesthetic value of the space can be defined by using the right pot. Violent industrial and modern finish can be given out using metal pots, a ceramic pot looks much more polished. A terracotta pot may be used for a more Bohemian and rustic look.

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Tips to Select Best Pot to grow plants 


Here are some tips to help you select the best pots for growing plants:


  • Check for drainage holes. If the pot doesn't have a drainage hole, consider drilling a drainage hole into the pot so that proper eration is received and water is not clogged. 
  • A general rule to follow is to select a planter that is about 2 inches larger in diameter than the plant's current pot, if the plant you see is growing.
  • Take the material and proper consideration. The material of the pot is very essential when selecting the right pot. Selecting the wrong material will harm the plant more than do any good.
  • Consider the weight of the plant and the weight of the pot. Keep in mind the factors such as mobility, which is very important. Lightweight materials are easier to handle.
  • Select a pot that matches with the theme of the overall aesthetic appeal that you're going for. Balancing visual interest is not just fun but makes things look more unified.
  • Think about things like a self -watering system. After all, the essential thing to go for is efficiency. If you are someone who misses out on watering their plants, think about managing to secure a port that is self watering.




To sum it up, Selecting the pot for the plant is as important as all the other factors like sunlight and the watering requirement. The pot plays a vital role in the growth of the plant. From providing the right eration to giving an aesthetical value to the space, everything depends on the pot that is selected. To know more about all things green and plant, follow us at Greenkin.

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