How to Care for Syngonium Silver Pearl

How to Care and Grow for Syngonium Silver Pearl (Care Guide)

How to Care for Syngonium Silver Pearl


With its arrow-head-shaped leaves and the many shades of green in its foliage, the plant is a visual stunner.

This NASA-certified air-purifying indoor plant is also a well-recommended choice according to Feng Shui. The color variations on the leaves give the plant its name. It is also known as Syngonium Podophyllum Silver Pearl and Arrowhead Silver Pearl.

With so many such good reasons to choose this plant, are you wondering how to care for it? Read on for all the answers.


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How to grow Syngonium Silver Pearl?

How to Care for Syngonium Silver Pearl - Grow


The most common way to propagate Syngonium Silver Pearl is through cuttings. The section has to be made below a node and each section should have a few healthy nodes because these are the places where the new roots arise. 

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How much sunlight does Syngonium Silver Pearl need?

How to Care for Syngonium Silver Pearl - Sunlight


The Syngonium Silver Pearl plant is best suited for bright indoor spaces. Bright indirect light and moderate light are the best fit if you want to keep the foliage fresh and vibrant as they are. 

The plant can also be nurtured outdoors as long as you have a shaded balcony space where the plant is protected from the scorching rays of the sun.



How often should you water Syngonium Silver Pearl?

How to Care for Syngonium Silver Pearl


Syngonium Silver Pearl might need to be watered 2 to 3 times a week. But like most arrowhead varieties this one can tolerate the topsoil going dry for a brief period but it might not do well when consistently overwatered. 


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How big does Syngonium Silver Pearl get?

How to Care for Syngonium Silver Pearl


The plant does not attain too much vertical height. Since it belongs to the trailing vine category you see the shoot starting to trail once the plant reaches a considerable height. 



Is Syngonium Silver Pearl easy to care for?


Yes, the Syngonium Silver Pearl plant is quite easy to care for. It’s one of the top choices for beginners.




How to Care for Syngonium Silver Pearl


Keep the following in mind while caring for Syngonium Silver Pearl:

  • Syngonium Silver Pearl loves humidity and so the best way to keep the plant happy is to maintain moderate to high humidity levels.
  • To promote long and healthy vine growth the Syngonium Silver Pearl plant needs to be fertilized using a mild fertilizer every month.


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If you are looking for a lively indoor plant that breaks the monotony of the indoors, then the Syngonium Silver Pearl makes a lovely choice.

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Q1. What temperature range can Syngonium Silver Pearl tolerate?

Ans. The Syngonium Silver Pearl plant can do very well in temperatures between 20 degrees and 35 degrees Celsius. So, it’s perfectly suited to the Indian weather and can thrive in summer. Moreover, it can also tolerate low temperatures.

Q2. Does Syngonium Silver Pearl need humidity?

Ans. If the air gets dry, mist the plant occasionally.

Q3. How often should you add fertilizer to Syngonium Silver Pearl?

Ans. Sometimes, but it does not need fertilization during winter.

Q4. What should you do if Syngonium Silver Pearl's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Yellow leaves as well as fading of the leaves can be due to overwatering. If you have been spacing out your watering sessions then check if the pot has good drainage. It might be a problem if the potting medium retains water for a long time.

Q5. What should you do if Syngonium Silver Pearl's leaves are drooping?

Ans. Drooping of the leaves in most arrowhead plants including Syngonium Silver Pearl can also be due to overwatering. Wait for the topsoil to get slightly dry before you water the plant.

Q6. What should you do if Syngonium Silver Pearl's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. Too much water can cause the leaves to turn brown sometimes. If that’s not the issue it can also be due to the plant receiving too much direct sunlight.

Q7. Is Syngonium Silver Pearl safe for pets?

Ans. The Syngonium Silver Pearl plant can be mildly toxic to pets especially if they nibble the leaves in large quantities.

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