Everything About Exotic Plants

Everything About Exotic Plants: Benefits & Examples

The splendour of having something exotic to show off is simply gregarious. There’s something about the exquisite jewel quality of the exotic plants that make them so special. 


A Guide to Exotic Plants


The word exotic originates from Greek; exōtikos meaning ‘foreign’. That is all that you must know while making a selection of anything exotic. So what you do is select something that has originated in a distant foreign country and put it on display. As simple as that!

Covering all examples and benefits, read the guide about Everything Exotic Plants and let it help you ease out!



What Is An Exotic Plant?


As far as the beautiful green plants are concerned, the species that bring about a sense of exoticism will be the species which have been introduced from far off lands. Plants which do not belong to the area where they are growing will become an exotic species for the region. 

For example, getting an Acacia plant and/or a Eucalyptus plant in India. The exoticity that these plants bring is striking, and excitingly different and simply gorgeous.

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What Are Examples of Exotic Plants


Here are a few examples of Exotic Plants that you can find in Indian Homes:


1. Aglaonema

Everything About Exotic Plants - Aglaonema Pink Anjamani


A native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea. 

Aglaonema is a plant that instantly uplifts your indoor vibes and also eliminates the toxins in indoor air. It is a statement plant that fits seamlessly into any interior decor style.


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2. Calathea Peacock Plant

Everything About Exotic Plants - Calathea Peacock


A native to eastern Brazil, with signature grey-green leaves with splashes of dark green. Part of the prayer plants family, the Calathea Peacock is a humidity-loving plant that requires moderate care. With its attractive foliage, the plant can instantly make  Bedroom, Indoor or any room come alive. 


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3. Pachira Money plant

Everything About Exotic Plants - Pachira Money Tree


This plant is a native to Central and South America.  It is also one of the most popular plants recommended according to Feng Shui. The Pachira Money Tree is believed to attract positive energy and can purify indoor air. 


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4. The PPP or the Philodendron Pink Princess Plant

Everything About Exotic Plants - Philodendron Pink Princess


The drama filled pink charming beauty has its origins in Colombia. The PPP or the Philodendron Pink Princess Plant, belongs to the Philodendron  family.


White Princess Philodendron is a hybrid plant, It is slow-growing but has similar care to other Philodendron plants.



5. Peace Lilies:

Everything About Exotic Plants - Peace Lily


A native to tropical Central and South America, the NASA-certified air purifying plant is perfect for an indoor setup.The slender spike that rises above bears plenty of tiny flowers. One of the main traits of this plant is its lasting bloom. Once the plant blooms in spring, proper care leads to the flower staying fresh for almost 2 months.


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6. Snake Plant

Everything About Exotic Plants - Snake Plant

Dracaena is a flowering plant, native to West and West Central Africa and accustomed to dry, tropical climates. It has web-like underground roots and thick, sword-shaped leaves with a unique banded pattern.

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Are Exotic Plants Bad?


So when the question comes, are exotic plants bad? Well, these plants come from far off lands and do impact the native vegetation. Oftentimes they create competition with native plants. This may lead to harming the native species. 

The following might occur: 

  • Competition for food and sunlight  These plants create competition with native plants in case of food and space.
  • Competition for nutrients and water Invasive plants affect water availability and damage the quality of soil nutrients.

If the exotic plants can grow and thrive in a non native area, there is a very high chance that the exotic plants could outgrow the native plants and take over the soil, which might lead to any native plants or trees in the area to die.



What are the Benefits of Exotic Plants?


  • Aesthetic Charm: The exotic plants bring about the splendour of having something exotic to show off is simply gregarious. There’s something about the exquisite jewel quality of the exotic plants that make them so special.  
  • Pollution ControlWith an air index lowering each day, some of the exotic plants help in upgrading the  air quality and aid in reducing pollution in urban areas. So, not just an aesthetic charm but also improvement can be brought upon by inducing greens. Ever heard of SoftscapingNow, Softscape refers to the live horticultural elements of a landscape. Softscaping on the other hand, includes flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, flower beds. So, including exotic plants while softscaping can be the way to go. 


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What are Exotic Varieties?


A native variety of plant found only in a particular area is called endemic species. An exotic variety of plant is a non-native plant that is introduced into an area. Indigenous species are those that occur naturally in a particular region and may also be found to naturally occur elsewhere.



What Are The Rarest Exotic Plants and Trees?


  1. Dragon's Blood Tree: The sap of this tree is red. Red as blood, the Dragon's Blood Tree is found on only one island off the coast of Yemen in the entire world.
  2. Rafflesia Arnoldii: This plant is one of the rarest ones in the world. The plant is known to bear the world's largest flower.
  3. Nepenthes Tenax: An extremely rare Australian lowland plant native to northern Queensland. With its distinct  pitcher shaped flower on the top, the plant is known to reach up to a height of 100 cm.
  4. Ghost Orchid: Found in the remote areas of Florida and Cuba. One of the rarest orchid species found in the world that has pale blossoms and thin stems. 
  5. Welwitschia: A plant that is believed to live for 1000 to 2000 years on earth. Welwitschia is a slow growing plant. 

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That wraps up our guide about the exotic plants. From benefits to examples, the guide covers all. But there still are certain plants in the world that fall under the rarest categories and aren't readily available. Follow Greenkin to know more about all things green. 

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