Budget-Friendly Corporate Plant Gifting Ideas in 2024

Budget-Friendly Corporate Plant Gifting Ideas in 2024

Introduction to Budget-Friendly Corporate Plant Gifting


Many companies are constantly looking for new ways to express appreciation and foster strong relationships with their employees, partners, and clients. This and more can be achieved with corporate plant gifts. Plants can accomplish this because of popular, budget-friendly, beautiful and eco-friendly. Moreover, connecting with clients, colleagues, or partners becomes even more meaningful when done through a plant—a real act that will leave a lasting impact.

Scroll down to explore budget-friendly corporate plant-giving options, including practical easy-to-maintain, along with creative DIY packaging methods, recyclable materials, and elegant packing recommendations. Personalise with labels, tags, braided stickers, and simple decorations as well as bulk order information.


Why Budget-Friendly Plant Gifts Make Sense 


When shopping for corporate gifts, it can be challenging to strike a balance between being kind, being affordable, and having an impact that lasts. Then, let's go green with indoor plant gifts. Why? Plants are surprisingly similar to corporations.

They represent growth, vitality, and prosperity. Plants, unlike food, are long-lasting. In fact, many are really "hard to kill." Furthermore, plant gift recipients value them much more than most other office gifts. Plants look wonderful, enhance air quality, and can even help with stress.

Plants are a fantastic long-term solution because they are renewable and have a low environmental impact. Thus, budget-friendly plant gifts make sustainable sense.


Affordable Corporate Plant Selections 


Find some great examples of top low-cost plants for corporate gifting, the best indoor plants for tight budgets, and low-maintenance plants that are easy on the wallet.


Top Low-Cost Plants for Corporate Gifting 


1. Betel Leaf Plant:

Betel Leaf Plant

A gorgeous, low-cost plant, the betel leaf (magai paan) will please any home gardener. Its glossy, heart-shaped, dark green leaves on a trailing vine make it easy to care for and look lovely year-round. 

2. Dracaena Gold Dust Plant:

Dracaena Gold Dust Plant

Dracaena gold dust plants are stunning additions to any space. Its striking leaf structure like its young leaves coil into conical shapes before opening, making the best budget-friendly business gift plants.


3. Broken Heart Plant:

Broken Heart Plant

A beautiful broken heart plant can be a climber or trailing low-cost plant gift, depending on the recipient’s desire. Its heart-shaped, dark green leaves fenestrate as they age, and its vine-like habit makes it easy to care for. 


Best Indoor Plants for Tight Budgets 


1. Jade Plants:

Jade Plants

Jade plant is an evergreen best indoor plant for cheap corporate gifts. It can tolerate intense drought. It symbolises prosperity and good fortune, making it a great gift and mark of appreciation.

2. Money Plant Golden:

Money Plant Golden

The Golden money plant is a beautiful budget-friendly corporate indoor plant gift. Due to its easy care, glossy, heart-shaped, light-green leaves, and trailing vine, it is one of the most popular houseplants. 

3. Oxycardium Golden:

Oxycardium Golden

Philodendron oxycardium golden is a beautiful budget-friendly corporate plant gift with glossy, evergreen heart-shaped leaves and neon green colour. This vine has a striking appearance and simple upkeep.


Low-Maintenance Plants That Are Easy on the Wallet


1. Snake Plants:

Snake Plants

Snake plants are top indoor air purifiers and low-maintenance plants for forgetful gardeners. Due to their sword-like leaves, they make affordable and beautiful decorative corporate plant gifts.

2. Aglaonema Red Lipstick:

Aglaonema Red Lipstick

Gorgeous, low-maintenance Aglaonema red lipstick plants make affordable corporate flowering plant gifts. In contrast to the green foliage, their leaves are a blazing vibrant red.

3. Peace Lily Golden:

Peace Lily Golden

Peace Lily Golden plant is the best affordable, low-care corporate plant gift. Its glossy, brilliant green leaves and delicate, white blossoms give it its distinctive appearance. 


Cost-Effective Packaging Solutions 


Learn how to make your own creative packaging: how to use recyclable and cost-effective materials and get beautiful packaging without breaking the bank.


