How to Care for Krishna Kamal

Krishna Kamal Plant Care Tips: How to Care for Krishna Kamal?

Krishna Kamal Care Guide

Symbolising Jesus's suffering, the Passion flower or the krishna kamal is the flower of the talk.This vine is surely an exquisite addition to your existing houseplants and as to be sure you will agree that Krishna Kamal flowers look surreal. So hop on and read our Krishna Kamal guide, and enchant the eyes by setting this plant up in your  garden or a balcony. 

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How to Grow Krishna Kamal at home

How to Care for Krishna Kamal

The stunning flowers of your Krishna Kamal Plant are unlike any other and can be enjoyed throughout the summer months.

So how will you welcome your krishna kamal plant, in your existing array of houseplants?

Take the Krishna Kamal tuber or its seedling, and put it in the soil for about 7 inches deep. Keep the soil moist by putting just enough water so that the seeds start sprouting. Now at this point, you may thin out the weak seedlings such that only the strong one survives. 

Use a high phosphorus centric fertiliser to fertilise your plant. 

When the plant grows a little and you feel ready to transfer it into a pot, here's how you can start preparing.  


Things you'll need:

  1. A 12*18 inches Pot
  2. Potting Mix
  3. Water
  4. Plant that you grew. 


  • Fill in your pot with some potting mix and make sure the pot selected has proper channelised drainage holes at the bottom, to avoid water clogging and wilting of the plant. The plant that you have grown with your care and efforts. 
  • Add a little bit of sand to the pot, it will create just the right type of soil for your krishna kamal plant to thrive. 
  • Take your plant out of your garden soil by gently removing the roots from the ground. Now transfer it to your prepared pot and fill the surrounding area with a potting mix and gently tap around. 
  • Now it is your turn to water the plant well and leave the plant in a sunny bright spot. 

You can think about growing krishna kamal in an aquarium or your water garden. 


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How to Care for Krishna Kamal 

How to Care for Krishna Kamal

A host plant for the Gulf Fritillary butterfly, which can add an extra touch of beauty to your garden, the fruits of the plant are also edible. Jams and desserts? Yes, you can make all of it. 

How do you care for this plant? 

For starters, Krishna Kamal flowers thrive well in moist soil. Here are some tips that will help you to take care of your Krishna Kamal Plant:

  • Water the soil as soon as it turns dry at the top. 
  • Keep the soil well drained to avoid sogginess. 
  • Do not let the soil dry if it persists; the plant will die soon. 
  • Prune the plant after the blooming season. 
  • Avoid plastic pots as it usually leads to root rot. 
  • Remove any dead or damaged branches. 
  • Keep the plant at a brightly lit spot. 

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Apart from medicinal use the seeds can be soaked and sown to yield baby plants. Krishna Kamal is surely versatile. The intricate and exotic flowers have captivated gardeners and enthusiasts alike. So add beauty and charm to your garden with Krishna Kamal.

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