How to Care for Alocasia Amazonica

How to Grow and Care for Alocasia Amazonica (Care Guide)

How to Care for Alocasia Amazonica


Known for its elephant-ear shaped leaves, Alocasia Amazonica looks exotic with its unique foliage. Looking for a compact houseplant with a lot of character? Think Alocasia Amazonica!



Alocasia Amazonica Care Guide

How to Care for Alocasia Amazonica - Care Guide


Also known as Alocasia Polly, Alocasia Amazonica plant is a rare plant, a visual treat for houseplant lovers. It fits beautifully even where there is limited space available. 

As the Alocasia Amazonica is not a beginner-friendly plant, if you are wondering what kind of special care this plant needs, read on to find out all the answers you need. 


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How To Grow (Propagate) Alocasia Amazonica 

How To Grow (Propagate) Alocasia Amazonica


The easiest way to propagate the Alocasia Amazonica plant is by dividing the corms in the root system and repotting each section in a separate pot. 

Division is the easiest method that can be used to help you grow your Alocasia Amazonica  plant. The ancient technique of division involves separating a mature plant from the planter and very carefully splitting it into two at its roots with the crown intact. Easier said than done, right? The process is a little more demanding. Similar to any other propagation methods; division, is a crafty and skillful method and might be challenging for the unfamiliar. 



How Much Sunlight Does Alocasia Amazonica Need?

How Much Sunlight Does Alocasia Amazonica Need?


For the plant to grow in full swing and for the leaves to look their best the plant needs moderate to bright indirect light, like the diffused light near a window. But ensure that the plant does not receive direct light.


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Is Alocasia Amazonica Easy to Care For?

Is Alocasia Amazonica Easy to Care For?


The Alocasia Amazonica is not the easiest plant to care for, not a good choice for someone who has never had any experience with houseplants. But once you get a hang of the water and light conditions your plant likes, it’s pretty convenient to maintain. 

The Alocasia Amazonica can be very particular about its watering needs. Too much water and too little water can harm the plant. Place the plant in a pot with good drainage and water it once or twice a week or when the topsoil feels dry.   

Overwatering can be a problem. If the soil stays wet or the drainage is poor, the Alocasia Amazonica takes a hit and the leaves start turning yellow. 



How to Care for Alocasia Amazonica

How to Care for Alocasia Amazonica


The Alocasia Amazonica is a humidity loving plant that thrives in moderate to high humidity levels. Regular misting ensures that the leaves don’t lose their shine in dry weather conditions. 

To keep the Alocasia Amazonica in perfect health, the preferred temperature range is 18 degrees to 27 degrees Celsius. The plant loves warmth but it might not be able to tolerate extreme cold.  


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In Conclusion


If you need to add a statement piece to instantly uplift your living room or any other indoor space, then the Alocasia Amazonica plant makes a great choice. Get yours now




Q1. How often should you water Alocasia Amazonica?

Ans. Water it once or twice a week or when the topsoil feels dry.

Q2. How big does Alocasia Amazonica get?

Ans. The Alocasia Amazonica is known for its slow growth rate. But with sufficient care and proper light conditions the plant can grow up to 2 feet tall.

Q3. What temperature range can Alocasia Amazonica tolerate?

Ans. To keep the plant looking healthy and growing at its normal pace, you need to apply a mild fertilizer every month.

Q4. What should you do if Alocasia Amazonica's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Unless the root system is affected due to consistent overwatering, increasing the duration between watering can prevent yellowing in the future.

Q5. What should you do if Alocasia Amazonica's leaves are drooping?

Ans. If the plant does not receive enough water or if you let the soil stay dry for a long time, the leaves start drooping. Another cause of sad and drooping leaves will be insufficient sunlight.

Q6. What should you do if Alocasia Amazonica's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. If you notice dry leaf tips or browning along the edges, check if the humidity levels have dropped too much. Mist the plant regularly to avoid this.

Q7. Is Alocasia Amazonica safe for pets?

Ans. The Alocasia Amazonica is toxic to pets due to the oxalate crystals found in the leaves. So, keep this plant away from pets.

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