Creative DIY Packaging Ideas 


  • Fabric wraps: Put colourful cloth on pot covers instead of plain ones. Pretty bows on ribbons or twine can secure the fabric.
  • Simple paper bags: If you don't like expensive gift covers, use paper bags. It can be decorated with stamps or designs.


Using Recyclable and Budget-Friendly Materials 


You may employ recycled paper to create tags or wrap gifts. Decorate your gift box with old magazines to make a statement. Recycled paper is environmentally friendly. Another option is to use biodegradable packaging that may be planted directly into the soil so your gift recipient can enjoy it long-term.


Tips for Elegant Packaging on a Budget 


You can decorate your pots with kraft paper, twine or ribbon, a handwritten tag, and dried flowers. A great pot wrap is a hessian fabric, rustic plain-woven jute or hemp fabric. It adds depth and charm as a potted plant gift. Reuse old or valuable fabric for another affordable pot. Additionally, decorate the wrapped potted plant gift with some simple bows and ribbons.


1. Budget Friendly Personalization:

Explore budget-friendly methods for customising plant gifts, branded stickers, and easy decoration ideas.

3. Inexpensive Ways to Personalize Plant Gifts:

Two ways to make our gifted plants more meaningful. First, a brief handwritten note for each plant. Second, Greenkin offers to personalise each plant with a small photo, greeting card, and some other conventional gifts. These simplest approaches will instantly make the recipient recall your plant gift in the long term. 

4. Custom Labels and Tags on a Budget:

Greenkin offers affordable custom labels and tags with plant care and name instructions. Our tag printers can accurately capture your vision and company logo tags that make your plants stand out. Tag printer software creates full-colour designs using your corporate logo. Not to worry! That quality tag look doesn't cost much.

5. Branded Stickers and Simple Decorations:

Attach corporate branding stickers on pots or boxes to increase brand awareness. Another, make cardboard or paper flowers to decorate the gift. Making special simple packaging instead of using anything fancy for corporate gifting is best.

6. Get Benefit of Bulk Purchasing:

Looking for bulk plant purchasing? No more searching! Greenkin is the answer! Greenkin is an affordable online plant store in terms of pricing. What distinguishes Greenkin is its exceptional quality and value, not to mention that you get what you pay for—and more! 

7. Saving Money with Bulk Plant Purchases:

Saving money is obvious when shopping in quantity. If your plants are shipped together, you can enjoy volume discounts and lower shipping expenses. As with regular-size orders, you can shop Greenkin plant around for the best costs.

8. Affordable Suppliers for Bulk Plant Orders:

Greenkin is the best affordable supplier for bulk plant orders among corporation plant gifting. We regularly deliver plant gifts in bulk for various special occasions, such as employee birthdays, anniversaries, or new hire onboarding. Our team appreciates working with clients to create budget-friendly, high-quality plant gifts.

We can customise pots with your brand's logo, stickers, printed name tags, gift wrapping, or brand boxes for bulk orders. Each customised company package includes a greeting card, printed logo, and plant stick.

Plus, we are experts in packing and shipping live plants, which can remain healthy in a box for three weeks or longer. Our plant order can reach more than 27,000 pin codes in India. Nevertheless, Greenkin had shipped plants to more than a thousand cities in India. Contact us on the Greenkin Contact Page or at reachout@greenkin.in for bulk orders.


Efficient Bulk Packaging Tips


Greenkin offers plants that are carefully selected from the top Indian farmers and nourished in our cutting-edge facilities. We take special precautions to ensure that every plant leaves our warehouse in good condition and has the proper packaging for transportation.

We wrap each potted plant in paper, followed by cardboard padded collars to prevent them from being crushed or compressed during transportation.




Why settle for an ordinary gift when you can give a plant? Corporate plants are the best gifts, really—they're gorgeous, affordable, sustainable, and healthy. And by selecting the perfect plant and putting some creative thought into the presentation, you can elevate your gift to something really inexpensive (yet luxurious), special and memorable.

Whether you go low-key plant selection with simple gift paper, or if you swing to the other end of the spectrum, these plant-gift ideas will ensure that you give a gift that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as eco-friendly and thoughtful. For any corporate plant gift occasion, Greenkin is here to help you reflect your plant gift in a unique, creative, and personal way.

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