Are Artificial Plants & Flowers Good as Per Vastu?

Are Artificial Plants & Flowers Good as Per Vastu?

Are Artificial Plants & Flowers Good as Per Vastu?


Plants are important in Vastu decor. They infuse the air with a breath of new life. They boost the level of positive energy. While they may not speak or act like people, they breathe and live. These days, most people choose to decorate their homes with artificial plants for many reasons. Artificial plants are not allowed in Vastu, yet this ancient architectural science has regulations for their placement. Artificial plants can enhance Vastu with the correct care and placement. Explore how real plants and artificial plants & flowers affect Vastu.



Plants (Real) and Vastu Significance 


According to Vastu Shastra, plants are classified into two types: 

  1. Artificial Plants
  2. Natural (real) Plants

Using either type of plant depends on a number of factors. It is important to find a balance between the principles of unity and the principles of Vastu Shastra. The following is the significance of each plant as per Vastu:


1. Artificial Plants

Are Artificial Plants & Flowers Good as Per Vastu? - Artificial Plants


Artificial plants might be a suitable alternative if you are looking for decorative purposes only or if your home lacks natural light. While they may not have the same air-purifying properties as real plants, they can nevertheless add a nice touch of greenery to your home. Simply dust them on a regular basis, as artificial plants that sit for an extended period of time can develop stagnant energy.



2. Natural Plants: 

Are Artificial Plants & Flowers Good as Per Vastu? - Natural Plant


Based on the Vedas, the Vastu Shastra is an ancient architectural system. It can help you create a garden that brings positive energy and luck into your life and home. An indoor or outdoor garden will connect you to nature and let you relax in a lush environment. Each portion of a garden is divided into earth, water, fire, air, and space. For maximum benefits, place the plant as per Vastu, for example:

Small shrubs and herbs are kept on the east and north sides, while larger trees are kept on the west, south, and southwest sides. A Vastu garden should not have Kanchanaar, Peepal, Banyan, and more, which attract flies and worms.

  • Tulsi plants are ideal for the north, northeast, and east fronts of the house.
  • Thorny plants and cacti in the garden cause conflict. Therefore, avoid them.
  • Flower pots can be positioned north, east, or northeast.

Vastu also liked nature-based plants because they make the air better and improve the flow of natural energy (prana). They contribute to air purification. They add life and vibrancy to the environment. Always take care of these plants, and don't let them wither away. Dead or withered plants create a negative impact, so avoid them.


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Is It Good to Keep Artificial Flowers at Home According to Vastu?

Are Artificial Plants & Flowers Good as Per Vastu?


Artificial plants, as the name suggests, are not as good for Vastu Shastra as live plants. Though they may add color to your space, their energy dissipates as time goes on. Thus, live plants are preferential. However, make sure to include artificial flowers in your cleaning schedule to keep them clean and free of dust and grime for Vastu benefits.



How Artificial Plants and Flowers Affect Vastu?


Decorating with artificial plants & flower and adhering to Vastu principles will help to increase the chances of your home continuing to be peaceful, wealth growing, and harmony developing. Artificial plants can help Vastu in a good way, although they are contrary to what Vastu recommends. According to Vastu, the effect of artificial plants & flowers are:


1. Artificial plants are a great way to hide and fight negative energy sources:


Indoor artificial plants can deflect negative energy in addition to their attractiveness. A damaged wall or floor, a messy corner, or broken furniture take time to recover. Instead of noticing such flaws every day, place a beautiful collection of bright and pretty artificial plants in and around the area. You'll be amazed at how much better it looks and how relaxing and pleasing it is.



2. Artificial plants are a nice way to balance the five elements:


Experts believe that plants improve our health, happiness, and success by balancing the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. According to Vastu experts, many homes do not provide enough sunlight and ventilation for indoor plants. Artificial plants can provide wood and soil for indoor environments. Homes, according to Vastu, must be grounded or stable. Wood and soil/earthenware contribute to stability. Decor in the home and office can help make them healthier places to live and work.


For the best Vastu results:


  • It's important to pick the right kind of plant that looks alive and full of color. You can also add things like stones that look like real ones. 
  • Changing and cleaning plants on a daily basis is important for bringing in new energy. 


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In contrast to real plants, which often wilt off, artificial plants grow constantly and symmetrically. Artificial plants bring the elements of wood and earth with them, which acts as a connection to make sure that all elements are in order. 

However, choosing between real and artificial plants & flowers for Vastu should depend on your lifestyle, how much time you have to care for them, and your personal taste. As long as your plant improves the energy and appearance of your home, it will be beneficial.

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