Different Types of Hibiscus Plants

Different Types of Hibiscus Plants: Varieties of Hibiscus Plants

Introduction to Hibiscus Plant


The Hibiscus plant is planted for its beautiful big plant and colourful flowers. The plant is generally grown in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The flowers of the hibiscus plant have ornamental value and are easily identified by their prominent stamens.

Hibiscus plant is commonly used in tea making. The hibiscus tea is made with the flower of the plant and has various cultural significance in different parts of the world. The hibiscus plant belongs to the Malvaceae family of plants. The plant bears flowers in red, yellow, white, and sometimes even pink colour. 

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Types of Hibiscus Plants


Different Types of Hibiscus Plants


Planting a hibiscus plant has several benefits, ranging from being rooted in cultural significance to just providing your space with beautiful showy flowers. 

There are various varieties of Hibiscus plant, each has a unique flair and growing requirements. Some common types of Hibiscus plants available are: 

  1. Tropical Hibiscus Plant 
  2. Hardy Hibiscus Plant 
  3. Rose of Sharon plant 
  4. Perennial Hibiscus plant


1. Tropical Hibiscus Plant: The tropical Hibiscus plant or the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is also known by the name of Chinese Hibiscus. The tropical Hibiscus plant variety bears red, pink, yellow, orange, and white coloured flowers and have ornamental value.

The plant is known for its large showy flowers. Often the tropical hibiscus plant is grown as an indoor landscaping plant. The plant can also be used to make hedges. 


2. Hardy Hibiscus Plant: Hardy Hibiscus Plant or the Hibiscus moscheutos is also known by the name of Swamp Rose Mallow or Rose Mallow.The  Hardy Hibiscus Plant is native to North America.

The plant is known for its large, and showy flowers. The flowers are available in the shades of pink, red, and white. The Hardy Hibiscus Plant is a herbaceous perennial plant so the plant likes moist soil and sunny climate.


3. Rose of Sharon plant: Rose of Sharon or the Hibiscus syriacus plant is a popular choice for making hedges and screens in the garden. The Rose of Sharon plant is a plant that not only offers ornamental value with its white, pink, purple, and blue flowers but also is a great way to ensure privacy of your indoor space.

The Rose of Sharon plant is the one that blooms from mid to late summer as the plant is a deciduous shrub.


4. Perennial Hibiscus plant: Perennial Hibiscus Plant is one of the several varieties of the hibiscus plant. The plant typically bears smaller flowers in comparison to the tropical Hibiscus plant.

The plant is treasured as it has a long blooming period so typically bears flowers more than other plants. The Perennial Hibiscus Plant is tolerant of dipping temperature. 

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Characteristics of Hibiscus Plant


Different Types of Hibiscus Plants


  • Low Maintenance 
  • Screening and Privacy 
  • Attracts Pollinators 
  • Medicinal Uses of the Hibiscus plant 


1. Low Maintenance: Hibiscus varieties are generally easy to maintain as the plant is tropical and a subtropical plant. The plant likes sunny conditions and well drained moist soil. The hibiscus plant needs watering occasionally depending upon the location it is planted at.

2. Screening and Privacy: Some of the Hibiscus varieties are used for making hedges in the garden, and building a privacy screen. Depending upon the thickness of the plant this selection is made. Hibiscus is suited as it brings an ornamental touch as well.

 3. Attracts Pollinators: The Hibiscus plant Attracts Pollinators and so is a reliable choice for making your garden a home for beautiful butterflies. Hummingbirds and bees will add to the beauty and health of your garden ecosystem.

 4. Medicinal Uses of the Hibiscus plant: The hibiscus plant is used to make tea and other medicines according to traditional herbal medicinal practices.

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Hibiscus plant is a visually stunning plant, and brings in a pop of colour. The colourful flowers add an artsy touch to your houseplants and garden. The wide variety of options that are available for planting the Hibiscus plant make it a popular choice of cultivar. The Hibiscus plant suits different garden types because of this reason. The versatility of the plant lies in its accessible nature, due to its tropical nature. The plant's low maintenance nature comes handy making it an ideal choice. For more updates on plants, follow us at Greenkin

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